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I would like advice on team building :)

Discussion in '5th Gen In-Game RMT' started by R2D2, Jan 19, 2013.

  1. R2D2

    R2D2 Trainer since 1999!


    I am new to this thread, and i would like to ask for some advice for the super single subway as well as random online matchup (a proper team build would be nice)
    For some reason i tend to almost only train sweepers :p for their sheer power. However, this often makes me lose to pokemon with items like choice scarf or just super effective priority moves like ice shards and stuff like that. I would like some advice on how to construct a team with some pokemon i have already trained, plus some Pokemon that would be nice to increase my longevity in battles.
    Below i will list the poke's i have at lvl 100 ATM with maxed EV's and moves. Feel free to also give some advice on the movesets. I have most tm's and enough shards to change move sets around. I would also like to know which items would be best to use. Thanks in advance :)

    What i have :

    Dragonight 252 Attack/4 spd/252 spe (pure dragon dance sweep)
    Adamant nature
    Ability : multiscale
    Fire punch
    Extreme speed
    Dragon dance

    Scizor 252 attck/252 spe/4 hp
    Adamant nature
    Ability : Technician

    Bullet punch
    Bug bite
    Swords dance

    Starmie 252 spe/ 252 spa/4 spd
    Timid nature
    Ability : Natural cure

    Ice beam

    Gastrodon 252 hp/252 spd/ 4 def
    Sassy nature
    Ability : Storm drain

    Ice beam
    Earth power

    Dugtrio : 252 attack/ 32 def / 224 spe
    Jolly nature
    Ability : arena trap

    Sucker punch
    Stone edge

    Gyarados 156 hp/128 attck/204 spe
    Adamant nature
    Ability : intimidate

    Dragon dance

    i could try with pokes i have : calm mind Raikou, eviolite porygon, specially defensive milotic, Sweeper mamoswine.

    These are some of the better ones i have, but as you can see, and as i said at the beginning of this post, most of them are sweeper oriented. I dont mind training some new pokes. Even if i were to use only one of these in my new team. I would like any suggestions on proper additions to increase my choice of pokemon to use. If you are able to construct a proper team out of these, by using them as they are. Or by changing some moves (adding items) please tell me :) . Im having trouble getting consecutive wins. Especially in random matchup. My win streak in super single is till now only 28.
    Last edited: Jan 20, 2013
  2. R2D2

    R2D2 Trainer since 1999!

    Edited to make the list shorter :p

    I have made the list of poke's i placed shorter, so it is only one team of 6 atm.
    I would still like to know what to take to random matchup and super single sub.

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