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Ice Pokemon Fan Club

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Scary Faerie♥

Ice Pokemon Fan Club

& Version Seven // ; X.x.

&& Ice Pokemon // ; X.x

  • Hey everyone, welcome to the Ice Pokemon Fan Club, version 7! This is the club for all of those who love Ice Pokemon! Here, we can talk about Ice Pokemon in general, what we like about them, who our favorites are, and much, much more. Please, if you don’t like Ice Pokemon, don’t join for the sake of joining. Anyway, since the last owner got banned, and the club hasn’t been posted in for a little while, I figured it was in order to start up a new thread, so ... here it is! Hope you guys have fun here, and stay active. ; D

&& The Rules // ; X.xx

  • (i) – For the sake of cliched first rules, make sure to abide by all the SPPF rules, m’kay?
    (ii) – No spamming/flammin/any thing else like that. This is supposed to be fun.
    (iii) – Don’t make the club Spammy. I hate it when things look n00bish. NO ONE LINERS, and NO 1337, and anything that looks Spammy itself is forbidden. Immediate ban, because I’m not running a n00bfest.
    (iv) – Stay active. If you’re going away please let us know.
    (v) – When you join, explain why you like Ice Type Pokemon. Just to make sure you actually like them.
    (vi) – Stick to the current topic. Anybody can make a new topic, but wait until the current one gets old first.
    (vii) – Once we get club banners, if you use them, give credit. By the way, if you want to submit any art for the club, just post it.
    (viii) – When you join, tell us which team you want to be on: Walrein, Mamoswine, Jynx, or Glalie/Frosslass. This is just used for team compititions, for the club. Once you become a valued member, your rank rises up the evolution line of your chosen team. Each team will have a Team Leader.
    (ix) – Don’t ask to be Co-Owner, or Team Leader.
    (x) – Be smart. In case there’s anything I’ve forgotten, just try to be smart and don’t do anything you don’t think you should.

&& Members // ; X.xxx

  • | Member | Owner | Artist | Team Leader | Banned |

    Alkaide ;363;
    Sunraichu ;220;
    Mr. Yoshi ;361;
    Manix ;361;
    Mr. E. Goods ;238;
    -*Lovely Floatzel*- ;363;
    mangaeyes ;238; I

&& Today // ; X.xxxx

  • Current Topic:

    - Create Ice Type moves, or an Ice Type ability.

    Current Contest:

    -None yet ; Waiting for Members

    Current Mascot Voting
    ---- Candidates: None Yet

&& Works of Art // ; X.xxxxx


Mr. Yoshi:



Glade Shadow:
&& Archive // ; X.xxxxxx

  • Club V 1 – ?Omega Weavile?
    Ice Club V 2 = SlipKnoT
    Ice Club V 3 – Mamoswine Power
    Ice Club V 4 – Alkaide
    Ice Club V 5 – GT4GTR
    Ice Club V 6 – mangaeyes
    Ice Club V 7 – Alkaide
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Scary Faerie♥
Yay! It's up ; D Thanks to whoever accepted it, I'm not sure who. But anyway, let's get this club started! Members, anyone? Don't forget to read the rules. And please, no n00bs! xD JK But yeah... the clubs up! Wooh!


Hello, I would liketh to join. Even though we're talking on msn rite nao lol Ice types are so mysterious and cool. I like the way they freeze things with mystery. BTW, my favorite is Glaceon, but since there's no Glaceon ranks, I'll be the Swinub rank.

Hope I did it rite...


Scary Faerie♥
Congrats person who I'm still IMing right now ; D You're in the club! Yay, first member!

Okay, so we need more members before we can get a topic going, but I guess for now, maybe we can try to advertise a lot ; D. But yeah, welcome to the club! Since we already discussed this you can be Mamoswine Team Leader... lol. So... congrats again! ; D By the way, you've been added to the list.

Actually, we need to vote for a mascot. So you can nominate two Ice Pokemon. I'll nominate after.

We'll be accepting 10 nominations, so 5 people total. We're not voting yet, just getting our candidates b t w.
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Mr. E Goods

Gone for good
Hello can l join
lve been waiting for another ice type club to open up :b
l love ice types and on diamond lm atttenpting to start up an eved ice type team!! My favourite ice type pokemon is.......MAMOSWINE but for a change of loving mamoswine l'll be on the Jynx team!!
and my favourite ice type move is sheeer cold because it is a KO move and its really cool!


Another round?
Hai thar. I would like to join. (as if that isn't obvious)

Reasons for like Ice-types: Well, they completely own Dragon-types, especially that dreaded Garchomp. (Sorry, battle focused mind here.)
Err, they just look betterer than other types in general. Oh yes they do.
Ice-types are the only type that has a sense of...mystery, shall we say. Because they are quite the strange types, but it just makes them more appealing.

Anyway, reasons over. (Favorite Ice-type is probably Glaceon...)
Besides that, I'll be part of the Glalie/Froslass team.

Alkaide said:
or Glalie/Froslass.
Just a small error. Fixed in quote. (I can't help it.) I think it was under rule 8. (or whichever one concerned the teams)


Scary Faerie♥
Mr. E Goods: You're in! You didn't exactly explain why you like Ice Types, but I can tell that you did read the rules [at least to an extent] and I'm too tired right now to care. : D So yeah, it can slide. Welcome to the club!

Manix: You're in as well! ; D And sorry about that, I never could remember how to spell Froslass lol. Anyway, let's get some more members, then I'll create our first topic.

Any members, anyone at all?

Mr. Yoshi

Ohaiguize |:

This place is awfully quiet, ne? Well, I guess I'm here to add some fun to it.

I would like to join because, as I've already told Alkaide, I love Ice Types. All of them are so ... I dunno. They just have this nice thing around them. It's like an aura. They're so calm and cool (literally lololol) My favourite Ice Types are Snorunt, Walrein, and Piloswine. I guess not much people like them. Aside from Walrein :/ Snorunt's cool (lolol) because it ... seems unique. It doesn't look like an Ice Type at first glance, but look. It can evolve to two of them! Walrein because ... gaw. It's a walrus, for Pete's sake. What's not to like?! D: Walruses are awesome ;o;' Piloswine. Piloswine lost all the love ever since Mamoswine came to life. Ground and Ice? o:!! It's cool o: And I like the fact that you can't see its eyes. |:

Am I in >:? And sorry for not joining earlier, Alky. I kinda forgot ><!!!!

EDIT: Glalie / Froslass Team, please :3


Scary Faerie♥
That's okay lol, if you posted before, the club'd be dead right now. : ) So it's better that you posted after my last update lol. That's cool (lollol couldn't resist) about why you like ice types. I actually found that pretty interesting to read. : D And okay, I'll add you in to the Snow Hat Group! Lol, that's a really unique Pokemon design.

Okay, so we have quite a few members now. Anyone want to come up with a topic? Or if they're are any new members, don't be afraid to join. ; D

Mr. E Goods

Gone for good
Welcome to the club Mr Yoshi
any way it seems l will be the first to start a topic
What are your top 6 ice types
  1. 1 Mamoswine
  2. 2 Frosslass
  3. 3 Jynx
  4. 4 Glaceon
  5. 5 Lapras
  6. 6 Cloyster

Mr. Yoshi

What are your top 6 ice types?
01. Snorunt - my first post in this Club.
02. Walrein - my first post in this Club.
03. Piloswine - my first post in this Club.
04. Froslass - Ice and Ghost is probably one of the most unique Paired up Types so far, imo. I never would've thought of anything like it. And I love her cry. It's so ... I dunno, calming. :33~
05. Abomasnow - I got influenced by Alky. |:
06. Lapras - Ever since I was four, I loved Lapras. I even cried because I wanted the picture I saw of it. Then I got it for my birthday 8DD So I'm happy now, I guess. Lapras was also in my Team at LG.


Another round?
What are your top 6 ice types?
If I must answer this, I will. Okay then, I will. (Please note: My battle-sided mind will re-activate often. Like now.)

1. Glaceon - Brilliant Sp.Attacker, but also looks good.
2. Froslass - Unique Type combo, cry is just brilliant. Soothing, that's the word.
3. Articuno - The very essence of Ice. The first Ice Legendary. It just...appeals.
4. Spheal - Who doesn't like a round seal that looks the part?
5. Lapras - The mystery eludes me, but that means I like it more.
6. Dewgong - The brilliance of simplicity. I like simple, and that's what this is.

Oh, btw, There are 22 Ice-types (excluding Arceus), and two are legendary. Just a fun fact.


Scary Faerie♥
Let's see... my top 6 favorite Ice Types....

6. Lapras - It's just... so cool. I loved it ever since I saw Holiday Hi Jynx
5. Abomasnow - It's a yeti, but yet, not yeti like. We need a yeti. But Abomasnow is cool ; D
4. Mamoswine - Giant riding mammoth! Wooh!
3. Delibird - Hm... flying bird that delivers presents. Hm... Hm...
2. Jynx - ZOMG Kissing Pokemon f t w! But yeah, Jynx is so... not racist lol. It's love
1. Walrein - Two. Words. "Walrus. Duh."

Well that's my top 6. ^^


Well-Known Member
Hi I used to own the other Ice Club until they closed it for this one.

I like Ice Pokemon because my favourite pokemon is Ice type and thats Jynx! She has an awesome design, awesome attacks and is all round the best pokemon ever!!

What are your top 6 ice types?
1) Jynx of corse
2) Snover
3) Cloyster
5) Regice
6) Sealeo

I would also like to be on the Jynx team please.


Sorry for not answering earlier D:

6. Dewgong - I love this guy, ever since I saw him in the Anime. :3
5. Froslass - Very mysterious.
4. Delibird - I loved him Pokemon Stadium 2 ;-;
3. Weavile - I used to like him a whole lot more, but he's still cool.
2. Sealeo - So...fat and cuddly! ^^
1. Swinub - So cute and tiny. I love his snout x3


Scary Faerie♥
Welcome to the club mangaeyes! Yeah sorry for making a new club, I thought it was a perma-ban o_O;;

Okay, so does anyone have a new topic? I'm too tired to start a new topic ; D But I'm going to avoid a one liner by saying that: We need more members! So advertise us! I used to have a link in my sig but I'm getting a new sig soon. I'll make us a googlepage too. Anyway, um... but only show us to cool members. No n00bs. lol.


Well-Known Member
Thanks ^_^ I'll re-arrange my sig and try to fit the club in.

New topic: What is your favourite ice attack?
I like good old ice-beam but blizzard is awesome if it hits. I could imagine a pokemon suing blizzard...awesome...

Mr. E Goods

Gone for good
Welcome to the club Mangaeyes!!!
What is your favourite ice attack?
ive got three favourite ice type attacks and l like them because they are really powerful and beautiful.
Ice beam.
Sheer Cold
are my favourites


Another round?
Oh, a topic.
(Welcome the club, mangaeyes! ^_^)

What is your favourite ice attack?
Ice Beam. The most commonly used, the most useful Ice move (besides Blizzard in Hail), and the most brilliant. Ice Beam is the bane of dragons. 'Nuff said.


Well-Known Member
Here is a banner I made I know its really bad but it'll do. I'll try and do one for each team if you think they're any good.




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