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IceBeamShipping - The blue heart (PG-13)

Discussion in 'Shipping Fics' started by Sereia, Jun 26, 2012.

  1. Sereia

    Sereia New Member

    Hello this is my first English written fanfic ,it deals with the IcebeamShipping a shipping between Dawn's Buneary and Paul's Weavile. Maybe thats the reason why it also has some slight Ikarishipping hints.
    I hope you like it^^
    The things in brackets are the meanings of sentences from the pokemon.
    ;427;The blue heart;461;
    Chapter One – A peaceful morning?

    It was a peaceful morning near the forest: the dew glistened in the morning sun and bird Pokemon chirped, when the peace was disturbed by a scream of a ten years old navy-blue haired girl, named Dawn. “Piplup,, come out!” she said and with a red beam came the little blue Penguinpokemon out of the Pokeball. “Pip-lup (not again)” the blue little bird sighed, it looked with an angry face to his Trainer. “Piplup piplup piplup PIPLUP! (You can’t wake me up every time when your hair is a mess!)” Piplup flew with his wings to demonstrate his anger. The only thing that Dawn could do was respond and apology:”I’m sorry Piplup, could you use Bubblebeam to help me with my hair? You are going to get a Poffin if you do it.”

    After the girl said her last sentence the little penguin was full of enthusiasm and set up a Bubblebeam at the hair of his Trainer. A short time later Dawn came out of her tent and let her Pokemon out of their Pokeballs. ”Guys you must be quiet Ash and Brock are still sleeping, but isn’t this a wonderful morning?” she told them while she looked at the light dust above the field. “Piplup Piplup....( Quiet- we weren’t the ones who screamed because of our hair.... )” the blue little bird murmured. Dawns Buneary began to jump around quietly, at the same moment the other looked around for a nice place to take a morning nap.
    The Buneary loved mornings like this, because it still wasn’t really hot and the sun was shining. She jumped with her full strength until she saw something move in the bush. Due to the fact that she was very curious she approached the bush and regretted her decision.

    Meanwhile in the forest there was a six years old girl with two pigtails in a light lilac hair color. Next to her sat a Weavile and the two were starring at a lake. “Weavile do you think Mr. Grumpy will come back soon?” the girl questioned the Ice-Pokemon. “Wea...(Mhm...)” the male Weavile answered without disturb the starring. ”Wait...I told him Mr. Grumpy and Weavile doesn’t scold me strange ...maybe...” the girl thought and tried something out:”Weavile, later you’re going to wear the dress I made for you, right?” She asked with a wicked smile and the only thing Weavile did was nodding, because it didn’t listen.”Great!” the girl shouted out loud “You will look cute, I promise” But the Pokemon couldn't hear that, it was daydreaming:

    There was a beautiful landscape of ice and snow, it glistened becaus of the shining sun and there was she .She jumped and played gracefully around in the snow and was shouting his name “Weavile,Weavile!” She jumped into his way, but then she stumbled and was falling into his arms. The both lay down in the snow, while their faces got nearer and nearer.

    Abruptly Weavile felt something wet on his face and came back to reality from his wonderful daydream. His angry look met the worried one from the little girl. He was totally pissed off, but decided to listen what the little girl want. “Weavile I was worried, I even shouted your name twice but you didn’t hear it, after that I used some water out of the lake, you know there is something in the bush and I’m frightened.” The Pokemon sighed and went nearer to the bush.

    Then suddenly...
    Last edited: Jun 26, 2012

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