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IceDragon Fusion Sprites

How Are My Fusion Sprites

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Graphics Fan
Here Some Of My New Fusion Sprites

- Scizard

- Scikazaru

- Sepking

- Gardredrilll

*Tell Me what You Think And Rate My Sprites​
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Yami Ryu

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It looks funny now. Why? The neck looks broken. I saw someone make a Char/Scyther fusion, and didn't make it look so akward, but that was because it didn't have the char head. But still, you could try tinkering with a copy, and try to make it look better.

Because it seriously is not the best. Maybe you should have tried a RSEFRLG sprite for the head :/

And tbh the second sprite is pretty simple. Good, but simple.


Chuckie's back....
Its a bit better I guess. I think I know whats wrong.. The neck is the body too. What If you take out the neck?


It's a bit freaky how the neck is longer than the legs.

The Goukazaru is a perfect mix for scizor, good job. Everything fiits well on it but maybe you should make the outline on it's hand lighter because the outline on the rest f it is quite light.


Local Dragonmaster
Because it seriously is not the best. Maybe you should have tried a RSEFRLG sprite for the head :/

Do not take this advice. It's bad enough that you head swapped, which already ruins the mix... but mixing two different generation sprites is a no.

First off, if you are going to head swap, do it right. You shouldve just taken the head, and fixed it up onto the body.. not attach the head and neck to the lowerbody. That looks ridiculous. *Looks at other mix* I believe you have the basic idea of scratching, so I'd try scratching Charizard's features onto Scizor next time. Try to leave off the head, but add head features (like horns)

The second is really good.. my only crit for that is the wing. It doesn't look right on the sprite, so I'd suggest you just removing it completely.


Your mixes are good, but Scizard looks like Charizard with claws, and his body is too small. Put more Scizor parts in this mix- it'll be really better. ;201-m;


Break the silence
The Scikazaru is totally awesome!!!! the Scizard needs work tho...the neck is to long..maybe try making it shorter..or jst getting rid of it altogether =p


Break the silence
Ohh thats wayyyyy beter fixing the neck made the sprite look good theres jst 1 thing with it now..and thats the white part next to the tails flame...


Break the silence
ohh awesome =) it looks beter now *yays* you should do more id like to see some
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