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IceDragon New Request Shop


~her last bounty~
can i have a manene mysterious dungeon sprite set?


Wimpy Pokemon RULE!
Deoxys94 said:
can i have a fusion of kabutops and omastar please?

i need it VERY quick please!!

CHEATER!!!!! Youre using it for the sprite game!!!

Deoxys94 said:
Can i please have a bayleaf mixed with munchlax?

I need this one also very quick!
still a cheater!!!
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Pachirisu Master
Can I have MD sprites for Cradily, Armaldo and Relicanth? thanks


Cascade Trainer
Can I request a trainer card????

*Name: Jackie
*Fav Type: Psychic, Dragon, Flying
*6 PKMN: Milotic, Kirlia, Latias, Roselia, Moltres, Absol
*Trainer: http://www.pokemonelite2000.com/sprites/frlgemtr/frlgemtr084.png<-- link
*Behind PKMN:Altaria
*Badges: Emerald
*Background For TC: Anything Crystal-ish blue. (sorry for being vague, i can't find an example..)

Thanks if you'll take my request. :)


Rukario Expert
Can you make a Mysterious Dungeon Sheet of Pichu(If possible), and Pikachu? I'll give cred for the examples of the Mysterious Dungeon Sheet Brockman5.
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Well-Known Member
Could I have a Mysterious Dungeon Celebi sprite sheet?I'll Give Brockman5 credit


the 1 u love
Do you make banners?


Beginning Trainer
Wow I must say, you do a lot of stuff IceDragon, which is the reason I came here! (>^_^)> The angels, devils, eggs & Pokeballs are all cool, I don't know what's cooler, lol!

1. I like the fusions though too, they're really cool. I'd like a Raichu & Absol fusion please. I was going to do a three or four mixer, but I have no idea if I'd look good or not. If you think a Charizard (the wings) & a Gyrados (the tail) will also look good in this, put them in too.

2. An angel Arcanine.

3. A devil Ninetales.

That's three requests, there's so much more I'd like though but it'll have to wait.



Weaville Pwns
I like to request a trainer card too

Name: Dragon
Idno.; 24240
6 Pokemon: Dragonite, CHarizard, Tyrantr, zapdos, lugia, scizor
Fav. type; Dragon, steel, water
Background: Something white dark red and dark black :)
Trainer: I can't give a pic but can you just set the trainer of fire red / leaf green on it?
Badges: fire red/leaf green
Behind pokemon: Lugia

Ty if you can make it :D:D
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Well-Known Member
*Name: Rayquaza95
*IDno.: 04316
*Fav Type: Dragon, Grass
*6 PKMN: Sceptile, Metagross, Starmie, Salamence, Houndooom, Rhydon
*Trainer: Emerald Brendon
*Behind PKMN: Salamence
*Badges: All


I'm on my way
Can You make me a TC? PM me when your finished thanks.

*Name Xanron
*IDno. (I dont want it on the TC)
*Fav Type: Fire/Psychic
*6 PKMN:Blaziken, Goukazaru, Gardevoir, Scizor, Erureido, Espeon
*Trainer: male Team magma grunt
*Behind PKMN: Blaziken & Goukazaru (if you can only do one I pick Blaziken)
*Badges: All Hoenn
*Background For Tc: Fire-like background
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