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*IceDragon Sprite Shop*

Discussion in 'Fan Art Shops' started by IceDragon, Oct 1, 2005.


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  1. well its cool could you make the sprite black pls and can i have a mix of venusaur and lugia pls black too
  2. ~Austin~

    ~Austin~ Blah

    Hey Icedragon ol' buddy.....can you make me a banner wit all three starter pokemon in like a red vortex?With the Text sayin FIRE STARTERS?That would be so cool.
  3. may i have a battle scene with may as the trainer and anything else as long its funny
  4. Rod

    Rod TC expert

    No sorry, maybe if you save your sprites in the original size and don't save as .jpg then maybe we'll hire you
  5. ~Austin~

    ~Austin~ Blah

    So....IceDragon are you up to the challenge of doing my request????I hope you are.......HAHAHAHHA......gl
    (good luck)
  6. can you hire me im also a tc Expert
    here are some samples
    these arent my good ones
  7. Rod

    Rod TC expert

    That's the best I colud do but maybe ID can do a better job and I think it's too big

    No, those are stolen and modified infact my TC is in there and there .jpg. if you can show me some of your origianal work and .png maybe
    Last edited: Nov 4, 2005
  8. miken park

    miken park hush.

    I'd like a banner please.
    Pics: Arbiter(On the right)
    Master chief(Left)
    Text: In big letters The Shadow is coming
    In small letters. But will they be ready?

  9. legendery colecter

    legendery colecter The Legends are Here

    Last edited: Nov 4, 2005
  10. ♠Jamie♠

    ♠Jamie♠ Guest

    Or Me, Icedragon Knows Me, Not to Pull Strings Or anything, There's A Link to My shop In my Sig, And I Have My Own Sprites In Mys Sig
  11. miken park

    miken park hush.

    So, Hows my banner going? Not to rush you or anything..
  12. henwotheking

    henwotheking Guest

    can i have a blaziken egg pretty please
  13. Rod

    Rod TC expert

    No, sorry

    It's coming
  14. DeadlyMighty

    DeadlyMighty Guest

  15. NeoCrisis873

    NeoCrisis873 Guest

    hey guys im new n i wuz wonderin if i could get a trianer card plz so i can post it in my sig; plz +ty
  16. DeadlyMighty

    DeadlyMighty Guest

    tell them whay you wanat on it, like the pokemon...trinaer sprite...background..name nad stuffs.i was in your position once, but im better now! *smiles*
  17. NeoCrisis873

    NeoCrisis873 Guest

    name- Neo
    pokemon- sceptile; metagross; gyrados; swellow; aggron; camerupt
    badges- all hoenn
    sprite- lance (elite 4 dragon guy)

    ty ahead of time
  18. NeoCrisis873

    NeoCrisis873 Guest

    sry 4 dp but bkrd. orange pleez

    o n how do i get a custom avtar? sry but im new :-D
  19. may i have a battle scene with may as the trainer and anything else as long its funny
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