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*IceDragon Sprite Shop*

Discussion in 'Fan Art Shops' started by IceDragon, Oct 1, 2005.


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  1. Can I have a battle scene with Gardevior (my side) and a Alakazam on the "foe" side with question marks on its head and text box says
    Gardevior used Shining Finger
    Alakazam: Wait!!!!! is that legal?
  2. NeoCrisis873

    NeoCrisis873 Guest

    this is a teat cause idk whether my adopted poke is gonna show up in my sig sry 4 the trouble all
  3. DeadlyMighty

    DeadlyMighty Guest

    woah, you alrady posted that, sorry i saw! I do aht too, but hey! :D
  4. NeoCrisis873

    NeoCrisis873 Guest

    hey ice dragon can ya make that 4 me??
  5. IceDragon

    IceDragon Graphics Fan

    ok i just got back and now im working on everyone request right now ok

    Can someone make me a list of request i have to do
    Last edited: Nov 5, 2005
  6. NeoCrisis873

    NeoCrisis873 Guest

    name- Neo
    pokemon- sceptile; metagross; gyrados; swellow; aggron; camerupt
    badges- all hoenn
    sprite- lance (elite 4 dragon guy)
    backround- orange w/ blue stripes if u can

    pleez n ty
  7. NeoCrisis873

    NeoCrisis873 Guest

    sry n4 dp but i mean a tc:-D
  8. Billy

    Billy Guest

  9. IceDragon

    IceDragon Graphics Fan

    yea u can work here ok
  10. ♠Jamie♠

    ♠Jamie♠ Guest

    Hey Icedragon, I Asked If I Could Work Here, Bfore But I Haven;t gotten a Responce Yet, can I?
  11. IceDragon

    IceDragon Graphics Fan

    yeah u can work here
  12. Billy

    Billy Guest

    Thanks IceDragon I'll get stuff started. =)
  13. IceDragon

    IceDragon Graphics Fan

    i don't have may for the battle scene

    I need the picture
    Last edited: Nov 5, 2005
  14. Then brendan
    can i also work here Ice Dragon The Tc's on my signature were made by me
    Last edited by a moderator: Nov 5, 2005
  15. IceDragon

    IceDragon Graphics Fan

    the last link is broken can u fix it
  16. IceDragon

    IceDragon Graphics Fan

    here i found may but i didn't know what to put in it text box so i put anything ok


    The first TC i make that u just change the pokemon and put a different name

    Also the other TC i made for PokeChamp Matt u didn't make that

    BTW that is the sprite i make for PokeChamp Matt also
    Last edited: Nov 5, 2005
  17. NeoCrisis873

    NeoCrisis873 Guest

    so r ya gonna make my tc 4 me ice, cause im so anxious ive been tryin 4 da last couple o days to find/get one
    sry 4 n e trouble
  18. IceDragon

    IceDragon Graphics Fan

    Rod make the Tc If u follow his forums and he will make it ok
  19. NeoCrisis873

    NeoCrisis873 Guest

    what forum?
  20. IceDragon

    IceDragon Graphics Fan

    the forums for the Tc

    6 PKMN
    What kind of badges
    pokemon behind trainer
    What kind of background
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