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*IceDragon Sprite Shop*

What Do You Think Of My Sprites?

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shinneymeowth001 said:
Did you nned a backround from me? what are the backrounds?
ther is a nother shop now post it there (there are no background you either provided or decribe it)

The new shop is on my sig


OK, FROM THAT LINK ON YOUR FIRST PAGE THAT HAS ALL THE DIFFERENT CARDS, ON THE FIRT PAGE THE THIRD ONE WITH A CASTFORM AND SALEMENCE, HAS THE NAME "ZANE" ON IT. Ohh, can I change my badges? I want the badges from misty,tate&liza,norman,whitney,wallace, koga,the pink shell badge, and the silver battle pike symbol. Ohh, can i have a PLUSLE with my other 5 pokemon?
;311; :pLEASE?


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Hi again Im going to be doing a new pokemon game type thing and i need some sprites for new pokemon in my pokedex so here are the first ones I would like you to pleased do

1. Spinut ( aspinning nut pokemon)
2. Spibrance a spinning branch ( a branch with a point at the bottom to spin on with branchesd as arms and legs)
3.Spitree ( a tree with a point at the bottom to spin on)
4.Salandra a salamander
5.salamandra its basically the same as salandra but its standing on its hind legs and has a bigger tail.
6.Salandaria A salamander with wings a big dragon type mouth and a bigger tail then salamandra
7. Tadpolite a tadpole basically
8. Tadpolian a frog with a tail
9.Frogra its a frog really

i have not been specific because i wish to have something thats not how i suspected.
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