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Ichor Institute - The School of the Gods [R]


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Ichor (n.) In Greek mythology, ichor (/ˈaɪkər/ or /ˈɪkər/; Ancient Greek: ἰχώρ)
is the ethereal fluid that is the blood of the gods and/or immortals.

Ichor Institute - The School of the Gods (AKA Amrita Academy Redux)
Sign-Up Thread
Roleplay Thread | Discussion Thread


Myths & Legends, gather here today.

When we were young we heard myths about extravagant beings. We heard the songs of nymphs in our heads and saw the magic of the gods when we closed our eyes. Little did we know that those beings were walking among us, hidden from those who seek the destruction of their legacy.

The next immortal generation has come into fruition, and these children must prepare. Those elder Gods of the fables are reaching the finale of their life and before they fade into nothing but a memory they must pass their knowledge on to their offspring. Of course, some gods are unwilling to accept this natural progression and may end up leading the new generation astray rather than building up a new league of protectors. Even then, some Gods are reluctant to accept their children borne of mixed blood: the Demi-Gods. Such hostilities are not easily ignored and the Demi-Gods have, in turn, become hostile towards young gods due to escalating struggles between the two groups over the years. Though both Gods and Demi-Gods have been raised by surrogate parents, it is time for them to come together and learn how to work together to preserve the legacy of those Gods that came before them, how to bridle the raging powers inside of them.

Adopted into homes by those of kind hearts and raised as normal humans, the powers within these children came as a shock to many. Their powers blossomed, reminiscent of their mighty parents that came before them. As word got out about this academy, people began to flock to it. The guardians of the gods --- their adoptive human parents knew it was the right path to set their bundle of joy on and thus, Ichor was their choice destination.

Ichor is not only home to Gods and Demi-Gods, oh no. Over the dozens of decades the academy has been opened, word has spread to other otherworldly beings and now their kin too attends. The long used brethren of the gods, the mythical beasts that lived alongside them, have learned to preserve their lineage through human vessels much like their more powerful acquaintances, however they’re tired of being used for only the God’s gain. In addition, a new otherworldly nemesis, the Symfora, seek only the destruction of this new generation in order to forge their own, and are more clever than anything the old gods have faced before. Between coming into adulthood and coming into godliness, will Ichor be able to stand against everything that seeks to bring it down? Or will this generation be the downfall of this prestigious institution?


As you may have guessed, you are one of the students of the prestigious Ichor Institute. Within your daily school life, as new threat has emerged --- the Symfora. These demons of sorts have somehow found their way into the academy and are intent on eliminating any gods they come across. This roleplay will focus a lot on character relationships as well as character building and growth, as such it is very different from anything I have done in the past. it is set in modern day, meaning your characters will most likely dress like regular every day teenagers.

  • No god modding Powerful or not, if someone punches you, you take the punch.
  • If a power isn't stated in your character's app, they can't use it. Unless I have explicitly stated that you are able to gain new powers.
  • Spell-check and grammar are lovely. It's totally okay to make mistakes! We all do sometimes! But if your writing reminds an admin or mod of My Immortal we may have to message you about it.
  • Be realistic Immortals are going to party and be reckless, break the rules, and have fun. But, please don't pull it in front of the headmistress or blatantly disregard a teacher UNLESS its in your character's nature to do so. And even then.. don't be ridiculous.
  • DO NOT cause any permanent/long-term harm to characters that aren't yours without discussing it with the owner first. The damage done will be ignored and depending on the amount of offences you have already you can risk being suspended for a set amount of time.
  • No enforced character limit. I'm allowing players as many characters as they can handle. I'd prefer if you took no more than two, but if you can handle three go ahead.
the classes.

Unmatched in divinity, Gods have only one domain, but their power is a lot stronger compared to those of a Demi-God. Not only are these deities immortal, they’re also notoriously attractive. Pure blooded and powerful, some Gods tend to unnecessarily defend their honor and fight over trivial issues due to arrogance despite their amazing intelligence. Gods hold an extensive lifespan, with miraculous regeneration abilities, but under serious circumstances, are capable of dying. To counter this, every pure blooded God is in possession of a defense mechanism of sorts, where if injury is inflicted upon them whether it be by physical force, illness, or even self-harm, their domain will essentially protect them, either by eradicating sickness, healing what could be a fatal wound within minutes or blocking anything from puncturing the skin of the God at all. One of the most common defense mechanisms is acidic golden blood for non elemental Gods and for elementals their blood often fuses with their domain.

The reason behind Gods having these preventive abilities is that later on in the young God's life, their powers and domain will develop to their full potential. It will be at this moment that the God must inherit their domain, passed down to them from their predecessor, the God who held dominion over the realm of power before them. Their predecessor has the power of their domain gradually relinquished to the young God throughout the God's life. In order to take control of the domain, the God must remain alive until their powers develop, which is where their domain's defensiveness comes in, diminishing when the God is finally blessed with the full extent of their domain.

Gods are birthed by surrogate mothers, whom the young gods often take after, and their powers usually reveal themselves sometime during puberty (often in a violent manner which is referred to as "domain snap".) After this they usually have to be extremely careful about who they tell about their species out side the academy due to Demi-God hostility from older Demi-Gods and Gods who want to stop the nonsense idea that they'll be replaced. They stop aging around the time puberty ends if not within the 5 years afterwards. There can only be one god to a certain domain within the new generation, and they must hold dominion over a power or element that has already been personified. God of "RPGs" is a good example of a domain that wouldn't happen. Usually the importance of their parents or the broadness of their domain is a good indicator of how powerful a god is. A daughter of Aether is bound to be more powerful than a son of Geras. Their immortal parents are usually Greek, Roman, Egyptian, Norse and Japanese but have been known to come from other cultures and mythos as well. Due to their place in the universe and as a side effect of divine conception, all Gods of the new pantheon are infertile and unable to procreate. They are the third least abundant in the school.

Demi-Gods may have up to two domains, but both are minor and they often have more control over a small range of powers in comparison to a new God's harder to control but far wider domain. They're still almost as inhumanly beautiful as Gods, but age very slowly instead of being immortal and are known to live hundreds to thousands of years (even up to 5000). Because their metabolism is slower and more stable, they can still get a true buzz from drugs and other such things unlike Gods and some Personifications. Half-blooded and generally very stable minded they are known to dislike gods, just for the fact that they are stronger, immortal and tend to have better lives. Also, it probably doesn't help that Gods are known to pick on and generally oppress Demis. Some Gods (and most professors) use the derogatory slur "partials" to refer to them. The term holds the connotation of being only half rather than a full being.

They don't generally have to worry as much about accidentally having their domains blow up on them when upset as Gods do. They often find out about their species a lot earlier in life than Gods due because they don't experience "domain snap" at a random point in puberty. Despite this, there are two sides to the Demi-God coin. For some, their parents had no idea that their child was part immortal and their child randomly displaying abilities was a shock. Often this happens due to either cheating, flings, or surrogate birthing (if the immortal parent is the one with the female reproductive system.) For others, their parents knew who their lover was and often times in these cases the godly parent is present throughout their life, visiting on occasion to watch their child grow up.

Demi-Gods can have powers that Gods already have and there is no limit to how many of them may have some control over a specific domain, but ultimately a God can easily override their control of their domain in, say, a scuffle. Usually the more untainted by mortality their blood is, the more powerful they are. If their father/mother was a God and their mother/father a Demi-God or human, they're bound to be more powerful than someone with two Demi-Gods as parents or one Demi-God and one human. Their immortal parents are usually Greek, Roman, Egyptian, Norse and Japanese but have been known to come from other cultures as well or they can have two or one Demi-God parents. The less pure immortal blood in their veins, the less powerful they are. The are the second most abundant species in the school with a 1 God to every 4 Demi-Gods ratio.

Personifications are just that; personifications of monsters from mythology. They are Demi-God like in appearance but they age like the monsters they represent. When they’re younger, their appearance is still extremely human with small indications towards their abnormal origins (strangely colored eyes, different skin composition, animal ears etc). However, as they age these aspects tend to become more monster-like and more apparent. At this age, it is likely they'll have more of their monster appearance.

Personifications are normally in possession of powers mimicking the monster they personify, or have weaknesses or limitations, also similar to their monster.

Personifications have been known to be used by the Gods for various tasks, as Personifications are typically thought of as being protectors or defenders of the Gods, existing under their rule. This is partially true, as many times in mythology have their beast ancestors been of assistance or aid to the ancient Gods, but it seems that some of the Gods have trouble abandoning the ways of the past, and many Personifications grow rather weary of being treated like pushovers by them. As such, they have developed a determination and a pride towards establishing their autonomy. While personifications can mate with other personifications, it is impossible for hybrids to be born in most cases as the genes to become a personification cannot mix. They are the most common species in the school at a 5 Personifications for every 1 God ratio.

Unfortunately, here at the Academy even our extensive scouting and screening process still has it faults. Humans with minor divine lineage or cognitive abilities on occasion successfully enrol, unbeknownst to the hardworking staff. Almost always holding some small ability such as premonitions, elementalkenisis or other weak but obvious abilities their parents didn't understand, they're often found by the academy's scouts and sent an acceptance letter (with a statement of full tuition paid in advance by a scholarship of course.) No one in their right mind would turn it down. Just having the academy's name on an application could get them into any university or college they could possibly want to go to. But, it doesn't take them long to figure out that the school isn't quite what they'd though it'd be.

Sometimes after realising where they are, they believe themselves Demi-Gods but it becomes quickly apparent to them that they aren't. They are out of place and if found out, they hold a high chance of being killed by a staff member. The school is notoriously hard to get into for a reason. Because of this, human students often have a high mortality rate depending on how well they keep their mouths shut and blend in.

Many times, human students can manage to latch onto another student trustworthy enough to tell their secret and many times these friends will protect them and guard their identity at all costs.

No one is actually sure where they come from, but the Symforea—ones gifted with the power of the Major Arcana—are definitely a force to be reckoned with. Not quite as powerful nor as beautiful as the gods due to the host body being human, these beings blend in well and often are unwittingly taken in by some Gods just so the God can look better. Usually that God is never seen from again. As far as it is known, a Symfora is not a person itself, indeed those who are Symfora are usually born normally and live normal lives, but the manifestation of power. When one becomes a Symfora it is because the card itself wishes to use them in particular. As such, there can only be one Symfora personifying a single card at one time (unless it is ‘The Lovers’) and the way the power manifests is typically the same from generation to generation.

Symforea work much like pack animals in that the elder incarnation of the card will often be someone close to the newer incarnation. When an elder Symfora reaches an age where they are no longer fit to harness their powers (usually around their early forties), they feel an urge, a pull towards the new vessel. From that moment on, they watch over the sapling until they reach puberty. At that time, the elder Symfora will perish by the younger’s hand—usually a very traumatic scenario for the younger of the two—thus passing on the powers and becoming the very first meal for the newly formed creature. This “meal” contains the remnants of all the gods the previous incarnation feasted on, slowly and constantly keeping the newly formed Symfora alive for a couple of months. Often times they don't remember the meal due to how traumatic it can be. When the energy wears down, the hunger becomes unbearable and the Symfora must feed. This feeding directly influences the strength of the Symfora’s powers: if they have not fed in a while, their powers will become weaker until they do nothing and that Symfora perishes. How they feed is by killing Gods and Demi-Gods (Demi-gods obviously giving them less sustenance). Easy, right? Though Symforea do not inherently hate Gods or Demi-gods, the fact remains that they live only to feed from them.

The main reason the Symfora exist and feel a physical hunger and urge to feed upon Gods and Demi-Gods is due to an agenda of the Arcana themselves. The highly sentient, ancient powers that inhabit these host bodies plan to kill off the gods slowly by destroying their successors to release the domain. As their hosts feed, the entities themselves gain the domains of any Gods killed. Because of this, if a Symfora kills a God, it shall receive minor control over that domain, similar to a Demi-God. In the end, their goal is to replace the gods all together ushering a new era upon the Earth.

Though many at first consider themselves Demi-Gods, once the hunger sets in there can be no denying their lineage. They are not always violent—their personalities are as varied as any race’s—but they are a time bomb. They are the rarest in the school next to humans and to this date not a single one has actually killed one of the new generation gods.

The Symfora are the villains of this roleplay. I don't mind if you create one, but I will be scrutinizing their sign ups.

sign ups.

For Gods/Demi-Gods
Year: (First, Second, Third, or Fourth)

Class: (Demi-God or God)
Domain: (What are they the god of?)
(Who are their parents? For gods you may pick any two gods from folklore that have some kind of relation to their ability. For Demi-Gods one god parent and one human parent)


For Personifications
Year: (First, Second, Third, or Fourth)

Class: Personification
Monster: (What are they the personification of?)


For Humans
Year: (First, Second, Third, or Fourth)

Believes they are: Demi-God of ___


For Symfora
Year: (First, Second, Third, or Fourth)

Class: Symfora
Arcana: What arcana do they represent and draw their powers from?
Abilities: What can they do in relation to the arcana they personify?
Masquerading as: What are they pretending to be?


accepted players/reserves.
Accepted Players
Monster Guy
Vampirate Mace
*Jean Grey*
Tower Symfora

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Name: Sibyl Faith
Gender: Female
Age: 13
Year: First

Class: Demi-God
Domain: Sleep and Dreams

Dream Walking: Sibyl can enter other people's dreams or nightmares and change them from within. This ability can allow her to somewhat distort the cognition of others if she decides to shift how they feel about things in their dreams. She can also fully 'delete' a dream, meaning the person who had it will not remember it.
Sleep Touch: Sibyl can ease people into sleep rather easily, simply by touch. If she brushes against you, you may let out a yawn or feel a little sluggish.
Dream Summon: Sibyl can pull objects out of her own dreams, and, to an extent --- the dreams of others. If someone was dreaming about a delicious donut, she could snatch it out of their dreams and materialist it into the real world. This also works with any creatures or monsters of nightmare. It's quite weak at the moment, and she has barely tested it on anything beyond food.
Sleep Walking: Sibyl is able to move and even do work while she's asleep. She uses a certain level of awareness to be able to accomplish these feats --- which can include: cooking, fighting, and even singing.
Precognitive Dreaming: Sibyl's weakest ability is her ability to see future events in her own dreams. She is prone to forget what happened in the dreams, or they can often be far to vague for her to interpret. About 40% of the time she is able to understand the dream.
Dream Trapping: Sibyl is able to trap someone in a dream of her creation. The dream could be believable enough that they believe they are actually awake and present in the real world. Sibyl has never tested this ability besides on herself, people who it is used on tend to realise it's a dream and come out of it on their own.

Parents: Morpheus (Winged God of Sleep) and a Human Woman

Appearance: Sibyl is quite small, even for her age. She stands at a mere 4'6" and barely has a scrap of fat on her body. Her overall body shape and form is very child-like in appearance. She has little in the way of breasts or hips and is often mistaken for someone younger than herself. Her skin is very pale, lacking in sunlight from the hours she spends cooped up in her bedroom sleeping --- away from the rest of the world. She is darted with freckles all over her body, but specifically all over her face. As a raging narcoleptic, she has never really been one to leave the house for long periods of time, try as her mother might. Due to this, her hair is extremely long, trailing behind her as she walks and covering her eyes as her bangs have become too overgrown. Her hair is golden in colour, styled with a simple black floral headband. If one were to see her eyes, they would notice the distinctive bags underneath of her auburn eyes --- as she always feels as though she barely got enough sleep. As such, her long bangs are a blessing.

For clothing, Sibyl sticks to what's comfy. She wears a baggy black hoodie with pink shorts to her classes, as she feels it's a little more classy than simply wearing her pajamas everywhere. She wears white socks and pink shoes to even out her outfit. However, when lounging or when she's simply too tired to get dressed, she wears a large pink sleep shirt emblazoned with "LOVE" and pink lounge pants. Stripped red and pink slippers round out her outfit as well as headphones to listen to music to help her dream.

Personality: The best thing to describe Sibyl is the word “Dreamer.” She seems to be distant from reality, being apathetic to the world around her. She lives in a world of fantasies and imagination. She thinks of the impossible, and only strives for tantalizing goals. She is also stuck in the clouds, commonly daydreaming and sleeping whenever she can. She tends to retain a childlike innocence with her demeanor and thoughts, and commonly acts as a child when she isn’t away from reality. However, she is very friendly to those around her --- often allowing them to join her in engaging her fantasies of vast and beautiful dreams. She tends to be quiet in class, never really answering the teacher's questions and sometimes even falling asleep at her desk. She finds it easy to make friends, but she often pushes them away with her childish nature.

She's very tired all the time, most likely from taking constant naps in the hopes of getting back into that beautifully entrancing dream she was just having. She's also attempting to hone her abilities for predicting the future and hopes that one day she'll have perfect and flawless visions. She's working on honing her ability for dream walking to allow others to come with her and experience her reality, but she highly doubts they would understand, or even appreciate it like she does. She assumes people think she's odd, however she would hope that her fellow students at Ichor would at least understand her oddities --- especially because no one really accepted them at her old school.

Sibyl is actually quite friendly when you can get a conversation with her before she nods off in one way or another. She is curious and naive, but seems to have a vast sense of knowledge for someone her age. She is a bit obsessed with astrology, and will totally tell you your horoscope if you ask. Sibyl is also good at art --- she claims it’s from her constant dreaming, and in a sense, she’s right. It also is due to her having a photographic memory of what she sees in her and other's dreams. However, Sibyl tends to repress herself, out of fear for what would happen if she dwells on matters too much. Due to this repression, she is prone to states of pure emotionless, and acts purely as a shell. She only remembers one instance where it went that far, but she usually is able to control herself with her constant trips to dreamland.

History: Sibyl was born in rural Beirut, Lebanon to a single mother named Rose Faith, her mother had no ideas about who the young child's father could be as she did not remember actually being able to conceive a child... beyond that one rather smutty dream she had of course. By all accounts, young Sibyl was a miracle baby --- and her mother certainly wasn't going to be one to stand in the way of such an unlikely event. She was named Sibyl, meaning Seer -- as her mother thought her a special child. She was raised well, spoiled, and was of course Rose's only child --- as she never quite had a father figure growing up. School was odd for the young child, as all the other children had dads but she found herself rather alone proclaiming that it had always just been her and her mother. This got a lot of rather peculiar whispers from teachers, assuming that her mother had been a little too involved with people of the opposite sex and actually had no idea who Sibyl's father was. Oh, how they couldn't have been more wrong.

Sibyl's powers started suddenly, and without warning. It started with her own dreams, she found herself able to control various aspects of them --- making them more pleasant and appealing to her. This was at the point she began spending more time napping, a change that her mom wasn't exactly accustomed to, but it wasn't anything too concerning. However, what was concerning to Rose was when her daughter mentioned seeing a weird "bat-man" in her dreams. The Bat-man as he could be bluntly described, was exactly the type of being Rose had dreamt of before realizing that she was pregnant with a child she had no recollection of conceiving. Perhaps it was just a weird coincidence, maybe Rose had mentioned it in passing without remembering? She had been feeling more tired lately, perhaps it had just slipped out one night. There was still no true cause for concern, until Sibyl mentioned that she had seen the same man in her mother's dreams; before saying she was sorry that she had "peaked" at her mother's dreams.

Rose was convinced that something else was at work at this point, and with some quick research she was able to determine that the bat creature was actually a godly being known as Morpheus. Morpheus had various dream and sleep related powers and it was actually very possible that if this wasn't all an extremely bad dream --- that he had actually fathered Sibyl. Rose wasn't opposed to believing such things, she had always believed in the prospects of gods and higher powers. However, doctors and teachers weren't quite as willing to believe her odd stories about Sibyl. They passed Rose off as a "crazy lady" and claimed that Sibyl's constant sleep and odd dreams were probably just some odd early onset of narcolepsy that was in it's peak stage. They proscribed pills to Sibyl, but her mother forbade her from taking them. Probably a blessing, as they may have messed with Sibyl's abilities.

Now at the age of eleven, Sibyl was learning all of her abilities. She found herself able to do more while sleepwalking, she enjoyed spying on the dreams of her mother and any friends that happened to spend the night. It was fascinating, and she adored the world that her dreams created for her. It was at this point that Morpheus began having actual interactions with his daughter, he spoke of her concievement --- warned her of the looming threat for those with godly blood. It was interesting, but Sibyl was confused, she was no god. Morpheus further explained that because she was his daughter, she was actually technically a Demi-God who had inherited his powers. Sibyl was in awe, she knew that she was different. But a god? That was a feat in itself.

Morpheus explained that he was going to visit Rose one last time, and recommend she send Sibyl to Ichor Institute, so that she could hone her abilities and gain full control over her interesting power. Rose did just that, and now that Sibyl has started school, she can sense something sinister is afoot... her visions have been getting stronger lately and she's scared of seeing those damned Tarot Cards.

Name: Iris Elkies
Gender: Female
Age: 18
Year: Fourth

Class: Symfora
Arcana: Wheel of Fortune
  • Sheer Dumb Luck: Iris is lucky, to put it bluntly. She can easily win lotteries, draws, and other luck based things. Taking her to a casino would likely bankrupt the casino.
  • Prosperity: She is able to gift her luck to others, for a brief period of time. Allowing them to reap the benefits of her luck.
  • Luck Reversal: As the reverse, she is able to "leech" luck off of an individual, ensuring that "unlucky" things happen to them. (Losing things, tripping, etc. Nothing particularly malicious tho)
  • Omens: Any myth related to luck, good or bad, she can conjure up. Usually the typical black cats or four leafed clovers. She has named the black cat she usually summons "Francis", and he obeys her every word.
  • Destiny: Iris can see the future... sort of. She's limited to doing it through readings (palm or tarot) and she can only see things pertaining to LUCK and CHANCE. If you were to have an unlucky day and die from hitting your head on a rock... she could see that. She could also see your chances of winning or losing at games and advise you when to attempt things.
  • Minds Eye: Iris is able to see through the eyes of the omens she summons --- specifically those of Francis. This uses his energy rapidly and causes him to fade quickly.
  • Symfora Sense: She can smell the strength of a God, and thanks to her luck based powers she can tell how likely it is that she can take them down (and she's right 99% of the time). She can also sniff out personifications, demi-gods, and other symfora.
Masquerading as: Goddess of Luck

Appearance: Iris is a young woman of average stature, standing around 5'3" and weighs around 160 pounds. She is somewhat thin, but has a noticeable hourglass figure. Her waist is small yet her bust and hips are noticeably large and wide. Her arms and legs are well toned, muscular and slim thanks to her spending her free time at the gym. She's by no means buff, but she has certainly developed some muscle tone. Her breasts are an average C cup, nothing spectacular, but still enough to be noticeable in her outfits. She's Caucasian with mostly clear skin, other than her tiny array of freckles dotting her cheeks. Her eyes are somewhat large, green in colour with noticeable black eyeliner around them. Iris takes great pride in her appearance, often taking hours in front of a mirror to ensure that her eyeliner and lipstick are applied perfectly --- along with the ideal contour to ensure her face looks it's best. Her hair is brown (natural) and somewhat full of volume, not exactly what one would call wavy, but she certain has a lot of hair. It is usually nicely groomed and pulled back into a long, voluptuous ponytail. She often places a pair of sunglasses atop her head.

For clothing, Iris dresses like most stereotypical popular girls in films. She wears a baggy red shirt that leaves her bra straps visible and black jean shorts that are short enough to see the pockets hanging across her thighs. On her feet she wears red sandals to match the rest of her outfit.

Personality: Iris is the kind person that holds her beliefs close to her heart. She's not the type to back down from a challenge and will always side with herself over others. Her beliefs come first, and it is extremely difficult to get her to shift her opinions for anyone. She's courageous, always jumping at the chance to explore or fight. She's a little too headstrong and reckless for some people's liking, but she personally doesn't see a problem with it. After all, schools need people like her, right? The kind of people that take charge and get things done.

She can come off as very aggressive in fights and in general. She's demanding and wants to get things done, no matter what way she has to do it. She can be intimidating to those younger than her and sometimes even to those her own age as she has a vicious and volatile way about her speech when she gets upset and needs to get her point across. She's very competitive against others her age, but especially towards other girls her age. She has pinpointed the other Symfora and is currently trying to be the head of the table --- eating the most and proving her worth to the others. She wants to be respected... but also feared.

Despite some of her shortcomings, all and all Iris is a very feisty individual. She feels the need to be powerful, in mannerisms and in battle. However, she is prone to change suddenly and rapidly. Sometimes being calm like a small current, but sometimes coming down hard and fast like a sweeping tidal wave.

History: Born as the heir to a massive banking firm in London, Iris’s early life was one of being spoiled and doted upon. Given that both her parents were extremely involved in their mutual business, she was raised primarily by a slew of housekeepers and nannies, as the cliché tends to go.

Given that she was an only child, and thus expected to inherit the family’s affairs when she grew older, she had a relatively short childhood. While she wanted for nothing, things were set about straight away in order to try to usher her into growing into the perfect heir for the Elkies name. Music lessons, private tutoring, a slew of extracurricular, all began before the age of ten, in order to shape her into a well-rounded, intelligent young woman. Obviously, exposing a child to such rigorous scheduling and learning went just about as poorly as one would expect, but in due time she fell in line, beginning the transformation to the cultured young woman that her mother and father wanted.

That wasn’t to say that everything was crushingly serious and structured, though it did make up a good portion of her younger years. Iris was still brought along to numerous vacations to foreign countries, still taught to ride horses, and (to her utmost delight) brought along on her father’s hunting excursions. It was during these times that she was able to spend quality time with her family, something that didn’t happen as much as it really needed to.

Unfortunately, it was the times that she so cherished that were to become her downfall. As time wore on and on, her father began acting more irrational when they were together, which confused Iris something awful. Of course she didn’t understand what her father was trying to tell her, who could when the man would babble under his breath about ‘it was too soon’ and ‘not ready yet’? It was frightening for a child her age, but she kept her mouth shut, far more afraid that if she spoke up, it would mean the end of spending time together.

Things rapidly progressed downhill, however, and culminated during a particularly uneventful trip to the countryside. It was merely fox hunting, something that she had enjoyed so many times in the past, but the moment she and her father were alone, the older man turned on his daughter, raving about inheritance and divinity and how he wasn’t ready to die. His irrational behavior terrified his daughter, who merely attempted to get away from the crazed man, but there was nothing that could be done. They were deep in the woods, away from the rest of the hunting party, and it seemed very certain that her father was actually going to harm her, and that was when the world seemed to bow in on itself and snap.

Iris’s memories of the event are very clear, despite her insistence otherwise. The Wheel of Fortune arcana forced itself into its new vessel, attaching itself like a parasite to her very being, and driving her actions. With the lack of any supernatural force to defend himself with, it took mere seconds for The Wheel of Fortune’s ability to lay waste to its former host, and the feast that was to come afterwards was blessedly uninterrupted.

After the deed was done, Iris, too entirely shellshocked over everything to function, was discovered hours later by a search party, and immediately whisked to the hospital. The blood on her was identified as her father’s, but no matter how many times she was asked, she merely repeated that she had no idea what had happened. The reality of everything was simply too much for her to process at the time being.

Her father’s body was never found, and while the case pressed on, Iris was brought home, locked safely away within her family’s estate, and coddled and hidden from the rest of the world while she recovered. The sudden over-protectiveness didn’t help her in the slightest, but eventually she began to try to rationalize the horrific experience she was put through. Her logic was shaky at best under any circumstance, but it was easier than living with the fact that she had, at its core, cannibalized her own father.

She was first noticed by Ichor scouts at the age of fourteen, as her powers had been difficult to identify earlier on, given their subtle nature. No divine source came forward as her parental unit, and so it was deemed that she was more than likely a demi-deity of some lesser known god, whom had apparently disappeared without a trace in the hunting incident years earlier.

The academy’s credits were phenomenal, and it was that more than anything else, including the fact that her child was of divine blood, that convinced Mrs. Elkies to send Iris along. Her things were packed, and she was whisked away posthaste, enrolled, and placed up in a dorm, no different than any other student. It was surreal.

During her time at Ichor, the truth of her nature began to emerge, though she took great care to keep it hidden away from anyone else. The hunger became too much for her to handle, and, guided by her arcana once again, she began to hunt. Obviously, she was unable to ever ask for help, to try to stop herself from her own actions, for fear of retribution. One simply cannot go about and express that they’ve been cannibalizing other students, after all.

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Can I join? I would love to bring back Jessie, my goddess of death!

Name: Jessalyn MacDougall (Jessie, Jess, J)

Gender: Female

Age: 19

Year: Fourth

Class: God

Domain: Death


Reaper's Scythe - Jessalyn, as the goddess of Death, can call upon her own personal weapon in battle - this takes the form of a large, black iron scythe adorned with chains and a single skull with glowing red eyes.

Necromancy - Jessalyn has the ability to summon the spirits of the dead, as well as raise bones from the grave, in order to communicate with the deceased, as well as use them to attack others. So far, she can only carry this out when in the vicinity of a graveyard, near a portal to the underworld, or if there's at least one dead buried within a 10-foot radius.

Enhanced Strength - Most gods have enhanced strength, but thanks to an endowment from her mother, Jessalyn has even further enhanced strength, allowing her to be unexpectedly one of the best fighters in the school. Odin and the Morrigan agreed that some of the dead are just difficult to handle, based on stories from other Death gods, and some were even known to actually cheat death, giving inevitable headaches. Thus, they bestowed their daughter with a foolproof method of handling people who regularly bail out of things, something both of them possess...that is, the capability to overpower and wrangle them, whether it's their mortal bodies or their souls...souls of the dead are as heavy as when they were once living people after all (only the gods of Death know this, of course)! No, nothing like elephants as of the moment...elephants are stupid enough to be cooperative after all and never once gave headaches in history. But yes, people.

Death Aria - Jessalyn is capable of actually outright inflicting death onto someone. She accomplishes this by first, pulling on the soul of the target whom she intends to her her victim. Once she gets ahold of them, her power into a soaring aria that has the ability to hold her victim and force them to listen as she drains them of their life force. The victim falls into a deep, paralyzing sleep that grows closer to death as the song progresses. It can only target one victim at a time, however, and said victim has to be within a close radius for Jessalyn to keep her hold on their soul. Also, death only comes when she actually finishes the whole song while the victim is still in her hold. Anyone can pull the victim away from the effective radius, of course, and said victim would just end up sleeping for several hours instead. Besides, the entire aria is 10 minutes long, giving a pretty wide window for anyone to pull the victim away from the vicinity. She can only attempt this once every three days, failed attempts included, of course, due to the fatigue it induces on her. No, this doesn't at all work on gods or demigods, but rather, only on humans so far.

Vitality Drain - Jessalyn can concentrate her Death powers into her hands, allowing her to sap a person's life force via skin-to-skin contact, whether in a hand-to-hand fight or by holding them, tiring them out or weakening them quicker than one would expect. Her bare skin must touch their bare skin, however. As of now, her power only go as far as to make her victims feel drained, fatigued and get the urge to lie down and sleep...she can't kill anyone with it (sorry, no death by shagging yet lol), only weaken or fatigue them gradually.

Summon Minions - Jessalyn can summon spectral animal minions as companions. Her favorite ones take the form of wolves (her father's symbol) and ravens (both her father's and her mother's symbol), and she uses them for a variety of purposes - scouting for something or someone, for instance.

Revenant - Jessalyn's protective mechanism as the goddess of Death. The life force in her body does not escape unlike in the case of mortals, so essentially, if she's on the verge of death, her life force, instead of leaving, rises a bit before bouncing back inside her, healing and restoring her, allowing her keep living.

Parents: Odin (Norse God of Death, War, Magic and the Sky; Father), The Morrigan (Irish Goddess of Death, Fate and War; Mother), Cassidy MacDougall (Surrogate mother), Erik Gallagher (Adoptive father...uh...it's complicated and messed up)


Jessalyn is a tall, dark beauty. She is 6'1" tall, with a lean and muscular, toned, long-legged body and a light, Celtic skin tone. Her long raven hair is slightly wavy and goes down to her waist, though it is usually done in either a messy, loose braid or in a simple, unkempt ponytail, with long bangs falling to the left of her face. Her facial features are strong and can be described as "dramatic", with dark, arched brows, a straight nose, an angular face shape and striking emerald-colored eyes framed with long, dark lashes often coated in black mascara - one of the few types of makeup she chooses to wear aside from black eyeshadow and black eyeliner. Her teeth are slightly yellow, as she smokes a lot. Her breasts are very large and prominent - and she isn't shy about them either. Jessalyn's navel is pierced and decorated with a gunmetal-colored skull stud. Her other piercings include three on each ear, decorated with dark cross-shaped studs and dark hoops, and one on her left nostril, adorned with a gunmetal-colored hoop. She also has a tattoo of a tribal-style wolf on her upper-left arm, as well as a pair of raven wings on her back. Her hands and forearms have scars of varying lengths, caused by a a number of beatings she had to endure from higher-ups while she was still part of a gang. Though as a goddess, she has the capacity to heal them, she chooses not to, and prefers to wear her scars as badges of courage and survival. On the knuckles of her left hand are gang tattoos, each knuckle bearing the Gaelic letters of her former gang.

Jessalyn is one who dislikes particularly girly or classy clothing, as well as light colors. Do not try to put her in a pastel dress unless you have a death wish. She loves black, has a huge weakness for skulls of all sorts, rips in her clothes and the like, and enjoys wearing dark styles. Her most commonly-worn piece of clothing is a zip-up leather vest with a skeleton ribcage print in dark gray. This vest also has an attached hood (not in leather, mind you) with its front having a printed skull in the same dark gray. Jessalyn gravitates towards shirts that either have skull prints, fishnet, rips and tears in them (with or without safety pins) or any combination of them. Unlike most people, she isn't at all ashamed of her cleavage either, and she shows it, even though it *might* be against regulation. For bottoms, she favors pants and shorts rather than dresses or skirts. She's most commonly seen wearing tight, black leather pants with rips on the knee, or shredded black denim minishorts. For shoes, she generally favors heavy, sturdy boots, usually either black lace-up combat boots or knee-high black boots decorated with belts that have skulls and sharp spikes on them. She wears black leather fingerless gloves with iron knuckle studs almost all the time, and also often wears a black newsboy hat with a skull print and a Celtic cross pin...even in class. Aside from her piercings, the only jewelry she wears is a black iron chain around her neck. Jessalyn hates formal dresses, partly because it's so uncomfortable, and partly because of her bad experiences around Erik. Expect her to show up at a party in her street clothes (or dressed in shadows conjured up by Arcturus - she got kicked out for doing this once) whenever possible, though when forced to dress formally, she prefers to wear rather...interesting and subversive clothes.

Personality: Jessalyn is someone who's difficult to get to know, and her attitude can be described as prickly and troubled. Not the most sociable person, she finds it difficult to trust people and warm up to them. At times, she even pushes them away. She has a pretty good reason for being pessimistic and cynical however, as she's lived most of her life around people most would not consider as trustworthy. She doesn't give special treatment to people either...she's prickly to everyone she first meets...god, demigod, human or whatever. Having been used and manipulated for a good part of her life, she's very reluctant to trust anyone. She knows she's a goddess, hence wants to live a life where she's no one's tool. She is a free-spirited, rebellious and headstrong person by nature, very much taking after the warlike temperament of both her parents - slightly unusual for a death goddess - rather than the solemn, melancholic nature that usually comes with the territory. In fact, she has quite the temper - one that is very easy to set off. She is not one who enjoys listening to authority or being bound by strict rules, especially rules that she doesn't agree with, and prefers to do things according to her own set of principles on what she thinks is right. She knows that in death, everyone stands equal anyway, so why follow stupid rules made by people who most likely wouldn't be in authority once they pass on? Thus, she shows clear issues with authority even in school. She calls just about everyone by their first names or nicknames, never with titles or honorifics - things she knows do not matter at all in death. She's not a fan of institutions in general, and relies on herself to choose her own path, and for her, what's right is what works best and most effectively. She doesn't want to be anyone's tool or victim, and lashes out badly and violently against those whom she perceives will try to use her or manipulate her. Yes, for a death goddess, she has an awfully short temper, again thanks to her parents. She's the complete opposite of an idealist, preferring to be practical in her approach towards many things, and would willingly throw propriety out of the window any day, especially if it gets the job done. She's an independent girl who would much rather rely on herself to take care of and fix things rather than choose to lean on others. Rather than choosing to deal with the authorities who had the inclination to turn a blind eye towards gang activity, she took matters into her own hands and handled Erik on her own. Her heart is in the right place most of the time, it's just that the methods she prefers and her way of thinking can sometimes make her seem uncaring and cold, when in fact, she's actually a hot-blooded and warm person deep inside. She also doesn't take kindly to betrayal either, being used or getting on her bad side. She doesn't let go of anger easily. Rather, she holds terrible grudges that extend beyond the grave, and she never forgets when someone wrongs her. She's one who goes for revenge rather than make the first move to forgive.

Jessalyn is not what one considers feminine, and is actually the farthest thing from a girly-girl, with boyish and far-from-refined interests. Thanks partly to her experiences and partly to taking after her mother, The Morrigan, she is streetwise, reckless and far from proper. For her, trying to be a "lady" would only cause her suffering and headaches, hence, she chooses to just be herself, without compromising anything. Plus, she couldn't die under almost all circumstances anyway, so she might as well live life the way she wants to - daringly, freely and dangerously. What's there to fear, when the worst thing that can happen to her is to die? And Death, she knows, isn't totally a bad thing. She thinks living life cautiously and pretentiously is a total waste of time. She's not affected by what others think about her tendencies, and makes no effort to please. She's very outspoken, swears a lot and isn't ashamed about it, and her foul language extends towards everyone, even if she considers you a friend...she doesn't mince her words at all. In fact, she swears so much that she probably has the foulest mouth in school. Unlike most full-blooded gods, however, Jessalyn is not one to discriminate based on one's lineage. As mentioned before, she knows that in death, everyone stands equal, and thus, she thinks it's logical and right to treat every acquaintance the same way, since they'll all end up the same way anyway. While this means she can be very rude to her superiors, this also means that she's just as likely to befriend a demigod, a personification or a human as she would befriend a god...as long as she can fully trust them, of course. Jessalyn has quite a number of vices, and she's especially skilled at pool and many card games, and is not fazed by opponents bigger than her, being trained at bare-handed fighting (the one thing she appreciates from being part of a gang) and is naturally strong (a gift from her parents; her punch is particularly painful) herself. She's one to take her bets and bargains seriously, and just like how any death god hates it when one cheats death, she hates it when people try to cheat her at just about anything, death or otherwise. For her, a deal's a deal, and she'd usually resort to using violent methods (coupled with both Odin's and the Morrigan's bloodthirstiness that she inherited, the gangster in her never died) or her powers if people don't cooperate. She does think that rather than diplomacy (gods does she hate pretentious, silver-tongued diplomacy) or strategical planning, "might makes right" applies in dealing with and fixing a lot of situations and acts on this a lot, which can get her into a lot of trouble at times. She's very much a risk-taker by nature, preferring to take her chances than do nothing...death isn't anything for her to be afraid of anyway. A brave and fearless girl, she believes in her own capabilities, as mentioned above, and never backs down from a challenge, not even when the stakes are high enough to scare others off. Hardly anything scares her, come to think of it...she's very accustomed to blood, and can watch even the most frightening sights and not be fazed by them. Gods of Death have strong stomachs after all.

Under this however, she is still a caring person, and has a certain way of looking out for people that isn't exactly the softest. She might be difficult to get along with and is often suspicious of others due to her trust issues stemming from her youth, and she often ignores her heart in favor of what's practical and rational, but once she opens up and learns to trust, she's someone you'd be proud to call a friend. She helps her friends in her own way, protects them the best she could, and stands up for them without hesitation. She might be intimidating, cynical and difficult, yet she does have a tender, if hardened, heart somewhere in there. She might be moody and easily angered, but she definitely has a better side, though it's rarely seen and manifests in less-than-traditionally-gentle ways. In terms of romance, she's pretty reluctant to get into a relationship due to her previous experiences with Erik, and would like to think that she shouldn't be falling in love. Like every normal person though, she has emotions, and is not immune to perhaps falling for someone. Expect her to deny it a lot when it happens, though. She thinks love is stupid and makes one weak and vulnerable, after all. She also does not like getting into relationships with much older men, thanks to her previous experiences...this doesn't stop some people from spreading rumors about her sleeping around to get better grades, however.

Jessalyn is naturally drawn to the dark side in just about everything. Her music taste consists of death metal, black metal, doom metal and most other heavy forms of metal, as well as harder types of punk rock and the like. She enjoys riding fast on her motorcycle, daring others to race her at dangerous speeds often, and she continues to do so, even while studying and no longer having to buy her own freedom. Her wardrobe is very, very black and she loves macabre motifs. She is also surprisingly a great cook, and knows how to utilize even the oddest ingredients in creating delicious meals, a skill she learned from one of her roommates. Also, though she might not look it, she has a lovely soprano singing voice, something she is particularly ashamed of because of how Erik used to praise her for it, and would coerce her to sing for him. She never reveals this particular talent of hers, and prefers that nobody knows about it, as said skill is very contrary to how she is, and also reminds her too much of Erik (and her time as his "dark siren"). This voice has the power to take its victim's soul and kill them, however...and how she wishes that said power would manifest elsewhere sooner, other than her voice.

Jessie is practical, street-smart and confident in her abilities, knowing her way around many things and how to take care of herself. Of course, this means that she often doesn't rely on others and instead, tries to deal with just about anything on her own, as much as possible. Her issues are her own to deal with, and, knowing that she can handle a lot of things by herself, hates it when people impose on her and try to help her out, having the impression that needing help is equivalent to being helpless and weak. While she has good practical intelligence, however, she is not at all book-smart or an academic, and isn't the best student. Books bore her in general, and she's prone to skipping out on regular studying and instead, she crams before tests. She's no outright failure at all, but she only does enough to pass the subjects she isn't very interested in.

As mentioned above, Jessie being a goddess means that she partakes in very risky behavior. This of course, extends to smoking and drinking alcohol. Her goddess physiology means that she couldn't get drunk, and thus, drinks heavily and strongly, preferring the hardest of drinks.

History: Odin was a bored god. Well, any god would be bored if they had to sit in Valhalla and make sure everything was going smoothly with the dead. Besides, Frigga was boring him and his loins for a while already, and he needed something different, a change of pace if he could. Hence, he decided to take a well-deserved break and travel to different realms. It was in the gods' realm above the Emerald Isles when he saw her. Long dark hair, a beautiful face stained in blood, a strong body clad in bones and raven feathers, and death in her eyes, the Morrigan was a different species of Death deity altogether, one closer to his own nature, which made him forget about Frigga at that moment. Lust overcame him, and the Morrigan, being unattached herself, reciprocated the action. Though Odin at first, planned to travel to different realms for two weeks, he ended up spending said two weeks with the Morrigan, to the point that they decided that there needed to be more death gods like themselves. However, the two of them needed a mortal to give birth to their offspring. They were gods after all, they were bound to be busy. The Morrigan knew that she wasn't the best mother to take care of a young child, herself. They spent their last day together looking for a suitable surrogate, and found Cassidy MacDougall, a beautiful Irish immigrant who lived in Boston, was a promising art student and had a wealthy fiance named Brian Kelly. Immediately, they went through with conceiving their child, foolhardily forgetting that neither redheaded Cassidy nor Brian had dark hair.

When Cassidy gave birth to a dark-haired young girl, whom she named Jessalyn and who neither resembled Brian nor Cassidy herself, Brian was enraged. He accused her of cheating on him and immediately broke off their engagement. It wasn't only him, however. Her parents told her that they were ashamed of her, and turned her out on the streets without a penny to her name. They removed her from the university she was studying at as well. Now, she could have just abandoned young Jessalyn and easily made her own way in life, but brave Cassidy toughed it out and worked odd jobs to support herself and her baby. When it all became too much for her and when she found herself at wit's end, however, she turned to one of the most powerful Irish crime rings in Boston to seek help. Erik Gallagher, the owner of the local theater, one of its highest-ranking members and an ugly man with burn scars covering half his face, agreed to give her the money, on the condition that she pay it all back with interest after three years. Cassidy promised that she'd do anything, as long as they could help her. So, she received the money alright, and she obtained herself the necessary documents in order to secure a waitressing job. However, over the next three years, she realized that the job didn't pay nearly as much as she needed. Fearing for her child's life, Cassidy decided that she had to leave Boston and hide. However, Erik caught her, and as she did not have the money, he decided to take Jessalyn in instead, assuring Cassidy that there wasn't going to be any more problems if she did. However, Erik lied, and the next day, making sure the child knew nothing, he had his underlings shoot Cassidy dead. Every deal had its price, after all.

Thus, four-year-old Jessalyn, or Jessie as she was more often called, was taken in by Erik and raised as his daughter. As Erik was one of the highest-ranking members of the crime ring, he had a lot of money at his disposal and thus, raised Jessie in comfort for the next few years of her life, without divulging to her the exact nature of his work. Erik initially seemed to be a doting father figure, taking care of her in an uncharacteristically tender manner that seemed so contrary to his face and his notorious reputation. The girl grew up to be strong-willed, stubborn and sociable, enjoying roughhousing and playing outdoors, as well as inside Erik's theater with the male kids of the gang. She also had an oddly macabre taste for someone so young...she took joy in beheading her dolls and playing "funeral" and "hangings", rather than more conventional "playing house" with the female kids, and enjoyed hiding inside the stage trapdoors. In school, while she wasn't the best student (she wasn't an academic), she did get by and managed to have her own friends. She thought at that time, that everything was going to be alright, and life was going to be normal for her. Erik often praised her for her looks, her stubbornness, her skill at pool (he was a very good player and taught her) and the lovely voice she was revealed to have after he caught her singing one of the songs he often listened to. Sometimes, he wished for her to be more feminine and to be less rough around the other kids, as well as less morbid in taste, but he felt that it was a small price to pay for taking in someone who could potentially be an asset to the gang, though the still-naive Jessie did not know about his true plans, nor did she know the truth about what exactly lay under the theater...

Truth be told, Erik was only waiting for the right moment before he could involve Jessie in the gang's crimes as well as make his move on her (creepy and lonely man that he is, he found her hauntingly beautiful even as a child, and her voice just added to her appeal, despite her rough nature), and that moment did come, when Jessie was eleven years old. Right after the end of one of Erik's productions, Jessie noticed that none of the "actors" had emerged and come back, even after forty-five minutes had already passed. Noticing that the last scene involved the main characters disappearing, which meant going down the trapdoor, of course, Jessie decided to take a look for herself, rather than obey Erik's order to wait. Inside the trapdoor, she noticed that what was once a wall that she swore was there before, now opened up to a tunnel, which she then entered. As she passed through its length, she heard voices, some of which were familiar to her - voices whose owners were people who were acting onstage hours earlier, and some which she couldn't put a face to. Though rats skittered past her and cobwebs hung low, Jessie wasn't at all fazed and instead, kept going, almost like a born queen of the underground (maybe the first true hint that she was perhaps, more than human). It was only a matter of time before the passageway opened up into a large underground room, and gathered in there were several people, some of them being the actors who were onstage during the performance, some of them unfamiliar, and most importantly, Erik was among them. Immediately, she knew that this was something she was not meant to see or hear, and that the wise thing to do was to run back and pretend to have not seen anything. Jessie, however, was no coward and instead of turning back, she did the opposite and made her way into the chamber. Erik took a look at her and, instead of yelling at her and making her leave, he smirked and calmed down the others, telling them that everything was alright, and that the girl was eleven - she might as well know the truth and get involved. "What truth? What the hell have you been hiding?" Jessie asked. Erik had been nothing but kind to her, and while she didn't like exactly like raising her voice at the man she considered her father, the thought that he had been keeping a big secret from her was more than a little bothersome. What secret did he have to hide that involved a large, hidden meeting place under his theater? At that moment, a few more people entered the underground chamber coming from the other end, from a tunnel that led to somewhere else. Some of their faces and hands were stained with blood, and they all held firearms, their pockets bulging with things that Jessie suspected she could guess correctly. Before she could say anything, however, Erik assured them that "MacDougall is a strong girl. She'll take to this, alright." While some of the people in the chamber took it as a good thing, others jeered at him with insults that compared him unfavourably to their old boss...that Erik had only half his looks, half a face yet less than half the ability. Later that night, Erik visited her in her bedroom, asking her to come sleep with him for the night. Jessie refused, again asking for answers. Erik placed his hands on her shoulders and told her that because he was a powerful man who had powerful allies, he inevitably had powerful enemies, and that it was only human nature to protect himself. "You do forgive me, do you?" He asked softly, and as Jessie pondered whether to do so, Erik tenderly kissed her on her head and placed a rough finger on her lips momentarily. Jessie looked at him and saw the loneliness and sadness in his dark eyes, the scars and burned flesh that marred the right half of his face, now that he had taken off the realistic half-mask he usually wore. From the time she knew him, she always held pity for him. The underground chamber wasn't the only time Erik's face was brought up; she wasn't deaf after all. And there had to be an explanation why Erik always went off alone, or why his subordinates often dropped things off and called him on the phone, rather than talk to him in person. He had always treated her kindly, always was tender with her...surely there was more beyond the mask he wore and the scars he bore, something that she, at least, saw? She didn't answer him, however, and instead lay down on her bed. Erik switched off the lights, but instead of leaving, he joined her on her bed and held her, kissing her once more, this time on her cheek. "Sing for me, my siren?" He asked, and Jessie sang, her high, clear soprano lulling him to sleep, while she lay with her eyes wide open into the morning.

Thus, beginning a few days later, Erik started to show his "gang leader" side more often around Jessie, as he started to train her to become one of them. It started with small, simple things...learning some lines and some songs, knowing where the underground passageways led to and fighting lessons. Now fighting, she took to very quickly and admittedly loved to do, as she was already a rough-and-tumble child to begin with. Erik decided to add musical productions as part of his theater offerings (in reality, a cover-up for gang activities and meetings), in order to take advantage of Jessie's voice and rather developed looks...he even went so far as to cast her in many of the leading roles of his productions, claiming that only she had the voice to carry them (in reality, this was a way to make sure Jessie was occupied enough not to go do anything stupid that could expose them...twelve-year-olds were loose-lipped after all). By day, she went to school like a seemingly normal girl, but from late afternoon to late night, she had a very different life. Hiding under the trapdoor was no longer a fun pastime, rather, she regularly had to walk through the tunnel and show up, whether to collect and store the illegal substances being brought in, to handle bodies, or to clean up the enforcers and their weapons to remove evidence of their activities. Soon, her tasks gradually into something that rang warning bells in the young girl's head. Suddenly, messages had to be delivered to other places in Boston and even outside the city, mysterious packages had to be smuggled past high-security places and to the hands of strangers in exchange for money, and the girl started to learn how to do things such as create small explosives in Erik's makeshift "laboratory" in his basement, and use firearms. Her fighting lessons grew more brutal, but frankly, that was the thing she was least concerned about. Fighting and being fit was not a bad thing, but she did not enjoy being pushed around like a gopher to do the other things expected of her and she hated how she couldn't ask any questions. She hated being forced to memorize lines and the sense of being owned and held captive that she now felt. It did not help her now-conflicted and tumultuous feelings that the 50-something-year-old Erik had developed a particularly strange interest on her when she was twelve, starting to make subtle advances on the girl, kissing her on the cheek and tender words at first, but quickly moving into kissing her on the lips and asking her to sleep with him. Every night, he would ask her to sing for him, and he even bought her some very odd white outfits - delicate outfits in fine material that looked like a cross between lingerie and a wedding gown - which he had her put on for some nights.

At twelve, she embarked on her first real smuggling operation and at thirteen, she shot her first victim, knew all of the crime ring's secret hideouts and started working as an assistant in the gang's various rolling meth labs, the higher-ranking members often making her work with dangerous substances. What made matters worse, Erik started making actual moves on her when she was nearly fourteen, and actually had his way with her more than a few times. At first, she would allow herself to accept his hugs, kisses and touches, sleep with him in his room, and would oblige to sing for him when he asked, partially because her conflicted feelings included the positive ones she held towards him in his youth, and because part of her still pitied him, and knew the loneliness he felt due to his bad reputation and ugly face. Her actions caused her to be notorious throughout the the crime ring as Erik's alleged "bitch". Being a self-aware individual, however, it only took some months for her to be disgusted with herself as to how low she had gone. Why was she doing this? Why was she allowing her previous impression of Erik to give herself such rotten judgment? Why was she allowing him to use her? Knowing that it was partially her fault, she decided that she didn't want to be Erik's slave any longer. She wasn't a doll, she wasn't a thing. Thus, she began to lock herself in her bedroom, refused to sing to him any longer, and tore up the white dresses he had bought for her and made her wear for numerous occasions, whether in the bedroom or onstage. Gradually, the lingering pity she felt for him turned to hate. Maybe she thought she had seen the real him in the past, thought she could trust him, thought that he deserved her pity and compassion...but now she saw the real Erik, and she wanted him to die. One night, just a little over a month after her fourteenth birthday, she decided that she was going to leave, repercussions be damned. Erik had managed to make her sleep with him and sing him to sleep once more. Boldly, she pulled herself away from his arms and grabbed the gun that he kept under his pillow. Noticing that it was unloaded, she instead, bashed it on Erik's head several times, waking him up but also causing several head wounds that made him bleed. She kept going on until he was unconscious, before pulling herself out of the window and landing on the snow; the first snow of the season. She rationalized that even criminals needed their sleep, before heading for the direction of the cemetery, knowing very well that there were no hideouts in there. On her way, however, she got exhausted and rested against a street lamp. She wanted to take a breather before continuing on to the graveyard, but someone approached her before she could leave. It was a boy, a couple of years older than herself, who recognized her as the new star of Erik's theater. He introduced himself as Raoul, and wondered aloud why she was out alone in the middle of the night and in the cold. He asked all this with a sunny smile, which caused Jessie to snap at him, telling him to mind his own business. Raoul didn't give up, however, and instead chuckled as he heard her mutter "bastard" under her breath. This caused Jessie to briefly smile at him, before telling him that she had to leave. Raoul again asked her why she was in such a state, and Jessie only cryptically replied "Trust me, you don't want to know. The less you know, the better," before taking off.

Jessie sat alone in the graveyard, once more cursing Erik's name under her breath and muttering how she hoped that he bled out and died from his wounds. No tears fell from her face. In the morning, she was going to leave Boston once and for all and start a new life. She looked old enough, she was tall enough, and she had of course, seen enough in order to pass as a plausible young adult. She felt an initially cool feeling in her chest that gradually expanded and grew icier, before almost...exploding. Her hatred and her desire for Erik's death, as well as the deaths of all the others, she thought. She did not notice, however, that the soil in the graveyard began to stir. Soon, skeletal limbs poked out of the ground and pulled up their equally skeletal bodies. She only did notice when she heard clattering and footsteps grow closer to her. When she looked up and saw some skeletons come to her, she was at first, a bit surprised, but she somehow found their presence strangely comforting. Well, anyone was better company than Erik, but then again, anyone would find the company of walking skeletons terrifying...yet there she was, unafraid and almost familiar with them, and she didn't know why? Did she raise them up? No one else was at the graveyard. Curious, she strode over to the far side of the cemetery and stood in front of a closed grave. She placed her hand over it and focused. Again, the icy feeling expanded, and moments later, something grasped her hand. She looked and saw a skeletal hand and wrist, confirming her suspicions. At that moment, she heard another set of footsteps, this time without the clattering, coming from behind her. She tensed, and immediately, the skeletons and bodies she raised closed in on her, as if to protect her from the intruder. She looked back and saw someone familiar, though his head was bandaged crudely. Erik, she realized, as her face hardened and her green eyes narrowed. He had seen her, alright...but that did mean that he was going to dump her or kill her, right? She was wrong. Erik's mouth had curled into a smile as he pushed aside some of the skeletons and knelt in front of her. Rather than being afraid, Erik was impressed that she had such power, and frankly, he was also pleased. Now he knew he had some form of leverage over her, and with a girl with such powers on his side, perhaps one of those god-children often whispered about, everyone would respect him and fear him. His subordinates would stop making fun of him, and he was going to be powerful. Jessie asked him why he was at the graveyard, and Erik calmly replied that he had eyes all over the city, and that he saw exactly what she did. He then taunted her that they did live in the state where the witch trials once took place. Jessie spat, then told him to kill her, then. Being dead and free was better than being alive and his tool. Erik, however told her that no, it was such a waste of perfectly good powers, a perfectly good voice and a perfectly good face to kill her. "Come back with me, my siren, and I'll forgive you for your moment of weakness," he told her as he put his arms around her, a gesture which Jessie resisted. He knew how to make his little rebel comply, however, and his bargaining chip came in the form of the boy his subordinate had seen earlier, the one who had talked to Jessie. "What has Raoul done to you anyway? He's just a boy!" Jessie demanded. Erik shrugged, commenting that it was very easy to harm Raoul and perhaps, even easier to kill him. Jessie reluctantly agreed, but not before laying down her own terms. She was going to live in her own small apartment, she was going to spend her leisure time doing what she wanted and he was going to produce some false papers with her age bumped up a few years. Unbeknownst to them, Raoul, having followed Erik, heard everything from his hiding place close to the entrance of the cemetery, and he was terrified for Jessie, now understanding what she meant.

Two years passed, and Jessie began to discover more of her capabilities, which she deliberately hid from Erik as she realized that she was more than a Necromancer. What Necromancer could summon a scythe from nowhere? And then there was another...when she thought enough about it, she found that her hands could absorb any person's life force...which she used to her advantage, sparring with many of her higher-ups and winning, earning the ire of said men, which was what she wanted. She even used her newfound powers to stop Erik from interfering with her life on more than a few occasions, knocking him out cold, whether by using her enhanced strength, or draining him of his energy, allowing her to shirk off his tasks...she knew he couldn't do anything except threaten her. She dropped out of high school after her first year, deciding that there would be plenty of time for it once she got herself out. Instead, she used her falsified documents to take a bartending job - her height and developed looks allowing her to pass off as an adult. During nights when she wasn't being forced to sing in one of Erik's productions, attend meetings or carry out tasks, she worked and hustled in order to earn her own money to make a life for herself. She even defied some of Erik's orders in order to hustle instead. Such things made her feel more unrestricted, more free to live. In time, she bought her own motorcycle, giving her more freedom to get around (and frankly, to get away from riding in Erik's car). She saw Raoul more often, and the two of them grew close. Now that he knew of her predicament, he wasn't surprised by many things any longer, and Jessie seemed a bit happier at least. They grew closer, to the point that Jessie trusted him with the secret that only she and Erik knew. Turned out Raoul had seen what happened, and he promised to protect her from Erik. Jessie scoffed, telling him that she was entirely capable of taking care of herself, and Raoul simply answered by telling her that she needed to trust someone, at least one person, and assured her that he could be that person. She relented, and he became her confidante, and later on they entered a relationship. She knew that she had one objective, and that was to escape, however, and she never forgot about it...even if it meant letting go of Raoul to keep him out of danger.

One night, when she returned from a particularly messy job, two people were waiting for her in her small apartment. One of them was a strongly-built man with one blind eye, and the other was a dark-haired woman dressed all in black and blood red, a woman who looked quite a lot like Jessie herself. Jessie asked who they were, and they introduced themselves as Odin and the Morrigan, her parents. Unamused at what sounded like a joke, Jessie shook her head, telling them that she knew that her mother's name was Cassidy and that she died twelve years ago. Odin and the Morrigan began to explain, and when she heard the truth, Jessie was angry at them. Why were they so careless? Why did they not care when she ended up living with a monster? The Morrigan, however, countered "And didn't you end up strong because of it?" Odin nodded, and admitted to Jessie that they had indeed been careless, but she wasn't going to be a weak-willed goddess for sure. They always looked out for her, they said, yet they also wanted her to know life, because to understand life is an important thing for a deity of Death. Jessie was unconvinced. She had been lied to all her life, and anyone could come up to her doorstep and claim they were gods. She demanded proof, and immediately, the Morrigan got up, grabbed one of Jessie's pistols and fired it at her heart. Jessie collapsed, fully expecting to die...but she didn't. She got up a minute later, and Odin placed his hand over the wound, which healed it. Jessie placed her hand over it, knowing this was proof. She was not a necromancer...she was a goddess, and Erik really didn't know what he was in for. "That's it, I really am leaving. I'm through with that son of a bitch Erik Gallagher," she said as she began packing her essentials. Odin stopped her, however, telling her to remember that sometimes, the things she hated could hold great power, and that she should never forget it. He also told her that there was a school, a place where she could go to reach her full potential, a place for ones like her. They knew that she had dropped out after finishing her first year in a local school, so they decided that she was going to start as a sophomore for the new school year. Jessie said that she had to deal with a certain someone first, however. She knew that choosing not to confront her personal demon would not set her free.

A week after the incident, Jessie was once again onstage at Erik's theater, dressed in one of Erik's dreaded white dresses and performing her new role as the siren Lorelei in his new musical production, a production which he claimed, he wrote with her in mind. He had reminded her to head to the underground chamber after her last scene - it was imperative, otherwise, she was going to regret it. However, the sight of someone made her forget about Erik's threats altogether, reminding her that she knew and trusted someone. Raoul was in the front row of the audience, smiling at her as he held a red rose in his hand. As Jessie finished the final notes of her last song and descended down the trapdoor on cue, she did not make her way towards the tunnel. Rather, she ascended the steps heading for backstage, then out to the wings of the stage itself. Raoul was waiting for her, and she made her way towards him and hugged him, accepting the rose. Jessie divulged to him her plan to really leave for good, and this time, Raoul understood, the scene he had witnessed two years earlier never entirely leaving his mind. As she predicted, Erik showed up after some time, grabbed Raoul and began to beat him up, furious that he dared show his face. Jessie saw red and black...what had Raoul done? Erik on the other hand, did not deserve to live, not after all he had done. At that moment, she understood what Odin had told her a week ago, and she told Raoul to leave the theater, assuring him that this was her own business, and that he should forget about her if he wanted to stay alive in Boston. She then grabbed Erik by his collar and punched him numerous times, each punch draining more and more of his life force until he was weak enough to let go of Raoul. The weakened older man taunted her despite his state, pointing out that she wouldn't kill him...she wouldn't dare, not after all he had done for her. All she did was drag him far enough away from Raoul, shove him up roughly by the shoulders. She then began to sing a haunting aria, one that arrested Erik so much that he did not move. As she sang, his eyes fluttered closed and he smiled as his body grew limp, and at the end of it, his heart had stopped and he breathed no longer. Exhausted, Jessie dragged herself away. It was over. She was free.

Now a senior at Ichor Institute, Jessie has a bad reputation and often gets into a lot of trouble for breaking rules, starting fights and having issues with authority. She isn't a popular student thanks to her general hostility towards many people, her image, choices of activities, rebellious behavior and her less-than-stellar grades. Her tendency to call teachers by their first names rather than with their proper titles only serve to fuel the rumors that she sleeps with her teachers to get passing grades - even though in reality, she doesn't like sleeping with much older people in general. Some gods have also expressed contempt towards her when she actually chose to befriend a few non-gods. She's no academic - being a crammer and her grades being borderline passing, and preferring to partake in risky, daring activities outside school, such as drag racing, gambling, drinking and taking bets rather than study or join clubs. She even smokes and smuggles alcohol into the campus on occasion, reasoning out that for gods, alcohol is water anyway. As of recently, some of the higher-ups have been very concerned about her standing, and urged her to join some clubs. Reluctantly, she chose some sports clubs as well as one of the darker magic clubs. For some reason, however, she refuses to join Theater or the glee club...

- Loves dogs, is not a cat person.
- She's a soprano, not an alto...which makes her even more ashamed of her singing voice!
- Her favorite color is obviously black.
- For some time already, she's been asking Odin and the Morrigan when her strongest Death power would manifest elsewhere other than her voice. Both of them laugh it off, telling her that once she becomes stronger, it would manifest in other forms.
- Always caught breaking curfew.
- Is often rumored to be sleeping with several teachers. Her insistence to call her teachers by their first names does not help matters.
- Currently rides a Ducati 1299 Panigale with a custom paint job - black with heavy metal motifs.
- Though she doesn't seem like it, she's bisexual.
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Internet Overlord
I'd like to bring back Lex

Name: Lex Peterson
Gender: Fluid - Lex was born male, but can, and does, changes gender at will.
Age: 17
Year: Third

Class: God
Domain: God of Chaos
- Shape-shifting, Lex can change form at will, most often just changing his/her gender. But he can also change his general appearance and take on the forms of animals both real and mythical.
- Transmutation, Lex is currently only able to transmute small objects (bowling ball sized and smaller), into other objects by touching them. He can also do this somewhat randomly, only tapping an object and allowing it to shift into whatever, rather then actively holding it and willing it to become something specific.
- Parseltongue, Lex can communicate with serpents and similar creatures. Most are not very sophisticated or engaging though.
- Discord Aura, Lex's mere presence can cause strife in those around him. However it's not very strong and will generally only affect weaker beings (aka mortals), unless he actually concentrations on doing so (and yes, I will get permission before using it on anyone's char).

Parents: Eris and Loki
- The two met while each was off avoiding their own pantheons. Loki's technically married, but as you may know, he's a known cheater.


In his usual form, Lex is tall and slender, with well toned muscles. As a god it doesn't take much to maintain this physique, and being able to shape-shift doesn't hurt either. His skin in quite fair and he has long wavy dirty-blonde hair framing a nice rectangular face with bit of a heroic lantern jaw. His eyes are heterochromatic, mismatched, one being a dark hazel, and the other being a slightly green blue.

Typically Lex wears dark blue jeans held up with a simple black leather belt, and a fitted white or black tank-top, under a large purple zip-up hooded sweatshirt. His usual shoes are black and purple sneakers with green laces. He hates socks and usually doesn't wear them, though he's aware many people find this gross. He also wears a gold bracelet on his right wrist, with an apple shaped charm, a gift from his 'real' mother.

His extended wardrobe contains many pieces that are very feminine or masculine, usually having been bought in the moment. He doesn't worry about gender rules or standards, because as he sees it, they don't apply to him, so it's not improbable that he'll show up to class one day in male form wearing a lacy pink dress.

Lex's personality is shaped both by a spoiled conservative upbringing and the recent revelation that he's a god, albeit one of a class other gods seem to look down on. This makes him very conflicted in some ways, but he tries not to focus on that. He just wants to be himself right now.

Though spoiled and socially awkward, Lex is not unkind. He can be fairly selfish, plus he likes watching things burn, but he's a good friend to those he deems worthy. It's hard to tell who he would deem worthy though, looking at his friends you'd think his standards are all over the place. He likes different people for different reasons and doesn't see anything wrong with that.

Aware that as a full god there's an expectation for him to be a bit of a snob, but also knowing that Chaos Gods are generally looked down upon by other gods, who like order (or at least their version of it), he's kind of conflicted about how he's supposed to feel about other gods, demi-gods, and mortals. Generally he'd rather just like people for who they are, assuming they're likeable people of course. His surrogate parents and nanny are mortal after all, and he loves them. He's not as close to his bio/god parents, but he doesn't know them as well either.

His tendency to create havoc can be a detriment to getting people to like him however. While his Discord Aura doesn't generally work on his classmates, he's not above setting up some pranks or randomly changing objects to see what kind of reaction he gets. Honestly, it's just too much fun to give up just to avoid hurting sensitive people's feelings. Aside from coming by it naturally, his spoiled upbringing didn't instill a lot of fear of consequences in him. His surrogate father usually paid his way out when he got into bigger trouble.

Romantically Lex struggles a bit. He's bisexual, liking both girls and boys, despite having been raised with the expectation that he should like just girls. But more importantly, he struggles with the worry about how potential partners will react to his shape-shifting, not just in terms of rejection, but also in terms of fearing they'll want him to be something he doesn't want to be (like how his surrogate mom dyes her hair for his dad, but more extreme).

Once there were two gods. Gods of Chaos. They were not terribly in love, but they were rejected often enough to find comfort in each other while out avoiding their respective pantheons. And at some point it seemed like a good idea to have a child. Maybe good isn't the right word. As gods of chaos, it probably seemed more like fun.

But they would need a mortal to deliver and raise the baby, or at least they wanted one. After all, they were kind of busy. Well, maybe busy isn't the right word. . . But anyways, they picked a mortal who didn't look busy. The trophy wife of a childless CEO for a major law firm. The surrogate parents merely assumed their protection had failed and started preparing for the new arrival. It wasn't something they were planning for, but they were more then well enough off to provide for a child and thankfully wouldn't consider the other option, being very conservative.

Nine months later an adorable baby boy was born. His blue eye and hair color were a bit of a surprise, since the CEO had black hair, and his wife's was only dyed blonde, but considering blue eyes and blonde hair are recessive, it didn't seem improbable that this boy was genetically theirs. And everyone who meet the young child was instantly charmed and doted on him.

Raised mostly by his mother and a part-time nanny, Lex led a privileged life. He'd occasionally get into trouble, it was kind of thrilling really, but not anything a bit of cash couldn't sort out, from breaking into a neighbor’s private pool to sort-of-accidentally setting the school's bus on fire (he's been enrolled in private schools since kindergarten). He had all the latest toys and gadgets, and was treated to expensive vacations and brand-name/gourmet food. It truly was a charmed life.

That was, until his powers started to manifest. He knew his body was supposed to change as he got older, but, oh, not like this. He was pretty sure you weren't supposed to change gender or grow patches of fur and scales. Super confused and rather embarrassed, especially having been raised around conservative gender values, he started wearing baggy/bulky clothes, avoiding physical contact, and hiding a lot while he tried to figure out what triggered the transformations. To add the stress, everyone around him seemed to randomly break out into arguments, threatening his happy home with the possibility of the beloved nanny being fired and/or his surrogate parents splitting up.

For the first time he understood fear. Not the adrenaline rush of running away from the owner of a house that he and his friends had egged, but the true worry and dread that comes with the fear of an uncertain future.

It was then that his real parents visited for the first time, officially at least. They explained to him and the family what he was, and what was happening to him. They also let him know that even though he never recognized them, they check in on him over the years. In a way Lex felt very betrayed, but in another comforted. His life seemed like a lie, but it was a good lie, and an extra set of parents had been looking out for him all along, even though he didn't realize it. The revelation did not meld well with some of his conservative surrogate parent's beliefs, but they still loved him and once they were calm enough to consider it, they wanted him to pursue his potential. So it was decided, that once he wa old enough, he'd start at Ichor. Now on his 3rd year, Lex has learned a lot, but socially, things are still kind of awkward.

Other: Um. . . I got nothing.
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Monster Guy

Fairy type Trainer
Name: André Bellamy
Gender: Male
Age: 18
Year: Fourth

Class: God
Domain: Love

Enhanced physiology: Being a god, André's physiology is naturally stronger, faster, and more durable than an average human or Demigod.

Amokinesis: André has the ability to control the emotion of love and desire. With this ability, he can attract others simply by walking by, as well as manipulate the love of people, animals and other creatures, and detect love within others. It is resistable.

Charmspeak: Using his voice, André is able to influence others to do what he wants. People with strong wills or intentions are unaffected, and the more powerful the being, the stronger their resistance.

Divine Beauty: Gods are naturally beautiful, but André is even more so. Not only is he perceived as being beautiful by anyone gazes upon him no matter how he may look at any given time. He can attract people regardless of gender or orientation. Under it's full influence, people become fully intoxicated by his beauty and find him irresistible. People are willing to do things for him to make him happy. These effects can last after he's stopped using it, but they will snap out of it. Especially if they didn't like him before. It even affects people through the TV/Movie screen.

Love Blast: André can generate explosions of beautiful pink love energy, so he's not totally useless in a fight. Power of love yo!

True Love Sight: André can show visions to others of whatever it is they love and/or desire most.

Parents: Aphrodite (Greek Goddess of Love and Beauty) and Aengus (Celtic God of Love and Youth)


Appearance: André is a tall and slender young man, standing at exactly six feet. Although he doesn't like to do so, he exercises a little bit so that he doesn't look like a fat slob, and is physically fit and toned as a result. He doesn't spend too much time in the sun, so he has a fair complexion. He keeps his blond hair short, and neatly styled at all times. There is never a hair out of place. André is a quintessential pretty-boy. He has soft facial features, that some would consider feminine. He has a heart shaped face, a small nose, and large, baby blue, almond shaped eyes, that have fairly long eyelashes attached to them. He claims are his eyes are one of his best features. His mouth is usually in some kind of smile, which shows off his perfectly white teeth. Except for his hair and eyebrows, he has no hair on his upper body. He's also pierced his earlobes so he can wear earrings.

André is very much into fashion. He likes expensive designer clothing, and he usually dresses more formally than most people his age. Being famous, he has a certain reputation to uphold, so he makes sure to look his best wherever he goes. His fancy wardrobe mostly consists of button down dress shirts, vests, trousers, dress shoes, as well as the occasional tie and blazer. He always keeps his clothes neat and tidy. It is rare to see him in a simple T-shirt and jeans. His wardrobe contains a lot of different colors, but pink is by far his favorite. These days, André wears all pink from head to toe. His current outfit consists of a frilly pink dress shirt that fits him well. In place of a tie, he wears an elaborate necklace made from pink pearls. On top of that he wears a magenta trenchcoat. He also wears a gold and diamond studded timepiece around the right wrist, and a pink diamond cuff bracelet around the left wrist. A pink diamond ring on a pink band sits on his right ring finger. On the bottom he wears tight magenta trousers held up by a fuchsia leather belt with a gold buckle. His choice of footwear include a pair of fuchsia dress shoes with bright pink spats on them. He accessorizes this with his signature pink beret on his head that has a magenta heart barrette attached to it, and a pair of pink diamond stud earrings decorating his ears. He carries around a pink heart shaped messenger bag that has a magenta ribbon tied into a bow attached to it, and he wears a pair of pink cat's-eye sunglasses, with diamond studded rims.

André has developed a taste for diamonds and gemstones. He will often be seen wearing various pieces of jewelry, regardless of whether it was intended for a man or not. He enjoys experimenting with fashion, and likes trying out many different things including wearing women's clothing, wigs, and sometimes make-up. He feels women get nicer clothes than men do, and it lets him get away with wearing more jewelry than a man can. He can pass for a convincing woman when he's all made up. He often wears rose scented perfume.

Personality: André has tastes that are usually considered feminine. His favorite color is pink, and a lot of his things are pink and have hearts on them. He likes fashion, and he has a taste for cute things, and he's not really embarrassed by it. He really doesn't understand why so many boys have an issue with guys liking that kind of thing. He just guesses it's because they're insecure about their own masculinity. André is very obsessed with beauty and looking good. As a movie star, he feels he has to maintain a certain image, and because people don't want to be friends with an ugly person. He always makes sure he is perfectly groomed before leaving the house, and as such it takes him a while to get ready in the morning. Because he puts so much effort into looking good, he hates getting dirty, as it ruins all the work he put in.

He really values his relationships. He doesn't like to be alone, so he goes to great lengths to make friends and fans everywhere he goes. He often attends parties to meet new people. For the same reason, he also likes love and romance, and as such he comes across as a flirt. He openly hits on people (he's openly bisexual, so guys as well as girls) he considers to be attractive, though he is usually more polite about it then most guys, because he is genuinely looking for a relationship. He is very touchy-feely in his flirting, and openly expresses affection through hugs, kisses, caressing, and other forms of touching. He enjoys it when people respond in the same way. He also likes pairing people up who he thinks would make a good couple, regardless of gender and orientation, and jokingly teasing the two involved.

He can be charming and manipulative when he wants to be. He uses his charm, charisma, and the occasional bribe to get what he wants from people. He knows just what to say to win people over, which sometimes helps him get his way in many situations. While he is polite and well-mannered, and typically acts friendly towards others, he treats people like objects to make himself feel better. He can be self-centered, and disregards how other people feel and what they need if it's not benefiting him somehow. It's not something he does consciously, it's just how he is. He was brought up believing that people's affections can be bought, and it's worked out for him so far.

Having become used to being given whatever he wants, André has been spoiled by wealth. He has an appreciation for the finer things in life. He wears expensive clothes, gets driven around in fancy cars, takes exotic vacations, and freely spends money like it grows on trees. He is very generous with his money, since he has so much of it, trading a a few dollars for something better is no problem. He's also found it much easier to woo people with money. He especially enjoys being famous, and being adored by many. He doesn't mind the craziness that comes with being a celebrity either, saying it is only a small price to pay for all the benefits of fame. He believes that bad publicity is still publicity, as long as people are talking about you, then that's all that matters. André has always been accustomed to life on top. His worst fear is losing it all, whether that be ruining his movie career, or losing his hard earned friends.

History: Aphrodite was known for having affairs with anyone she found interesting. She didn't just limit herself to Gods either. If they were decently attractive, she would have affairs with mortals as well. One day she traveled across realms, and met Aengus. Not only was he handsome, he was loved the concept of love just as much as she did. The two had an affair the second they met. They soon decided to have a child together. After all, the world could always use more love, and what better way to do that than to sire an heir that would take over their domain. All they needed was a surrogate mother to have the child, and raise it. After all, Aphrodite had plenty of her own children, and she wasn't in the mood to raise more children, or go through godly pregnancy.

They soon found their surrogate. Michelle LeBeau, a well known french socialite and actress. She was a tabloid fixture known as much for her love life, and party girl lifestyle, as she was for her acting ability. She had flings with men, women, anybody she found interesting. One day, Michelle wound up pregnant. She assumed the Charles Bellamy, another famous french actor was the father, and made plans to marry him, after receiving advice from her publicist that marrying an equally famous star, and having his child, could help her career if the story was spun properly. However before the wedding took place, two people paid her a visit, and told her the truth. They explained that she was really Aphrodite and the man was Aengus, and that the baby was in fact theirs. Michelle couldn't believe it, but the two Gods demonstrated some of her abilities for the other woman, and she was convinced that this was the truth. They were perfectly fine with letting Michelle marry Charles, and pass him off as the father. However before she left, they warned Michelle their child would have to learn the truth eventually. She told her that her son would develop godlike abilities, and when that happens, she won't be able to keep that secret for long. At the time, she didn't think too much about it. She had a wedding and a baby shower to plan.

Michelle and Charles Bellamy became even bigger stars once they got married, and had their son, which they named André. The sold the rights to their baby's first photos to a tabloid for a substantial amount of money, and both of them were offered a lot more film roles than before. They became a Hollywood power couple. This meant that André was born in the lap of luxury. However, due to his parents being famous actors, and therefore often busy, Andre rarely ever saw them. He was also homeschooled for a while, and was rarely able to leave the house. He felt lonely being in a big empty mansion with only caretakers that were too busy to keep the kid entertained. His only real form of companionship was a man and woman who claimed to be an aunt and uncle. It was strange that they only visited when his parents weren't home, but he didn't much care, they were lots of fun, and the they all got along great. André's parents brought him expensive toys to make up for their frequent absence. For a while the shiny new toy would make him feel less lonely, but soon he would get bored of it, and the loneliness came back. He thought something better would solve the problem. When his parents announced a new trip, the young boy cried, and of course, his parents brought him a new, better, more expensive gift once they got back. The same thing happened, it would make him feel good for a while, but soon he'd get bored again. He would continue to ask and receive more and more expensive things throughout his childhood. It was great, and André grew accustomed to wealth and having anything he wanted on a whim. It was nice, but it still wasn't enough, the bad feelings still didn't go away.

At some point, his parents thought it was a good idea for him to start interacting with other kids, so they enrolled him in a private school. When André started going to school, and meeting other people his age, he got a lot of attention from them due to the fancy toys he had that they didn't have themselves, as well as being the son of two Movie Stars. At recess, every kid wanted to play with him, and André found it very easy to make friends. Being with others made him feel just as good, if not better, than opening up a brand new toy. It was then he thought that if new toys won't help, then maybe people will. He made lots and lots of friends, and André was happy for a while. Soon his family had to move away, and André was transferred to a new school. Having lost all the friends he made, André was upset for a while, but he soon worked to make new friends in this new place, and he was happy again. Then his parents moved once more, and the cycle continued. He was never truly content though, because he always had to leave all his friends behind.

André's natural charisma was not something that went unnoticed by Michelle. Other kids seemed to hang on to André's every word, and did whatever he asked them to. André himself didn't think too much about it, but Michelle did remember her Aphrodite's words to her. When André was thirteen, André's family decided to move to Hollywood full time. There, his parents encouraged their son to follow in their footsteps, and become an actor himself. They put him in acting classes, and used their connections within the industry to pull a few strings, and get him a starring role in a major film. He didn't want to do this at first, but did it anyway to please his parents. While making the movie, he came to enjoy being on a movie set, and acting. When his first movie went to theaters, and became a box-office success, he enjoyed all the fame and attention it brought him. Or more specifically, he liked all the adoring fans. He got a lot of positive reviews from critics who praised his charisma and screen presence. He also enjoyed the piles of money, expensive things, and all the glamour that being a movie star brings. He decided he wanted to pursue a film career.

When he was 14, something strange happened one day while André was on a film set. Filming had wrapped for the day. André flirtatiously blew a kiss at one of his fellow actors. He knew the guy was straight, but he enjoyed teasing him anyway. André couldn't believe what happened next. The guy suddenly dropped what he was doing, and started passionately making out with the guy he was with. His best friend. André laughed out loud at the sight. He found the situation funny, but strange at the same time. Regardless, he quickly brushed it off.

The strangeness didn't end there. Suddenly other people in the room started making out with whoever was nearby. It wasn't long before everyone in the room was in the throes of passion. André did find this odd. Had he done this? How? But at the same time, he couldn't help enjoying the sight of everyone making out, and finding it hilarious. Eventually, the effects did wear off. When it did, new relationships had formed and others ended. Some people even came out as gay.

Shortly after that incident, André got a letter in the mail, stating he had been accepted into Ichor Institute, which was strange, because André hadn't enrolled at any school yet. Just then, the two people who claimed to be an aunt and uncle who had spent so much time with him in his younger years, came over for a visit when Michelle and Charles were home, and once again they revealed themselves as Gods. They explained to young André that they were his biological parents, not Michelle and Charles. Michelle was forced to confirm the truth of this statement, which of course upset Charles. Aphrodite also revealed that she was the one that enrolled André at Ichor Institute so that he can learn the abilities that come with being a God.

And that's how André came to the Institute. Despite being a student, he still decided to pursue a film career, and would make films while also attending school. He learned the extent of his powers, which helped him achieve much of his success. After doing that for a few years, he became as famous and successful as his parents. He is often chased by Papparazzi and crazed fans, and he is also often the subject of ridiculous rumors in gossip magazines. Usually, they involve him spending absurd amounts of money on something lavish, being seen at a party, or romance rumors with various other celeberties. (Not long after hitting puberty, he discovered how attractive people were, and the joys of love. Although he's dated around a lot, he's never had a serious romantic relationship, much to his disappointment.) He doesn't mind all the craziness that much. As long as he has all his adoring fans, then all is well. He also became a popular student at the institute.

André has everything now, devoted fans, a luxurious life, and piles of money at his disposal. Despite this, he still isn't satisfied, but he wasn't sure what to do to fix the problem. Now on his fourth and final year of school, he decided to take a break from making movies, and focus on being a student full-time, and figure things out.
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"Just remember the Symfora are the villains and you'll likely end up killing an NPC or even a player character depending on the circumstances." i mean yeah that's nico's porpoise in life so we good :3

Name: Nani Maheo'a
Gender: Female
Age: 18
Year: Fourth

Class: Goddess
Domain: Water [Oceans, Rivers, and Lakes]
Kanaloa and Hina, Hawai'ian god and goddess of the Ocean and the Moon, respectively.
- Enhanced Physical Condition: Being a God, her physical body is stronger, faster, and more durable than a normal mortal. While her speed is nothing to write home about, she is incredibly strong and agile, more so due to her upbringing.
--- Further Enhanced Water... Stuff: When she is in contact or in the presence of water, she is even stronger, more durable, and gains a certain sense of clarity. If. That makes sense.
- Hydrokinesis: Simply put, she's a water bender. She can direct water as she pleases, regardless of the form or volume. Of course, more water requires more strength and concentration, but she is still capable of incredible feats without exerting too much energy. She is capable of changing water from one state to another, though this is really only used from solid to liquid. She can use this to create things out of water, either by heightening the water tension or freezing it. It's much easier to just use plain water that's nearby, but she can pull water from the air if need be. She is also able to manipulate anything with a water base: this includes plants, certain paints, certain poisons, blood, celery, and others.
--- Note: her skills are tied to her emotions. The calmer she is, the more control she has. If she happens to lose her temper, she can exert great power, but loses a degree of control. Think Katara and the iceberg.
- Breath of the Water: Nani is an incredibly strong swimmer. She is proficient in all kinds of swimming technique, and together with her natural strength and a little bit of hydrokinesis, can achieve high speeds under water. She does not need to come up to breathe, as she is able to breathe under water. If she wanted to, she could live underwater. She also doesn't really have to drink water, she's good. Permanently hydrated. Am I using this RP to live out my dream of being impeccably hydrated? You can bet your great aunts undies I am.
- Communication: She can communicate to creatures of the water. They're all her friends! They all treat her pretty nice, as even the most prickly regard her as the lord of their domain. (Okay, maybe not nice, but at least cordially.)
- Sailing Skills: As a goddess of the ocean, she has an innate knowledge of any ship she's on. Her favorite is a canoe, by the way. She also has perfect bearings while on the ocean, and near-perfect bearings while on land.
- Water Bending Healing: Nani can pull a Katara and heal herself and others with water.
- Failsafe Thing From Dying Or Whatever: Nani's blood is basically ocean water at this point. If she's wearing down and her body is like Holy Smokes Things Are Bad, her body itself starts turning into a kind of water somewhere between a solid and a liquid. You can cut through it, but it will just squeloop back together. Trust me, that is definitely a real word.


Nani is quite beautiful. Her skin is a sun-kissed bronze, and she has a tendency to get even darker during the summer as she doesn't burn. She has an oval face, and overall softness that radiates serenity. Her eyes are big, bright, and a lovely dark brown, decorated with long, dark eyelashes. She has a cute button nose, and lips that are usually drawn in a wide smile. Her hair cascades down to her hips, long, thick, wavy, and a beautiful raven color. She often leaves it down, but she always has a hairband or two around her wrist in case she wants to put it up in a messy bun. She's an average height, only about 5'6", but she has a strong and curvy build to her. Her breasts are pretty average, at a 32C, but she does have a bit of hip to her. Her thighs are thick and strong, though being a goddess does not necessarily prevent her from the dreaded chub rub. She has toned biceps, forearms, and calves, and does a bit of showing off when she gets a chance. (Honestly, if you're having trouble thinking of her body type, think Nani Pelekai or Moana.) She has pierced ears, and wears a wide variety of earrings. She also has a tribal tattoo on her right arm, spanning her shoulder to her elbow, colored a deep ocean blue.

She has a wide variety of clothing to choose from, all of them tropical. Underneath her clothes she is almost always wearing a bikini top, her favorite being a bright blue top that exposes her sternum. She's always wearing shorts of some kind. She throws on whatever top works when she needs to wear an actual shirt, all of them loose and flowy. Tank tops and crop tops are also favorite options for Nani. Occasionally, when the mood hits her, she'll wear a light flowing dress or a floral mumu over her regular bikini wear. (She's pretty much always ready for an ocean/lake/bathroom day, really.) She is almost always wearing some sort of flower crown, and she has a variety to choose from, varying in colors, sizes, and floral arrangements. A towel tied around her hips is also a popular accessory for her, as well as various anklets. Nani doesn't like shoes very much, and really only wears sandals if she has to. She doesn't show skin to be scandalous or sexy or whatever, she was raised in the islands, that's just how she dresses.

Personality: Nani is bright and loud and fun-loving. She tries her best to be as bright and sunny as she can, bringing light to people's lives is her mission. She has an infectious giggle and a smile to match. She has a large circle of friends, and is always trying to make it even bigger. She can be a bit of a sass, but doesn't mean for anyone to get hurt. Just poking a little fun. She cares for people, probably more than she should, but this results in her getting a little nosy at times. She has an optimistic view of life, even to the point of naivety sometimes. Nani wants to see the world as she sees the ocean -- full of beauty, full of life, full of love. She always means well, but sometimes that doesn't work out in her favor. Let it be said that she isn't an airhead -- just optimistic. She is strong and sharp, she just wants to see a smile on everyone's faces.

Nani loves the ocean and the arts and her culture. She loves swimming and surfing, and admittedly misses the fantastic waves of Hawai'i. She is a talented dancer, she grew up learning how to hula, and that grace and control in her body radiates into everything she does. She also enjoys music, and while she does like western music, she will always have a special place in her heart for the music of her people. She has a beautiful voice, and she plays the guitar and ukulele along with it. She isn't much for visual arts, drawing has never been her strong point (mostly because she's never practiced it). She loves animals, both in water and on land. Her favorites are cats and stingrays, and she's happy that she's able to converse with at least one of them. She loves to cook and bake and eat, especially cupcakes. She does love a good Hawai'ian luau, another thing she misses, but she's happy to make her traditional food for her friends.

Nani is very prideful. She's self confident, but sometimes that can come back to bite her. She can be spiteful too, if you tell he she can't do something, dammit, she'll do it just to prove that she can! She's firey and feisty, the problem comes when she lets it run away with her. Going back to her culture, she hates it when people try to stereotype her as just an island girl. She hates disrespect to the home she loves. She won't let any haole tell her about her culture. Sometimes she feels that she has to do more to prove herself, that she's not just any girl, she is Nani Mahelo'a and she will kick your ass. Her temper runs hot and high. Her tenacity to get what she wants can get her in trouble, and she struggles keeping a balance between what she wants and what other people wants. She walks a borderline of being selfish and being a doormat, and struggles to find the happy medium.

Nani is beauty and grace. On her good days, she is as warm as a tropical breeze, as bright as the Hawai'ian sun. She is a being full of love and light, and will sacrifice everything if it's for the greater good. She longs for a world where everyone is kind to each other. She can be blissfully optimistic, and it can take an anchor to bring her back down to earth, but Nani really does mean well. She loves to explore, and she loves dragging others into her explorations in the name of bonding. She is spontaneous and loves a good random adventure at 2:00 in the morning because hey, sounds like fun! She is good, bright, and friendly, and she has a lot of love to give.

History: Nani was born to Lani and Kekau Mahaloa... sort of. Lani was barren, and the two accepted that they likely would never have children. They lived in Honolulu, Oahu, right on the coast. One night, as Lani was walking along the ocean, she saw a man and a woman emerge from the ocean, arm in arm, and something bright in the woman's arm. They explained (somewhat bluntly) that they were Kanaloa and Hina, gods of their ocean, and they wanted someone to carry their child. They had been watching Lani for quite some time, and felt like she deserved to be the mother of a goddess. Lani was somewhere between honored and ecstatic, and happily took the gods up on their offer for a daughter. Kekau was overjoyed that his wife was happy -- even though it wouldn't truly be their child, they would raise her as though she was.

Her childhood was quite lovely. She got along with the other kids, she did well in school, and both English and Hawai'ian were like second nature to her. And she loved, loved loved loved the ocean. Lani and Kekau knew why, of course, she was so drawn to the ocean, but they knew she would be told in time. She took to swimming quite early, which evolved into surfing quite early. Her parents watched her personality develop big and bright, and felt like signing her up for dance classes and teaching her the ukulele would be beneficial to her. Nani quickly picked both activities up, and proved very good at them (with practice).

Okay really nothing much SUPER IMPORTANT happens to her throughout her younger years so let's skip to puberty, which hit Nani like a truck. She went from beautiful to drop dead gorgeous almost overnight. She was getting stronger, stronger than her peers who did the exact same thing. She found herself drawn more and more to the ocean, and found that the ocean was drawn more and more to her. She proved to be a natural sailor, even though she was younger than anyone else in her group. Lani knew that it was only a matter of time before the truth would come out about Nani. Admittedly, she was a little sad -- she didn't want her baby to leave. But the Gods had to know what they were doing, and she trusted those who watched over her islands. One cloudy day, Nani had taken her canoe out to sail on her own, promising herself she'd be back before anything too crazy would happen. Obviously, this didn't happen. A sudden storm hit her, and overturned the boat, throwing Nani into the ocean. Due to her powers not being fully developed, the powerful waves proved too strong for the young goddess, and she found herself trapped. Nani began to panic, she couldn't hold her breath any longer. She took a breath of ocean water and...

Nothing changed. She could breathe just fine. She looked above her at the tumultuous ocean waves... before looking in front of her, to see a man walking towards her. The man explained he was Kanaloa, God of the ocean, and her father. Nani was skeptical, but hell, she could breathe underwater, I guess it makes sense. Kanaloa explained everything, her strange powers, her parents, her connection to the ocean. He told her that one day, she will be Nani, Goddess of their Oceans. Kanaloa took his child in his arms and brought her out of the water, taking her back home. Kanaloa promised Nani's parents he wasn't taking her away, but that her powers were growing. Her parents understood. This was their responsibility.

The ocean would be Nani's teacher for the next few years. Blah blah blah, Nani's history is clean and boring, no trauma here, eventually she got the memo at Ichor, now she's there, and in her last year. Woot. She's well known and loved and part of the dance team and student body and literally all the jazz.

Other: Fluent in Hawai'ian. Doesn't really mix her languages, but uses certain words that she doesn't think have a good enough translation. (Lolo for a crazy person, haole for a white person, aloha, etc.)


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Name: Nicolas Michael Vespero (Birthname: Sienna Maria Michaela Vespero)
Gender: Male, transboy
Age: 18
Year: Fourth
Theme Song: Troubled Child // Journey
Link to Spotify Playlist. (Comprised of Journey, AC/DC, Rise Against, Metallica, Bring Me the Horizon, etc. Mostly 80s - mid 00s.)

Class: Symfora
Arcana: Death
Abilities: The card of death is not necessarily physical death -- rather the end of things, change, transformation. As such, Nico...
- Transformation: Nico can transform into creatures of dark omens. These include ravens, crows, black dogs, black cats, a black stallion, a rabbit for some reason... etc. The bigger the creature and the longer he stays transformed, the more energy.
- Your Standard Destructive Powers: Because destroying stuff means the end of stuff. So he can pull AWESOME BLACK MAGICKY STUFF around his hands and either use it as bolts or make it into claws and destroy stuff. Yas. More power = more energy.
- I've Been Thinking All These Visions Must Be A Sign So Hold On And Don't Let Go: He has a tendency to see "visions" of stuff being destroyed or hallucinations of things changing. With some energy, he can give these visions and hallucinations to others too.
- Symfora Sense: He can smell the strength of a God, as well as demi-Gods, Personifications, and other Symfora.
Masquerading as: A GOTDAM FOOL Demi-God of Fate


Appearance: After two years of hormone replacement therapy, it is very difficult to tell that Nico was born female. Nigh impossible, even, unless he takes off his clothes in front of you. Nico is a medium height, about 5'6", and has a very lean build to him. He has two-years-of-testosterone-and-training kind of muscles, still somewhat new and smooth but a force to be reckoned with, with sturdy calves, forearms, and upper arms. His thighs are still pretty thick, much to Nico's dismay, but it's fat and muscle, so it's not too bad. His skin is a beautiful bronze from part heritage, part sunlight. It's a little dryer than most, especially on his knuckles, which are prone to cracking and bleeding. He has a small adam's apple, which he is very proud of (but only in secret). Even before testosterone, he was blessed with a sharp and edged facial structure, and it became more prominent with the loss of fat in his cheeks. He has a strong jaw, strong brow, and prominent cheekbones, and his nose is slim and straight. His hair is a dark brown with black undertones, and he spikes up his bangs whenever possible. The back and sides of his head are shaved short, showing off a squared hairline, and when left down his bangs fall above his eyebrows a bit. He keeps himself clean shaven, though he's known to change it up every now and then, just to prove he can grow facial hair. Though his body is primarily shaded in tones of brown, his eyes are a bright and striking baby blue. His ears are pierced, and he keeps black studs through his earlobes and a black ring through his upper left cartilage. His lower left lip is pierced, and there's a black stud through that. Though on the outside he looks perfectly masculine, and even if he took only his shirt off you'd still have doubts, he hides B-cup breasts under a binder.

His clothing is kept very simple. He often wears muscle tanks to both hide a binder and show off biceps, and they're usually either band merch or some shade of gray. He really only ever wears dark jeans -- either skinny jeans or only slightly loose jeans, you'll never catch him in anything baggy. Ever. his jeans are usually scuffed and torn because of how he lives his life. He'll wear shorts every now and then, but it's not a huge part of his style. He wears gray converse nearly all the time, and if he's not wearing those, he's wearing black combat boots, again fairly scuffed because of life. He prefers functionality over fashion, the clothes he wears all fit into the categories of "I can fight in this" and "this hides any sort of curve left on my mostly curveless body." He does occasionally wear a pair of blue headphones around his neck. Under his shirt he wears a black half binder (covers the chest, but doesn't go down to the hips).

He can always be found wearing three pieces of jewelry: a thick celtic knot ring on his left middle finger, a thin banded ring on his right middle finger, and a corded crucifix necklace.

He can dress up, put on makeup, take off the binder, etc., and still pass as female. He'd rather not do this, but he can do it.

Personality: Nico is the moment a bomb goes off. Every part of him is big and loud and hot. His emotions run very high, no matter the feeling. He is passionate about everything, and every argument is enough to get worked up over, because everything means something to this kid. He has an incredibly short temper, however, and his passion can flare into fury easily. He's known to get into fist fights over a lot of things, and often comes home with bruises and bloodied knuckles. He ends up being very sensitive inwardly and can be very insensitive outwardly. He says what he means, and when it comes to his head. He has no impulse control, and ends up making a lot of stupid mistakes by running off of his anger. To make matters worse, he's incredibly stubborn, and will stand for his beliefs no matter what. His emotional outbursts tend to be loud and very violent. He's very confident in his masculinity, and if you dare question it, you've got another thing coming. Nico is masculine as hell and will fight you on it. He wants to be powerful, and will not be seen as weak.

Justice is what drives Nico -- or rather, Nico's version of justice is what drives Nico. He doesn't want innocent people to get hurt, and gets very angry when injustices are committed. You should never hurt an innocent, it's alright to hurt someone only if it's justified. He is vengeful, and holds a grudge until the price has been paid. It's very difficult for him to forgive, even when all has been atoned for. He's very protective of those he loves, and when he loves, he loves deeply. If he cares about someone, he gives them all he has. Deep down, he's a good kid. He has good intentions. He just wants to see the world work together, and it pains him that people hurt others and get away with it. It's this sadness that fuels his anger. It bleeds into everything, and he can get very explosive even with minor inconveniences. Nico has a decent sense of humor, and likes being around people. He wants to be loved. He wants to fit in and have friends. He wants acceptance.

Nico hates being so angry. He's angry at his own anger, and tends to take it out on himself. He hates feeling so out of control. He's reckless and self-destructive, and doesn't care what happens to him. He so desperately wants a handle on his life, but that feeling seems to go away when he gets into one of his moods. Once he's calmed down, his mistakes hit him like a train, and it hurts. He punishes himself internally, berating himself until he's numb. He's terrified of abandonment and losing who he is. He's scared one day he's going to severely hurt someone he loves, and he'll never be able to make it up to them. Nico doesn't know what's wrong with him, he wants to be better, but doesn't know how. He knows he's getting worse, which makes him angry, which makes him angry about being angry. It's a downward spiral, and he feels trapped and stuck.

[Nico has Borderline Personality Disorder and doesn't know it. He also has processing issues, and it can take him a moment to process auditory signals into useful information. Noisy environments make it worse.]

Nico is very outgoing, and when he's not being wrathful, he's a good person to be around. He enjoys making and listening to music. His favorite things to listen to are Journey, Bring Me the Horizon, Genesis, Metallica... lots of rock n roll, especially 80s rock. (He has a soft spot in his heart for Lady Gaga though, Judas is one of his favorite songs.) He plays the violin very well, and loves its delicate sound. He's very athletic, and likes soccer games and going for long runs. He's known for fist fighting under anger, but he does enjoy a good match with friends, as long as the other person's okay with it. He loves math, and staying up way too late looking at memes on the internet. He's become a pretty decent programmer by screwing around with making websites, and takes pride in his various tumblr blog themes. He doesn't mind if he gets flack for being Catholic -- that's what he believes in, that's what he will believe in. (This whole gods/demi-gods thing has to be nonsense). He is empathetic, and very caring. Nico is brave, and won't back down in the face of danger, especially if it means protecting people he loves. He loves pokemon and he loves his friends and he loves light and he loves love. And he wants to protect that love.

History: Nico was born in the Italian countryside, to parents Cynthia and Lovino Vespero. They were very Catholic, and Nico was baptized as Sienna Maria Vespero. Two years later, Cynthia gave birth to another girl, Cecilia, and quickly the two children became close friends. The Vesperos were well off, Lovino was a working man in a high paying job, and Cynthia was born into a family of wealth. Unfortunately, Cynthia and Lovino's marriage was tempest tossed, and the two never stopped fighting. Lovino was very harsh in his dealings, not very loving at all, and Cynthia hated it to no end. One day, shortly before Nico's third birthday, Cynthia disappeared, with only a note that her wealth would go solely to her two children. Lovino was angered, but kept her wishes, and split her money evenly between Nico and Cecilia.

Lovino was not a loving caregiver. He believed in strictness and being harsh, that being soft with a child wouldn't get you anywhere. From a young age Nico and Cecilia were constantly berated for every tiny mistake, Lovino's voice splintering every soft part you could find. They went to mass every Sunday, not a day was missed no matter what, and it became somewhat of a haven for the two children -- no one could yell at them in church. Lovino wasn't nearly as harsh on Cecilia, after all, she was two years younger, but there was also a bit of anger directed at Nico. Lovino wanted a first born son, he wanted a son, and instead he got two daughters. Nico, as sensitive as he was, easily picked up on this anger. He knew he was a disappointment to his father, but he didn't understand why. He got good grades in elementary school, he (mostly) got along with the other kids, he had just started the violin like his father said to, and he and his sister were the picture perfect children.

All through elementary school, however, Nico always felt off. He hated dresses, he hated having to be with the girls all the time, he hated long hair and makeup and pink and he didn't know why. It angered him, that he was never like any of the other girls. He found himself flaring up more and more often, getting angry over things he didn't think he'd have to be angry over. He didn't understand why he kept getting hit over tiny little things, why he was called a "stupid little girl" over and over again for one step out of place, why he felt so out of place. He got into his first fistfight in third grade. All the other boy said was "stupid little girl," and everything snapped. Nico couldn't help himself. He decked the other boy so hard, pouring his anger and rage into his fists.

Their small city in the countryside was fairly sheltered, add to that a heavily Catholic father, Nico and Cecilia didn't know much anything about the outside world. Shortly after Nico's first fight, Lovino was given a new job opportunity in Rome. The move really opened both children's eyes. Things changed. Middle school and puberty was hell for Nico. He knew exactly what was changing in his body, but he hated all of it. Lovino slowly got worse, and while he never got Catherine Pelzer abusive, it was the slow and steady stream of anger and hatred that filled the house. Nico soaked it all up. Cecilia, sweet, charming Cecilia, seemed to repulse it. While many children in Nico and Cecilia's financial group went to various private schools, Lovino enrolled the two in a local public school. In all honesty, Nico and Cecilia were perfectly fine with this, and they found a far better group of friends. Nico's fighting problem seemed to get worse, but no matter. In 6th grade, Nico began to get ready for his confirmation, but in going to public school, you're introduced to concepts you'd never hear in a Catholic country or from a Catholic father.

Concepts like "homosexual" and "transgender."

Though he knew his church would never accept him, he couldn't help but feel drawn to that second concept. It held the answers. It told him why he felt like he would break down whenever he had to wear a dress. It told him why his hips and breasts screamed at him in the mirror, telling him they were Wrong. These concepts told him why in the dead of night, his sister confessed that she didn't understand why the other girls thought boys were attractive, and did you see how pretty Kendall Jenner is? But there are things that can only be confessed in the dead of night. Suddenly, Nico knew everything, but he was scared. What would anyone think? He'd be hated. Cecilia could get hurt. Neither of these things could happen. Nico went into denial about everything, and threw himself into studies of academia and the gospel, and beating the living daylights out of those who questioned him. At his confirmation, he chose Michaela as his saint name. St. Michael had always inspired him as a protector, and he wanted to be one of those.

But things tend to fall apart in these kinds of situations.

Nico found himself getting furious over the tiniest things, and, to his horror, he found himself becoming like his father. He felt awful, trying to tell himself that everything he felt was a lie, that he was wrong, that he wasn't really feeling it. It was only in mid-8th grade when he accidentally confided in a good friend of his that he realized he wasn't evil. That he was just... the way he was. God didn't hate him, and he shouldn't hate him either. He chose the name Nicolas on impulse, and hearing "Nico" seemed to soothe his crying heart.

High school was fun for Nico. Orchestra was fun. Wrestling was fun. Skipping class with friends was fun. He loved the attention! He began to dress neutrally like his friends, and listen to his friends' music like they did. The only not so fun part was handling the principal after getting into yet another fight, and handling his dad afterwards. The tensions between Lovino and Nico were soon hitting a breaking point, until the angry father/passive child dynamic shattered. The tension snapped and both parties knew Nico had control. Lovino never thought his own child would strike at him, but it happened. All of Nico's rage and anger of being mistreated and ignored came flooding out, and it was clear who had the stronger will. The answer is they both did. Lovino was set in his ways, and refused to stop what he thought was the correct way to raise a child. Nico reflected his mother's kinder side, but had a sharpened edge like his father. In one of their fights, when Nico was 14-almost-15, Nico (angrily) explained everything to Lovino. He made it clear that he was never to be called a girl ever again, that his name was Nicolas Michael Vespero, and he will be addressed as such. That he will never be wearing a dress ever again. That he will be undergoing hormone replacement therapy, and if he had to do it legally or illegally he didn't care. Lovino, although angry with Nico's outburst, was admittedly intrigued at the prospect of a son, even if Nico would never truly be a son in the church's eyes.

And thus, Nico found himself taking testosterone shots, every other Tuesday. In Nico's eyes, he had basically won. He was 15, and even though Lovino kept hitting them as he pleased, Nico didn't care. He got what he wanted. And he knew that Lovino knew that Nico could take him down at any time. At this point, putting up with his father was more of a game, a trial of endurance, proof that he could do anything. Who cares if he got hurt? He was alive.

Poor, poor Cecilia was not.

Though her older brother, now out and enjoying himself, continued to love his faith, Cecilia felt trapped. There was no way to escape her feelings. Unlike Nico, however, Cecilia knew how to hide everything about her. She had her first girlfriend in 7th grade, hidden from sight on both ends of the scale. Cecilia didn't even confide in her brother, who she'd tell everything to. She knew she'd have to leave her faith if she wanted to keep going like this. Maybe Nico could, but she couldn't. She wasn't as strong. She was never as strong. She was soft and quiet and things hurt her. No one can know, no one can know.

And then they did. Somehow, Lovino found out about his daughter and her girlfriend. Everything shifted once more. What used to be a battle between aggressive father and aggressive son became a fight between aggressive father and sensitive daughter. Nico felt overwhelming hatred towards his father, not just because he began to hurt sweet, innocent Cecilia, but because that attention was his. It was his job to be berated and pushed around and punished for small things! Not Cecilia! He wanted that attention back. His anger was off the wall, trying to get that attention back, tripping every wire, and yet... nothing. Nothing worked. He felt terrible. He knew he shouldn't be like this, that he had to do something, but what? What could he do? His life was filled with anger and wrath, it seemed as though he could know no other emotion. Once more, Nico was faced with the shadow of being trapped. No way out.

Nico felt out of control. Everything felt out of his control, and he was angered. He was angry because his sister was hurting for no reason. That summer, they went back to the countryside, back to their old home. Nico prayed that maybe, just maybe, a calmer situation could help him get rid of everything that made him bad, that maybe with a clear head, he could rescue Cecilia. He could get attention back. He could save his sister! Everything would work perfectly.

Nico and Cecilia only spent one night in the room they shared, all those years ago. Nico was excited, it had been so long since they had been home, and he was excited to reminisce with his sister. Cecilia was happy for her brother, but there were darker thoughts on her mind. Nico noted that Cecilia seemed quieter than usual, but she shook it off, and soothed her brother, saying she was perfectly fine. They said goodnight, and turned off the light. And when they turned it back on, there was Cecilia, a prescription bottle in one hand and a note in the other.

The funeral services were beautiful. Nico gave a eulogy, and had to stop himself from crying. His sister was gone. Fourteen years of confiding in each other, fourteen years of her light, fourteen years of the only thing keeping everything from permanently shattering -- gone. Sure, it meant that his missing mother's riches now all belonged to him, but what does that matter when the light of your life is gone? When the person you knew you had to protect died right next to you? Cecilia was buried in a mountain cemetery, where she would never be hurt again, where she would never be held again.

That last day he was home is seared into Nico's mind. Sure, he had been impulsive in the past -- alcohol, fist fights, boys -- but never this impulsive. His heart ached still for the loss of his sister, and his head burned with hatred for his father. The note Cecilia held in her hand was simple. It said that she couldn't handle her father, that she was sorry and prayed for forgiveness, and to tell Nicolas and Katarina that she loved them. Nico blamed all of this on Lovino, and wanted to make sure he'd suffer. Fortunately for him, his father called him into his study. Wary, Nico confronted his father. Lovino told him that he was a being stronger than God himself, stronger than any god or goddess to ever be believed in. He was a Symfora. He, Lovino Vespero, was the arcana of Death. And he was dying. The arcana needed a new host, and Nico would be the perfect candidate. All he needed was a sacrifice, and he had a perfect one. Him.

Nico didn't waste any time. The arcana made a quick shift, and it was all over for Lovino. Nico took a horrifying, vengeful pleasure in the destruction of his father. The arcana was pleased, this child would be perfect.

He took his belongings from the house, his laptop, ipod, violin, clothes, scriptures... he didn't want much, he didn't want to remember this hellhole, so he only took what he needed. He had nothing left in Italy. His mother had left years ago, his sister was dead, and his father was finally good and gone. Anger pulsed through his system, shutting down any impulse control he had left.

And so, Nico set the stove on fire.

He watched the gas burn, dancing as it billowed up to the ceiling. It caught onto everything around it, slithering around the entire kitchen wall. He promptly walked out the door, hands in his pockets, playing with the fire alarm batteries he had taken out just earlier. No one would know that the Vespero house was on fire until the whole thing was alight, and Nico was gone. No one knew why it started, it was written off as an accident. But Nico knew. A part of him wishes he had stayed to watch the thing burned to ash.

And another part of him wished he had burned with it.

Nico spent a few weeks at a friend's house, before a letter requesting his presence at Amrita came through the mail. He didn't know how the hell they knew he was here, but it must be super important if he did. And so, he left Italy far behind him. He found his place at the school, and oh, Lord, what fools these Gods be...

Other: Nico is very Catholic, and uses it as a way to not go completely flying off the handle. He has a rosary necklace that he keeps safe in a velvet pouch in his bag. Admittedly, he feels very alienated from his church -- being transgender and all -- but he refuses to give up his faith. He misses Sunday mass, and is his biggest problem moving to the school.

Nico likes boys, the end.

Nico speaks perfect Italian, speaks with an Italian accent, and yes, he talks with his hands.

Nico is totally okay with feeding. He's angry and volatile and a force to be reckoned with.
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And last, but not least...

Lucas Spenser Moncrief
Gender: Male
Age: 18
Year: Fourth

Class: Demi-God (Technically Demi-Titan, Mnemosyne is a titaness and not a god. Picky details.)
Domain: God of Melody and Memory
Parents: Mnemosyne (Titan of Memory, Mother of the Muses) and Luana Cranford, Isaac Morgenstern as Luana's husband.
- Titanium: Lucas is crazy strong and crazy durable. He's pretty speedy and agile too, but strength and durability are his primary, ah, strengths. He gets this from his Titaness mother.
- Melody: Lucas is arguably one of the best musicians in the school, if not the best. As a son of Mnemosyne, he is a brother to the muses, and has the artistic talents like them. His voice is smooth and melodic, and he has a very impressive range and repertoire. As mentioned later in his personality, he excels at playing the viola and the guitar, but nigh any instrument comes naturally to him. Lately he's been very into the harp. People are naturally drawn to his music, and he can toy with their emotions once they're captivated. This can be fought, obviously. Another thing, his voice is often compared to bells in clarity and timbre.
- Memory: Lucas's memory is crystal clear. He can remember literally everything. (This can come in handy, but for an abused boy, sometimes it haunts him.) Not only that, but he can help others remember things too. He can give them visions of the memory they need to see, and he can pull other people into said memory vision. The visions have a sort of dream like haze to them.
- Calling: Lucas is apparently a disney princess, because can "call" woodland creatures to his aid with certain melodies. Different creatures have different melodies attached to them, though his favorite is the one to call bluebirds. He can also summon various other birds, deer, squirrels and chipmunks, rabbits, mice, horses, foxes, and raccoons.
- Arcana: The book he received from Mnemosyne when she came to visit was a book of spells, various chants and melodies to be sung or played to gain a desired effect. Some will create balls of sound energy for him to do as he pleases, others will enchant an object and move it around (think Yondu's arrow). Some create light, some create darkness, some reveal, some hurt, some protect. In essence, he's a mage of all trades, but his spells aren't really anything to write home about.
- Prayer: One of the spells, a hymn to the gods, transforms Lucas into something of a titan himself. (Still very much a half titan, though, and his physical body doesn't change.) He gains wings of pure sound, a hood, cape, and pants of cream silk, a red sash, and a brown vest, along with bronze arm bands and anklets. This prayer also heightens his physical strength and his vocal projection. When he flies, one can hear a faint sound of bells.

Appearance: Lucas is gorgeous. In my opinion, anyway. He stands tall at 6' 3", has some build to him. While his coloration suggests otherwise, his features are very German. His head is somewhat long, with a well defined chin and angular features. He has a strong jawline, and sharp cheekbones. He has short, pitch black hair that lately he's been keeping down, his bangs brushing his eyebrows, and thin, well trimmed sideburns that end just below his ear. His eyes are expressive and emerald green, decorated with long, dark eyelashes. He has thin lips that are usually drawn up in a smile and an angular nose. His teeth are unnervingly straight and white, and very pointed in some places. His ears are pierced, and he wears all sorts of different kinds of earrings, his favorites being silver crosses and simple black studs. His body is fairly proportional, with toned arms and legs. His hands are averaged sized, and his feet are a little larger than average. His core muscles are very well defined (or, to put it bluntly, he has abs), and he's been told he has very nice biceps. His collarbones and hipbones are very well defined. He has several self-made scars. On his left wrist he has the X scar, as well as two other horizontal scars just above them. He also has a couple on his left shoulder and bicep. The rest of them are on his upper thighs, and they're pretty long. He also has two longer scars, one on his left pectoral and the other on his right hip, though they are very faded.

When he's not all dressed up, Lucas is honestly pretty casual in dress. He's typically wearing some tank top or another, usually in shades of either green or gray. He has a collection of various skinny jeans and shorts, and switches back between the two often. He likes wearing converse, or no shoes at all. Lucas isn't necessarily lazy, he just has a very specific aesthetic, and that aesthetic happens to be very simple and neutral. He does, however, put effort into his appearance when he needs to dress fancily, and has a collection of assorted Interesting Ties (also known as his Dad Ties. He really likes ties, okay.).

Personality: Lucas is an upbeat kind of guy, kind and always has other's best interest at heart. He adores making friends and being surrounded by people. He usually has a smile on his face, and is always happy to help his friends. He loves the attention, he loves the lights, he loves being loved. He's incredibly romantic and spontaneous, coming up with activities on the spot is a natural talent of his. He's passionate about everything he does, even the small things. Lucas is an incredibly talented musician, and can play nearly any instrument he tries because of how long and how hard he's worked at it. He's especially proficient in viola, guitar, and vocals, and is usually humming one tune or another. If you watch him fight, you'll notice he fights to a rhythm, and you might even see him counting the beats out. He's also quite responsible, and very good at managing finances. Lucas is empathetic, incredibly empathetic, and can easily figure out what others are feeling, and his emotions will match theirs.

He enjoys a wide variety of pursuits besides music, athletics being one of them. Though he's never been good at sports involving a ball, he's a talented ice skater and ballroom dancer, and he's also very good at fistfighting. He likes going to the gym, especially when he's in a bad mood, because working out and getting stronger helps him feel again, and get his mind off things. He loves the delicateness of ice skating and ballroom dancing, and has become very strong through a lot of lifting other people up in both areas. He does enjoy a good video game from time to time, but he prefers storyline over anything else. Pokemon has always been a favorite for him because of this, and he adores Banette, having one on every game possible. He hates alcohol, as it makes his symptoms worse, and refuses to drink it. He also hates coffee. He's also a cuddler, and can be very very touchy and huggy and "dude let's hold hands aw ye."

However, he's easily annoyed, and his annoyance is usually shown by explosive anger. His emotions are extreme than normal (i.e. he gets really angry by simple annoyances), especially the more negative emotions. His reactions with other people tend to be more intense also, and he doesn't handle criticism, unkindness, or rejection well. He's clingy and dependant, often having a "favorite person" who he's always trying to get attention from. Though Lucas is incredibly skilled at emotional empathy (knowing and feeling what others are feeling), he lacks cognitive empathy (knowing what others are thinking basically). If someone around him is upset, he'll automatically believe himself to be the cause even if he's done absolutely nothing. He's sensitive to sudden changes in attention (be it an increasement or decreasement), and if there's a sudden decrease in attention he often starts panicking. Lucas can't focus very well, and is also very impulsive, never really thinking things through. He can also be very moody, and occasionally goes through periods of "swinging," usually an hour or so of extreme mood swings. He has absolutely no sense of self, and clings to the things he's good at or praised for in hopes of keeping some personality he can call his own.

Lucas's greatest fears are being alone and being abandoned. Lucas will usually try to make friends wherever he goes because of this. He cannot stand being alone, and insists he always has someone with him. He doesn't sleep well if there isn't someone nearby (nearby being, someone else in the house). Due to terrible, violent nightmares, he has to take medications to suppress his dreams. Lucas tends to shut down when he's alone, which can lead to dissociation or cutting. Lucas can sometimes feel hollow or empty, which hurts quite a bit for not being able to feel anything during those periods. While he's made great strides in managing his self-harm problem, Lucas will occasionally relapse and cut himself. It's especially triggered by anger, feeling "hollow," sadness, rejection, or being alone. He hates himself, and blames himself for his father's death. He believes he's unsalvageable, unworthy of love and affection, even though that's exactly what he wants. Though he normally functions well, he is terrified he'll lose control and everything will come crashing down around him.

Though Lucas struggles with mental illness (PTSD and BPD, specifically), he has made great strides in keeping it all under control, and to most people it would seem nothing was ever wrong in the first place.

Some specifics to this roleplay, Lucas is still in high school and hasn't really calmed down yet. He's a bright ball of Let's Do Everything!! This means doing the best he can in the highest class he can take, doing All of the Musics, doing theatre, etc. etc. etc. God help this twit.

History: Trigger warning for abuse, self harm, suicide, murder... suffice it to say that Lucas Moncrief's history is likely the worst out of all of my characters.

Lucas was born to Luana and Isaac Maxwell. Isaac and Luana were an arranged marriage -- Luana was the heir to Cranford and Company of England, Isaac the heir to Morningstar Incorporated of Germany. As part of the agreement, neither could take on the other's last name, but they chose a middle ground. Maxwell was chosen because it was an English name, the origin of Cranford, and it began with M, for Morgenstern.

However... Isaac is...... Not The Father! Luana did a bit of affair-ing. She wound up at a posh English gala, a masquerade, and ended up with a very lovely Mediterranean girl to end the night with. Whoops. Shortly after, Luana found herself pregnant, and because this is how biology works, they didn't suspect anything.

Due to Isaac not wanting Lucas to grow up overly pampered and sheltered, they moved from Germany to America when Lucas was four, where would enjoy a relatively normal life (though, let's be honest, they were so well off they could live just about anywhere they wanted). Isaac loved Lucas very much, and spent a lot of time with him. A couple months before Lucas started school at five, Luana became pregnant with her second child. Tragically, it ended in a miscarriage late second trimester. After that, Luana was never the same. She started to be more introverted, spending more time with herself than with Lucas or Isaac, and she started to be much more violent and unpredictable, yelling at Lucas for the silliest things. Isaac started to worry about Lucas, but unfortunately, work got in the way. Isaac's parents died shortly before they moved to America, and Luana's was very ill. Though Lucas was set to be the heir to combine the two companies/families, as he was only five years old, Isaac took his place in managing things, requiring increasingly more time overseas in Germany. This, sadly, allowed Luana to get worse. The abuse got worse and worse, and while I, Sketchie, know what happens to this poor boy, due to its incredibly disturbing nature will not be revealing past Luana beating Lucas nearly every day. The scar on his pectoral and side were both created by Luana. Luana created a system of warped rules, that Lucas strictly followed (punishment could range from another beating, to being forced to stay up all night, to being starved a day or two). He lost his voice, never speaking a word at his house. But he would sing. In the dead of night, when he was certain his mother was asleep, he would make up little melodies for himself. And he sang songs of hope for the future. "But Sketchie!" someone from the corner whines. "Child Protection Services!!" Oh, sweetie from the corner, worse things happen that go right past CPS. With Luana's incredible knack at being motherly when everyone was watching (including her own husband, who mostly lived in Germany due to work), everyone thought the problem was in Lucas, not Luana.

Life continued like this until around the time Lucas was ten years old. Four days before Lucas's tenth birthday, his mother had accidentally stabbed him in the side. The wound required staples to be put in for the first little while. Early morning two days before Lucas's tenth birthday, Lucas had a particularly bad dream. In his thrashing and tearing at himself, some of the staples were torn out, waking him. As you can guess, there was blood everywhere -- both from the newly opened wound, and the places where the staples had ripped. Lucas panics and tries in vain to hide his sobbing and to stop the bleeding. Unfortunately, both efforts were in vain, and Isaac, who had just arrived home, heard the soft commotion. Isaac enters Lucas's room to find the tear-stained blood-stained boy, and immediately takes him back to the ER to get everything patched up again. When the doctors lifted off Lucas's shirt, Isaac noticed just how thin Lucas had become, as well as a myriad of bruises and a stitched up wound next to his sternum. Isaac is shocked, and very confused. On the way home, Isaac asks Lucas where he got his injuries. Lucas, sick and tired of keeping it all in, gushes to his father about everything that had happened over the past five years. Isaac is heartbroken to hear his son's tale, and decided that it had to end tonight.

You would think this is where we get a happy ending, but I'm merely writing a history planned two years ago, and alas, there is no happy ending for the Maxwell family. Isaac had a handgun. It had been passed down for generations and would go to Lucas when he came of age. It was truly gorgeous, blue tulips adoring an ivory grip. It was kept in a safe that only the eldest of each generation knew the code to. Unfortunately, Isaac made a fatal mistake. He left the safe unlocked, giving Luana access to the gun only two months prior. December 18th. Lucas tells Isaac all. Isaac is racked with guilt at being such a neglectful father for five years. Isaac waits for Lucas to go to bed, before confronting Luana. Everything snaps. Luana pulls the gun from somewhere nearby (she had been using it to scare Lucas only a few days earlier) and begins to fire. One shot through the light bulb. One shot through the floor. One shot through the piano. One shot through the window. One shot through Isaac's knee. Isaac cries out. A neighbor has been awoken. They are afraid, but for all the wrong reasons. Luana, calm and collected and insane, sets the gun down on the table. She walks into Lucas's room, takes him by the ear and slams him out of bed. She then drags Lucas into the dining room, and sets Lucas across from his father. Luana goes off on some rant, though her speech is slurred and incomprehensible. One shot through the lightbulb. One shot through the kitchen floor. One shot through the piano. One shot through the window. One shot through Isaac's knee.

One shot through Isaac's head.

In one quick motion, Luana had grabbed the gun, and shot her husband through the temple. She walked over to Lucas and placed the gun to his head. A neighbor awoke a long time ago. They are afraid, but for all the wrong reasons. They called the police, afraid for the Maxwell household. The trigger is pulled. The gun never fires. Police break down the doors. They rescue a dead father, a disowned mother, and a broken son.

With Isaac dead, and Luana in prison, Lucas couldn't stay in his home. Both of Isaac's parents were dead, and Luana's parents were living in Belgium, dying. Lucas had a godfather in Germany, but both he and the caseworker decided it wasn't suitable for Lucas to travel all the way to Germany, so Lucas was put into foster care. He went to a couple houses around the city, before coming to the Moncrief home. Elaine and Ollie Moncrief were a nice couple, and had been married for seven years. They already had a child, five-year-old Matthew, and Elaine was pregnant with another son, to be named Markus. Elaine was a mechanical engineer, and Ollie was a doctor. Elaine and Ollie took Lucas into their home gladly, and after a few months Lucas was adopted. Lucas abandoned the Maxwell name, and took on the Moncrief name. But, the years of abuse and the traumatic night of his father's death had taken a toll on the boy. He refused to speak unless spoken to, and cried if anyone raised their voices too loud. Elaine, an abuse survivor herself, aided in Lucas's recovery. One month after Lucas arrived at the Moncrief home was the first time he said a word unprompted, and you could see the relief and joy in Elaine's and Ollie's eyes. However, around this time began the nightmares. Turbulent, terrorizing, violent nightmares that shook Lucas to the core, leaving him tossing and screaming night after night. Though Lucas had already been seeing a psychiatrist, they took him to a specialized doctor to see what was going on. Everything pointed to Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder, and Lucas was put on medication to suppress the nightmares.

The nightmares stopped. Lucas simultaneously got better and he got worse. He began to talk more. He stopped singing solely at night, and began to sing whenever he felt. Elaine bought him a guitar and a viola for his 11th and 12th birthday, hoping music would help heal the pain. And it helped to an extent. Lucas got better. Lucas got worse. As time went on, it was evident something was seriously wrong. He was so incredibly irritable and moody. And reckless. Mostly in terms of sexuality. He lost his virginity when he was only fourteen, and since has had partner after partner after partner. Life was a game and Lucas was too angry and in so much pain that he didn't care what happened to him. He just wanted to play. Needless to say, Elaine was concerned, and began to take him to another psychiatrist. After months of evaluation and attempted therapy, they reluctantly diagnosed him with Borderline Personality Disorder. Over time and with several therapy sessions, Lucas was able to straighten things out again, and learned how to control his emotions. To a point. It's a process. Lucas’s youngest brother, Johnathan, was born when he was 15, for anyone curious. (Speaking of being 15, he got drunk once at 15, but was raped by his boyfriend at the time, so alcohol is out. He’s taken ketamine once, but it gave him a bad trip, and messed with his nightmare medication for a few weeks. Drugs are also out.)

Skipping back a little bit. When Lucas was twelve years old, things were clear that their son was just... extraordinary. He was only twelve, but his strength exceeded that of a regular boy his age, hell, even boys his age who were into sports. Puberty really took thi boy by storm, growing more beautiful day by day. (You should see him when he's fully grown, hot DAMN.) His musical abilities grew in leaps and bounds; it was almost like he remembered everything he was ever told. This makes sense, because the Moncriefs were about to be visited by a certain someone. There was a knock on the door, and Elaine opened it to a beautiful Mediterranean woman with long, luscious locks, vibrant green eyes, and a voice that sounded like bells. She explained she was Lucas's mother, an immortal, a titan named Mnemosyne. Elaine gave her The Look, explaining she wasn't into games like this. Mnemosyne took Elaine's hand and showed her a vision of the gala twelve years ago, the Mediterranean girl in her cream and red dress, and Luana, a beautiful woman with pitch dark hair, dancing and laughing alongside her. Once again, Mnemosyne told Elaine that she was Lucas's mother, and this time, Elaine was inclined to believe her. She took her into her home, and showed her to Lucas. Mnemosyne gave her son a book, a book of chants and poems and hymns, a book that was once hers.

Mnemosyne would visit her son when she could, and they would play and sing together. Lucas didn't mind it and neither did his family -- he was already a branch grafted onto a different tree, it didn't matter that he had a supernatural mother. Lucas grew into a fine young man, showing off Luana's jet black hair, and Mnemosyne's striking green eyes. When it was time for him to start attending high school, he received a letter of acceptance into Amrita, a school for gods and demi-gods and the like. He was excited to finally meet people like him. He didn't see his mother as much after being accepted, but you could tell she was at least trying.

Lucas's life went on as normal as it could be until he was 17, during the summer before his fourth year. One fateful night, when the rest of his family were out of the house, and Lucas was alone, he started to go into his panic mode. Trying to suppress it, he made himself a nice warm bath, and just soaked. Then he started to think, and his thoughts spiraled out of control. He started thinking that he was truly alone, that he had been abandoned by everyone. Not having people in the house made it worse. Somehow, his mind found a conclusion - it would be better if I didn't exist. In his state of cloudy thinking, he grabbed his razor from the counter, took a deep breath, and cut two slits in his left wrist. He leaned back, watching his blood color the water red, and fell asleep.

When Lucas woke up, he was in the hospital, an IV in his arm and his family gathered by his bed. Elaine told him that when they had come home, Matthew had found him unconscious in bloodstained water. Freaked out, Matthew told Elaine and Ollie. From the time Lucas slit his wrist to the time the rest of the Moncrief family found him, Lucas had lost a lot of blood, and was as pale as snow. Ollie found a way to stop the bleeding, bandage the cut, and dress Lucas quickly. They took him to the hospital where Ollie worked, and were able to give him a blood transfusion. After a few days, Lucas was able to go home. After a long talk with his parents, Lucas retired to his room to think. As he thought, he realized something. The pain he felt when he cut himself... felt good. Not good in a fulfilling way, but there was a release. He confined himself to his room, and once again brought the blade to his wrist, though he didn't cut as deep that time. For a time, it was very out of control, and scars appeared on his shoulder and mostly his thighs. He knows that he either has to fight it, or it will take over, but he doesn't really know what to do or how to do it. So it's still happening.

He is currently in his fourth year at Amrita. He's known for being a little bit of a casanova, but can you blame him? Hot tall guy who can sing and play the guitar and write songs about you. Why wouldn't you go for that?

Other: Very bisexual. Speaks German. Drives a 1965 Volkswagen beetle, it's black and it has spikes running up the hood. Ridiculously Rich.


Metallic Wonder
Plopping down a WIP for now, ill work on it later.

Dion Patroklos
Gender: Male
Age: 17
Year: Third.

Class: God
Domain: The Sun
Parents: Apollo. (Greek god of the sun, archery and the interpretation of music and poetry). And Brigid. (A Celtic deity of healing and poetry.)
Abilities: Being a god, Dion has inherited an array of powers from both his father and his mother:

- Godly Physiology: Due to being a God, Dion is stronger, faster, more durable and more agile than humans and Demigods.¨

- Photokinesis: He has the ability to emit, create and direct sources of powerful godly light for a variety of purposes. Sudden flashes of light to blind people around him, directing concentrated light in the shape of a powerful beam, and generally just light up his surroundings by creating small ball emitting a warm light. While he can create his own light, directing the light from the sun itself makes these powers more powerful, and he is slightly weaker during the night.

- Flight: By using his photokinetic abilities, Dion is able to create a pair of radiant wings made from pure sunlight, thus giving him the ability to fly. This is more difficult to preform at night, as he often relies on the natural sunlight in order to do this.

- Archery: By utilizing his photokinetic abilities, Dion has the ability of creating a longbow seemingly out of thin air. Pulling an invisible bowstring, light materializes into arrows he can fire with rapid succession. Since these arrows are created from pure light, they are unaffected by things that affect regular arrows such as trajectory, weight, wind etc.

- Trick Arrows?: The arrows Dion creates can have a variety of effects. While he normally just use a "regular" arrow for damaging purpose, he can also imbue the arrows with other effects such as healing. If you're hit with a healing arrow, you'd feel rejuvenated rather than taking damage. He can also direct his healing arrows towards the sun itself, temporarily altering the natural sunshine to have an AoE healing effect for a short period of time.

- Healing: While the Healing Arrows definitely has their uses, Dion is also capable of more effectively heal the wounds of others when he touches them. Radiating a soothing light covering his hands, any wound or ailment he touches vanishes relatively quickly. This is less effective at night, and takes more time to preform.

- Radiant Beauty: All of Apollos sons are gifted with a supernatural beauty that often exceeds even other gods, and Dion is no exception. Literally radiating with masculine beauty, looking upon him when he activates this ability extinguishes any ill intent people have towards him, and make them feel calm and more at ease. The effect of this power depends on the will of those who look upon him.


- The Daily cycle: While Dion is immensely powerful at day under the natural sunlight, his powers are considerably weakened during the night hours. While he is capable of creating light himself, it takes less effort for him to utilize the sunlight already around him, thus making him able to more effortlessly bend it to his will. At night his powers take more concentration, and he has more difficulty in multitasking between abilities. His healing abilities are also less effective, yet definitely still usable.

Appearance: It is well known amongst the gods that both Apollo and all of his sons share immense physical beauty, and Dion is no exception. Greek and Goregous, he is a medium-ish tall young man standing at 181 Cm tall. He has fair tanned skin with no blemishes to speak of, as well as a very toned muscles. Because of his godly physique, Dion barely needs to exercise in order to maintain his physique. His bright green eyes are warm and often give him a more dreamy, abscent, about-to-walk-into-traffic kind of vibe, adding to his overall calm and relaxed nature. He has long golden hair, which has a slightly metallic shimmer to it if you look closely, making it resembles strands of actual gold rather than hair. He keeps his hair in a thick loose braid most of the time. Dion is drop-dead goregous and he is well aware of this fact. He's rarely seen without a calm smirk, with the occasional full smile revealing his blindingly perfect teeth. His face is overall well toned, with prominent cheekbones and a chisled jawline.

Dion is one to dress simply. Simply put. Coming from a warmer climate, he isn't used to having to consider weather conditions when planning out an attire, and quite frankly he hasn't ever needed to either after discovering his resistance to the colder weathers. As such, he is often seen in your typical "Rich boy on a tropical vacation"style of clothing, sporting a white button-up shirt that he's unbuttoned just enough to showcase his collarbones. He wears a pair of generously fitting magenta shorts reaching to just above the knee, and a simple pair of modern sneackers for both comfort and practicality. His clothing tends to be of fairly good quality, allthough he is not the sort to choose stylish brands over a promise of comfort.

Dion can be described as easygoing and laid back. He has probably never raised his voice his entire life, and he often shy's away from conflicts if they arise. He's a cheerful addition to any conversation, making any issue seem minor, and seemingly doesn't take anything serious. Always the optimist, you can count on Dion to make some sort of poetic regard to any given situation he might end up in, in order to lighten the tension. He is caring towards his friends, and would go out of his way to help them if they needed him. While his friendships and social circles matters a great deal to him, Dion also values his alone time, as that is normally when he practices his craft.

Considering both his parents natural affinity for the poetic and theatrical, Dion is also effortlessly skilled in the artistic ways. Singing, acting, dancing and everything in between, he can do it all with a decent to moderate level of success. He learns new things really fast when it comes to art, and he takes great pride in his work. When he preforms is also the only time you'll see him openly express his feelings, as he tends to keep them tightly shut away otherwise. Never one to wear his emotions on his sleeves, Dion is a hard book to read, but once you understand the inner workings of his mind and accept him for who he is, then he repays that trust with respect and friendship.

Dion is a gentleman, and carries himself on a cloud of chill and general calmness. Mostly mirroring his father in that regard though also following his own path by being the easy-going character that he is, Dion is polite and well-spoken, not to mention open-minded. He accepts everyone, regardless of whatevers, as long as they accept him in return. He's pretty simple like that, but that's the way that works for him.

Despite what one might think of a character like Dion, he's by no means a pushover. He is intelligent enough to see when someone is being dishonest about their intentions towards him, and he doesn't take kindly to being decieved. While he wishes he was one of those "hug and forget" kinda people, he's not as forgiving as his nature might make him look. Once that trust is broken, it needs to be repaired, but even so, if you've broken Dion's trust, chances are he'll never trust you again because of it.

Dion's personality takes a sharp turn when in combat. While normally easy-going and laid back, he's a skilled archer, and doesn't hesitate in striking his enemies down. While he doesn' take great joy in the act of killing, he does find it somewhat therapeutic at times, especially if he's stress for something

Two rays of sunshine dancing along the grassy fields of an early spring day, basking in each others glory while flowers would bloom on these specific spots where the rays landed. Two rays of sunshine, as they merged to become one, carrying with them whispers on the winds. Inspiring whispers about prosperity and healing. It sings softly under the silence, until the silence was broken by the soft crying of a newborn child.

Daphne and Markos Patroklos were two seemingly uninteresting people living in modern day greece. She was a realtor, while he worked at a local fishery. They were both decently wealthy people, easily being able to afford a lovely modest countryside home shortly after their marriage. One notable thing to about the pair was that they were unable to concieve a child together. The one thing putting a strain on their relationship. It was always hard when a couple went through something like this. The uncertainty, subconcious blaming etc. They had also been looking through the process of adoption, allthough they were uncertain at this point if they even should get a child together after all.

Then one day, one very warm and bright day. Like, it was unnaturally warm that day. Anyways, Brigid came fourth, bringing with her the glowing golden little lump of baby that was Dion. While both Daphne and Markos were in strong disbelief at first, the fact that this obnoxiously beautiful woman had actually appeared out of nowhere made it clear to the both of them that this was real. Asking who the godly baby's father was, Brigid only responded cryptically, saying that he's not one to settle down with only one woman, before gently carassing the baby before continuing to say that the baby would one day inherit his place in the greecian pantheon. As good parents who are randomly handed a baby by an actual goddess would, the duo shut up and accepted the situation.

Dion would grow up under fairly normal circumstances. The story of his heritage had been kept secret from him, per Brigids request. Even so, he was unnaturally beautiful even from a young age, and both Daphne and Markos saw that. He was also intelligent, hitting both birds on one arrow. He would have an easy time in school, with everyone wanting to befriend him and generally ujst be near him. He had that certain radiant aura around him that made people feel calm and happy. Blissfulyl unaware of his developing powers, Dion just accepted that all of this was going on, and continued living the easy life. At home, things had taken a turn, with Markos falling ill, leaving Daphne to work double shifts in order to keep the gears grinding. It was taking its toll on her, as well as on Markos, but the two knew that they had to pull through for Dion's sake.

Then do a time skip because his life really wasn't that interesting. Sure, everyone loved him, he did well in school, the family was struggling. All in all, it was a normal family situation for the most part. However, when he was 14, Markos had gradually gotten worse over the years, and at this point they were just counting the days until he would die from them. He was still in the house, as he had wished to die in peace surrounded by his family. The atmosphere in the house was sour, to say the least. There was no telling how long Markos had left, and both Dion and Daphne sat by his bed in silence for many long minutes, hoping for the best. Markos would then stop breathing so shakily, and both Dion ad Daphne thought he had passed, but then they saw his chest rise and lower in a smoother way. It was all very strange, but Daphne called the hospital, who came to check up on him only to reveal that he had miraculously gotten better. They would then rush him to the hospital to run tests, and sure enough, he was fine. Like, completely fine. He was a medical mystery at that point, and Dion wouldn't see him again for a while because of it, ending up spending a lot of time alone, as his mother still had to work.

It was during one of these days where he was home alone he would be visited by a strickingly handsome young man, who introduced himself as Apollo. Sitting Dion down, they had a long long long talk about godhood, old Greece, all the men and women Apollo had courted during his time, and more importantly, that he needed an heir, and that that heir was Dion. He would then give him a letter addressed to him, and as Dion looked back up again, Apollo was gone. Just like that. the letter told him he was accepted into Ichor Institute. Apollo had mentioned it before just then. Was this some sort of weird dream? No, it all made sense. While Dion had always been breathtakingly beautiful, he had suddenly become... Whatever word fails to justify how beautiful he actually was, over night.

Obviously, both Daphne and Markos were upset that he would have to leave, and that they had actually forgotten about the godly details over the past few weeks due to Markos sudden recovery. Regardless, they were proud to see him off, and knew that this was their end of the deal they made with Brigid all those years ago.

At the Ichor Institute, he would continue to excell academically, but also artistically. It was during his first year he developed a love for art. Being in his third year, he still has a year before he has to dive deeper into the god-stuff. For the time being, he simply enjoys the time he has at the academy.


- Dion doesn't sunburn, and he is resistant to cold temperatures. (restricted to general temperature, as he would still take damage if hit by some sort of Ice-related shenigans)
- He is a very very very skilled dancer, moving with effortless elegance and grace.
- He also have a beautiful singing voice, and is very skilled at playing stringed instruments, favoring the harp.
- His adoptive family has a dog named Amrita. He's allergic to her..
- As one of his powers are directly linked to archery, He's been practicing a lot, and is very skilled as a result.
- Despite his affiliation with art, he's a horrible painter.
- He was the one who cured his father of his ailment. He hasnt put the pieces together yet, however.
- Dion dislikes Ice Cream, as he finds that it melts too quickly.
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Nanomachines, Son!
Just going with one character this time.

Kasumi Hayashi
Gender: Female
Age: 18
Year: Fourth

Class: Personification
Monster: Kitsune
Abilities: Immortality: Being a spirit, Kasumi does not age or get sick, therefore it is impossible for her to die of old age or natural causes. She also does not need to eat or drink to survive. However, she can still die if injured severely enough.

Pyromancy: Kasumi is able to conjure and control fire at will, and can even control the temperature of the flames and whether or not they burn what they're touching.

Shapeshifting: Kasumi is able to change her appearance at will, whether she be in the form of an ordinary human or a full blown nine-tailed fox. However, she cannot change into anything larger than a human being.

Illusion Magic: Kasumi can conjure and control illusions, making others see things that aren't really there and also making others appear as someone or something they're not. She can even change the entire area around her to appear completely different to those around her. It is possible for one to be able to see through these illusions with the right tools or abilities, and Kasumi herself can see through illusions created by others.

Animal Communication: Being a fox spirit, Kasumi can communicate with other animals.

Enhanced Physical Traits and Heightened Senses: Kasumi has greater physical strength and agility that goes beyond what humans are capable of, and is able to see, smell, and hear things from greater distances.

Spirit Magic: Kasumi can cast a variety of charms and curses on a specific target or around a specific area, including creating barriers, make targets burst into flames, encase them in ice, put them to sleep, make them physically weak, and even control the minds of others or drain their life energy, by drawing various symbols. While she can draw these symbols in the air or on any surface using magic, doing so takes time, so she keeps a set of paper talismans with the symbols drawn on them ahead of time in order to cast faster, albeit weaker, versions of these spells.
These talismans must also directly touch the targets body in order to produce any effects. For spells that cause lasting effects, the talismans or the symbols need to be placed or drawn directly on the body to take effect and can be removed simply by taking off the talisman or removing the symbols, the latter of which can be done magically or by dousing them with holy water.

Appearance: Kasumi is a beautiful young asian woman with brown hair she usually keeps tied up in a purple bow, green eyes, and stands at about 5.3 feet. She has two fox ears protruding from her head, and nine fox tails, both of which have almost completely gold fur aside from the white inner fur in her ears and the white tips on her tails. She also has long sharp claw-like fingernails and fang-like canine teeth. She primarily wears a purple kimono with large sleeves that are worn separately from the part that covers her from her chest down to her upper legs, leaving her shoulders exposed, a dark blue sash around her waist, and black socks that cover her up past her knees and black sandals. As a fox, Kasumi has almost entirely gold fur aside from the white tips on her nine tails.

Personality: Kasumi mostly acts like a cheerful and energetic young girl. She can be mature when the time calls for it, but other times her attitude towards other betray any maturity she tries to give off, as she tends to talk down to others that she has a lesser opinion of. At the very least, she is capable of caring for others and is willing to stand up and do the right thing whenever necessary.

Kasumi is always on the lookout for new friends, be they woman or man, and can get attached to any she makes very easily, so much so that she might start acting like a motherly figure or even a romantic partner towards them, allowing them into her home, openly offering the best hospitality she can provide, and becoming very protective of them should they end up in a situation she considers dangerous. She may also get jealous if she sees someone she likes hanging out with someone she doesn't know that well or doesn't like, though she will confront her friend over it first before doing anything else. She shows a certain level of respect for those that she's neutral towards while still acting headstrong and in charge of the situation, but will act superior and condescending when faced with someone she dislikes or hates, going so far as to outright state the individual's flaws right to their face in disgust. When someone appears hostile to her, she will stand up to them but will only resort to violence if whoever she's faced off against challenges her to do so or attacks her outright, in either case she'll try to move the fight somewhere else to prevent collateral damage and attempt to end the fight peacefully, often by using one of her talismans to make the offender become physically drained or fall asleep completely. While one of her long term goals is to be loved, she will only accept such love from those she considers good and not driven by an ulterior motive.

Though she still has a bit of a lonely side from being forced to live away from society most of her life, she manages to remain cheerful overall despite it. The difference between Gods, demi-gods, other personifications, and even humans, mean very little to her. In her eyes, everyone is a potential friend for her to love and be loved by them in return.

History: Kasumi was born in Kyoto, Japan to a female Kitsune and a male human shrine keeper. She was born with fox ears and a tail, traits she had inherited from her mother. Knowing that this would make her a pariah, or worse prompt others to seek harm to her and her family, her parents decided to keep her hidden from others until she could learn to hide her animalistic features.

Growing up, Kasumi wasn't allowed to go outside, as her parents didn't want to risk anyone seeing her and finding out that she, and possibly her mother, weren't human. This frustrated Kasumi, especially seeing how her mother was able to change her appearance to that of an ordinary human and go out freely, an ability that took Kasumi herself time to learn and even more time to be able to maintain. In the meantime, her parents would do whatever they could to keep her from getting bored or lonely. Her father would home school her so that education wasn't an issue, while her mother taught her magic, albeit while making her promise not to use it to harm others unless it was absolutely necessary. When she wasn't with her parents, she would seek to entertain herself by watching TV or browsing the internet, which caused her to grow more fascinated with the outside world as she learned more about it through these means. Over the years, she would grow more tails, and with them her magical capabilities as a Kitsune became stronger as well.

Once Kasumi had finally learned how to hide her ears and tails, her parents let her go outside at last, and the first place she wanted to visit was the shrine her father watched over. Happy that his daughter had an interest in his line of work, he not only let her come to see the shrine, but offered to let her work with him in its protection. This excited Kasumi as she accepted his offer and was trained to be a shrine maiden, a title that she keeps with pride to this day. Once she was fourteen years of age she had finally mastered shapeshifting, allowing her to maintain a normal human guise with little effort. Now fully able to leave home without needing her parents' supervision, her first desire with this newfound freedom was to go to school, believing that she could finally make friends like she's longed for her whole life there. Though her father was reluctant, Kasumi's mother knew of a school in which a being such as her would fit in.

With her parents in agreement and in support of Kasumi's wish to attend school and make friends, they enrolled her at Ichor Institute. At first, it took her a great deal of getting used to, and she soon realized being away from her parents that were the closest she had to friends her whole life dealt its fair share of loneliness, but in time she learned to adapt and be happy to have the school life she had been denied for so long, eventually becoming one of the more popular Personifications in the entire school thanks to her beauty and positive attitude. Now an eighteen year old girl in her fourth year at the institute, Kasumi is determined to see her final year through to the end.

Other: As a shrine maiden, Kasumi feels a certain degree of obligation to listen to Gods and Demi-Gods, but not to the extent that she'll just blindly let them tell her what to do. She'll only do what she's told if it's something that she would've done anyway.

She is fluent in English and Japanese.

She's bisexual, and will happily commend those in unconventional relationships (gay, lesbian, even interspecies) for "Not letting anything stand in the way of love."

She loves getting scratched behind her ears and having her tails brushed through, either by one's hand or with an actual brush.
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Why not both?
Gonna leave a WIP here

Sullivan van Daal
Gender: Male
Age: 18
Year: Fourth

Class: Symfora
Arcana: Tower
Abilities: The Tower Arcana represents destruction, danger, and sudden change.
  • Aura of Discord: The Tower Arcana has a tendency to cause an imbalance in the life of its holder. If the host’s life remains fairly static for a long period of time (typically several months), the Tower causes a dramatic upheaval to occur in their lives, forcing change. The nature of this upheaval isn’t fixed and can range from being fired from a job to things like having your limb chopped off or losing a loved one. The changes aren’t necessarily negative, either — things like winning the lottery are also on the menu. Sullivan himself has no control over what happens to him.
  • Destroyer: Another power native to the Tower Arcana, Sullivan can cause objects to near-instantly disintegrate or violently break apart/shatter by placing his hand on them. This only works on non-living things, and has an area of effect of around ~15cm in radius — an object larger than that will only be damaged within that radius (how that damage spreads is another matter). He has to wait about a minute between successive uses of this ability, meaning he has to be fairly calculating and patient when using it in combat.
  • Domain of Lightning: A domain inherited from his first kill, Sullivan has control over thunderbolts and lighting (very very frightening). He can call down lightning strikes from the sky (this requires there to be some form of cloud cover), and can shoot smaller bolts from his hands and feet (although aim is a bit tricky). He can also coat his body in a protective field of lightning, which deflects weak projectiles and greatly increases the damage dealt by things like punches and kicks.
  • Superhuman: Due to his nature as a Symfora and the powers of the God he consumed, Sullivan has superhuman strength, speed, agility, etc. It's not quite at the level of full Gods yet, but his lightning abilities and the extra force they give his attacks make up for it. Similarly, he has senses that are better than a normal human's, but not to the point where it's obviously noticeable.
Masquerading as: God of Thunder


Sullivan stands at slightly above average height, possessing an athletic physique, impeccable posture, and aura of self-assured confidence that makes him seem even taller than he is. He’s on the slimmer side, with a body that’s toned, but not incredibly muscular. His skin is on the paler side, and he has a few scars from some past fights (both pre-powers and post-powers). His hair is a golden colour, typically quite messy and spiking up in many places, but it seems to naturally default to ‘reasonably attractive’-messy rather than ‘looks like a god damn wreck’-messy. His eyes are a vibrant, crimson red, and are often shielded by a pair of slightly tinted glasses to cover for his slight far-sightedness and sensitivity to light (due to enhanced senses). He can function decently without them, but obviously not optimally.

In terms of clothing, Sully tends to go for a mixture of whites, blacks, and varying shades of grey. He dislikes tight clothing and absolutely despises anything that so much as goes near his neck (due to nasty childhood memories). As such, he typically opts for a loose shirt with the top few buttons open, covered by a long-sleeved black jacket. He puts a deceptive amount of effort into his clothing — you’ll often find that he looks ‘wild’ or that he doesn’t care much for his clothes, which isn’t totally untrue, but he also makes a bit of an effort to cultivate that appearance. Occasionally, you’ll see him wearing a pair of black gloves.

Personality: Sullivan is best described as a charismatic asshole. He’s incredibly confident in himself, both in terms of ability and moral correctness. He firmly believes that there is no challenge he can not overcome, and that his final goal is absolutely morally right, even if his individual actions might not be. Contrary to expectations, this arrogance does not mean he underestimates his foes or slacks off. If anything, his confidence in his ability leads to similarly high expectations of himself. He will throw everything he’s got into whatever challenges come his way — and even if he fails now, he’ll never fails get back up, make new plans, improve himself, and try again. Even though it often borders on downright arrogance or even delusion, his unwavering willingness to confront anything he’s faced with, and self-assurance even in the most dire of situations is infectious, often helping those around him gain their own confidence. This makes him a charismatic and effective leader in most situations, although his inability to even consider the possibility of total defeat can sometimes make him a little obnoxious to work with.

This confidence, of course, leads him to believe firmly in the rightness of his own opinions, and he isn’t hesitant to force those opinions down others throats if he has to. He isn’t the kind to get involved with other people’s business (typically seeing them as being irrelevant to him), but if you so much as step foot into his life and try to influence him even the tiniest bit, you have to be prepared to fight him every step of the way. Similarly, if he decides he needs you for something, you can expect him to come knocking at your door on the daily, until you finally give in. He does what he wants, and will do whatever it takes to do what he wants/feels like he has to — and if rules or authority or peers get in his way, then as far as he’s concerned they can either come around to his side, or go and screw themselves. Your personal space? Privacy? Freedom? Health? Emotions? They don’t matter one bit to him. That’s where the ‘asshole’ part comes in.

Another thing you may notice is that Sully is deeply cynical. To him the reason why he and his siblings had to go through the things they did was because of the inherent evil of humans, a cause which soon grew to include the inherent evil of Gods. His past experiences have left him with a very dark view of the world and human nature, and as such he is quick to see the evil in people. He believes that radical change is the only way to make people happy, and he doesn’t hesitate to make that happen. As a result of this, Sully’s also very ambitious, possessing grand dreams of reforming and improving the entire world as we know it, even if it means tearing everything down and rebuilding from the ground up. He despises the inequality present in society and, even more so, the lack of care and action by those who are in power. As such he has a distaste for authority in general, always being one to rebel and break rules and attempt to change the system. Everything he does is for this final goal of creating a perfect world free of inequality, so that nobody would have to suffer as he once did — and for now, that means using his time at the Ichor Institute to amass as much power as possible. After all, humans and gods are not to be trusted — they will trample over each other and breed chaos for nothing but their own perceived benefit, and to the actual benefit of no-one. He trusts no-one but himself, and so he’ll make damn well sure that that trust is backed up by strength. Because of this, he’s incredibly power hungry, making every effort to increase his own strength.

History: Abandoned at birth by a mother who had him by accident, Sullivan grew up in a poor orphanage in a poor town, run by poor people. Everything was scarce, and from an early age, anything he got, he had to fight for — food, small luxuries like new clothes or better beds. And he proved to be quite a fighter. With an unshakeable ambition and a need to ‘move up in the world’, he made up for his younger age with sheer determination and ferocity, often winning fights with other, older children in order to get the things he needed — food to make himself stronger, books to educate himself, chances to meet with potential parents to get out of this hellhole as fast as he could.

At age eight, Sully found his chance. The owner of a massive business empire (named Nicholas Waters) came to the orphanage, looking for a successor — the poor children, the ones with grit and ambition, were the ones who had what it took. Sully did not miss this opportunity, forcing his way to the front of the line. Impressed by his drive, Nicholas adopted him as his own and began grooming him to be his heir and right hand man.

As he grew older, Sully found his adopted father acting more and more strangely, often murmuring things about ‘surpassing the gods’ and ‘defying fate’. It was clear that he was struggling with something, but never clear what it was. Sullivan himself did not particularly care, and in fact saw it as an opportunity — when he came of age, he could expose his father’s mental issues and take over the company for himself. It was nothing personal — if anything Nicholas had been very good to him — but he had to do what he must, and he knew his father, cunning and power-hungry as he was, would understand.

And then it happened. One day, as Nicholas was teaching him about how to make investments (a fairly routine procedure for them), the Tower Arcana transferred itself onto Sullivan, and it was over in an instant. In that moment Sullivan learned three things: one — what his father had been so worried about. Two — that all the money and influence in the world was worthless in the face of the divine, the magical. And three — that the power his father had failed to overcome was now his, and he could use it to fulfil his dreams. He no longer cared for his father’s corporation — he’d found something greater.

The arcana was very pleased. This would be the perfect host.

After that Sullivan abandoned the idea of inheriting his father’s company, instead dedicating himself to trying to understand more about his newfound power and allowing other executives to take his place, which they gladly did. For almost two years he got nowhere, but then he was graced with another stroke of luck — an invitation to the Ichor Institute. He accepted without hesitation.

As a Symfora, he made his first kill easily and quickly, capitalising on an easy opportunity. A naive young God, still unsuspecting — Sully trapped him in one of the school’s many storage basements and disposed of him, gaining access to his domain, that of Thunder. He used that to pass himself off as a Thunder god, allowing him to openly train and use the more powerful of his powers. After that he lay low, building connections, marking potential targets, and learning more about the world and its magic — the time for feeding would come later, and he did not want to risk drawing attention to himself yet.

  • He is bisexual, with a preference for boys.
  • He has a reputation as a rule breaker and a wild card, and has gotten into several fights with other strong-willed people.
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@Sketchie: Accepted! x3

@Andydemon: Also accepted!

Small note because I noticed it in a few SUs tho (It's not a big deal, I'm totally fine with things being copied over from the previous version) but a few histories refer to the school as Amrita, which is now called Ichor instead. As I said not a huge deal but @*Jean Grey*, @VampirateMace, @Sketchie and @Andydemon if you guys could edit the name that would be fab.


@Skillfulness: reserve noted! If you decide to go with the human just remember that they would be in danger (and that companion could totally serve as their "god token" lol)


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.....I decided to do both. Quinn is done and BOY is still a work in progress, doesn't even have a name yet.
EDIT: Boy Tatu is done now too!

Name: Quinn Smith
Gender: Female
Age: 15
Year: Second

Class: Personification
Monster: Phoenix
Fire Control - Quinn can produce and control fire. She can create a large or small area of flames and control where they go, how hot they are, and can stop them immediately. Any flames she creates will stay present unless she dismisses them, i.e. if she falls unconscious, the flames stay up. She has slight control over what they burn, but it requires more focus than the rest of her abilities with flame. She can cover herself in flames without being burned and she is resists to flames from other sources as well.

Limited Flight - The wings are still somewhat new, but Quinn can use them to lift herself several feet off the ground, roughly 10 feet. Her stamina is directly connected to how long and how high she can go so a tired Quinn cannot fly as far as a well rested one.

Immortality - As a maturing Phoenix, Quinn cannot die; rather, her death will result in the birth of a new Phoenix. It is unclear how this power works in her current, partially human state and she hasn’t died before, but she isn’t willing to test this aspect of her personification anytime soon.

Mark of the Phoenix - The tattoo on her arm and chest area will constantly be lit with a dim glow. The rest of her body can glow as well, either due to her own willpower or when her emotions flare up. Her skin and hair remain dim, but as she takes on more Phoenix traits her glow will increase.

Sun Connection and Healing - Quinn has a close connection to the sun. She is usually awake with the sun and has a sense of where it’s located at all times. She feels more energetic under the sun, healing minor wounds over time, and can loosely tell what time of day it is whenever the sun is up.

God Obedience - Against her personality, Quinn feels drawn towards the Egyptian Gods of death and the sun specifically. Other Gods of death and sun give her a similar feeling of closeness and loyalty, but she can shake the feeling with time and distance from them. While not completely obedient, she is more likely to listen to and be influenced by Gods or Demi-Gods of death and the sun.

Healing Tears - Quinn has tears that can heal. She isn’t totally familiar with this power, but a few drops of her tears can heal mortal wounds while one drop could heal broken bones or other severe injuries. This doesn’t work on herself.


Quinn is shorter than average and feels shorter every day. In fact, she might be gradually shrinking as part of her personification. Another feature of her Phoenix heritage are the large golden wings, nearly twice her arm span. As her wings grow, her arms disappear. Currently her right arm is just a stub past the shoulder and her left arm is a couple inches shorter than it used to be, since she started measuring herself. On the left arm is a bright yellow tattoo that glows and is the permanent marking that proves she is the personification of the Phoenix. Her legs end in three-toed talons and she is growing feathers around her thighs. On her face she has started growing dark red feathers and the upper half of a dark orange beak (her mouth is still present and functional). Otherwise she looks like any normal girl her age. She has messy black hair that hangs around ear length. Her dark skin has red undertones and sometimes itches when she starts growing in new feathers. Her eyes have always been a bright, piercing red with lush eyelashes framing them. Her build is spindly and light.

Quinn is fierce and her mannerisms reflect that. She will hold eye contact with anyone and rarely slouches. Her wings are usually slightly folded to stay out of the way, but she will use them to intimidate others by flaring them out and making a small gust. She will glow when stressed or angry, sometimes when sad or extremely happy as well.

As far as fashion goes, Quinn has refused to give up despite her changing body. She frequently dresses in dark colors and blues in rebellion against her bright plumage and fire abilities. Also due to her altered anatomy, dressing herself can be difficult. She wears baggy clothes constantly and prefers skirts to pants. She also enjoys wearing tank tops to show off the fiery tattoo on her arm and chest. Generally, she despises all sorts of jewelry as it's hard to put on one-handed, but she has never been that fond of sparkly things.

Personality: Quinn is as fiery as the flames she controls. She has a short temper and is easily annoyed. While she is quick to react to things, physically and emotionally, she generally takes her time to analyze things either in the moment or later, after the situation is under control. The long talks with her mother and grandmother taught her to be patient in any situation. These are the two sides to her personality; a hasty and reactive person who can take her time to think things through. She may appear to have shallow, impersonal thoughts and feelings, but she really does take her time to try to understand others and empathize.

Socially, Quinn is cautious. Her experience with others her age is mostly negative so she isn’t quick to trust others nor is she quick to offer her loyalty. Most consider her a lone wolf of sorts. She can get by on her own and usually prefers it that way. Lately she has felt conflicting feelings towards Gods or Demi-Gods of the death and sun domain. She feels the urge to assist them or play a role in their life even if she doesn’t know them well at all. It’s part of her personification, but something she likely won’t catch on to. Even if she prefers to do things alone, she can get lonely and needs at least a close friend or two to get through tough times.

Quinn is fairly good at reading personalities and people's intentions. She is also fairly good at changing her demeanor as the situation calls for it. In another life, she may have gone on to do theater, but in this life she is incredibly insecure. Despite the supportive talks from her family, Quinn has little self-confidence. She doesn’t consider herself worthy of anything. She has a dark, sarcastic sense of humor and can be self-deprecating at times. But she is stubborn as well. Even when she has low self esteem, she pushes through the depression and moves forward just to spite the universe and prove she’ worth something. She’s afraid of being forgotten someday, dying in a pile of ash for the next Phoenix to rise from. Because of this, she has taken to school with a fiery passion. She is all around crafty and resourceful, learning quickly and applying what she learns with accuracy.

History: Quinn was given to a well-off couple in Europe that seemed to have it all together. The father was a wealthy businessman while the mother, Angela, ran a daycare most days of the week. Their world was completely changed though when Angela came home from work to hear crying. She found Quinn laying in a pile of ashes beside a note explaining the situation. The Phoenix requested her assistance in raising the baby girl who would one day completely transform herself into the mythical bird. But now, she was a normal, frail human and the Phoenix would have trouble raising her. When the father returned home, they had an incredibly heated discussion. It was clear the two did not agree on how to move forward, but Angela was insistent in raising the girl, perhaps because she unknowingly played a role in her creation. The Phoenix, when rising from the ashes of its previous self, set aside a small pile to create the girl. It needed more than simply the ash though and found Angela, a proud strong woman who would provide a good backdrop for a new Phoenix.

When the couple couldn’t come to consensus, Angela took the baby to her mother's house while they figured things out. Four months later and Angela was divorced, living with her mother and raising a daughter with strange origins. Her mother decided not to ask questions, but instead helped with raising the girl, even when things got strange as she grew up. First, they found orange, red, and yellow feathers all around her and eventually discovered they were coming from her. Angela remembered the note and was expecting something like this. She and her mother planned to home school her when she was old enough. When she was little, they modified backpacks she could tuck her wings into when they went out. After her beak grew in, they made trips less often. All through these changes, Angela, her mother, and Quinn always had discussions over important issues and they made it clear Quinn could always ask them for help and they would talk things over. She had a strong, supportive family. As she grew older though, Quinn would run out at night to explore places on her own. She knew it was dangerous, but she also knew she could get out of trouble quickly with her flames if need be.

On one of her nighttime tromps around eleven years old, she met Caleb. He was an older boy that liked hanging out around the gas station, somewhat of an outcast too. He walked with a limp and spoke funny, but they chatted while she hid her beak behind a sick mask. The two hit it off and became fast friends, meeting up at night to goof off on a regular basis. She desperately wanted to share her secret with him, to take off the mask she always wore out. Most people were polite enough not to ask and Caleb was the same. Foolishly, Quinn though she could trust the older boy and revealed her wings and beak to him one night four months into their friendship. Wide-eyed and full of fear, Caleb didn’t even give her a chance to explain before running away. Quinn was shocked and hurt. Going back home, she made enough noise to wake her mother Angela, crying quietly in the living room. That night, the mother and daughter spoke about a lot of things. They were open with each other; Quinn asked lots of questions about herself and how to deal with who she was while Angela did her best to answer honestly and in a way that would help her daughter overcome the struggles of being part Phoenix. It was a night that always sticks out in Quinn’s memory.

After that, she stuck mostly to staying at home and dedicating herself to her studies at home. Three years later, at the age of 14, they received a letter from Ichor Institute announcing her acceptance to the school. A second letter arrived the next day from the Phoenix who simply stated that they arranged the proper schooling for Quinn and hoped Angela would agree that the school would be the right place for their ‘shared’ daughter. They talked about the issue thoroughly, as they three woman had always practiced, and ultimately decided the school would be a good place for her. She was excited to go, but her freshman year was slightly traumatic. In the first few months, her legs started to change and her tail feathers began growing. Even among other mythically inclined persons, she was picked on for her strange features. Halfway through the year her arm began to deteriorate. It was terrifying to lose her right arm as it shrunk up towards her shoulder and other students noticed a new way to pick on her. One day it was too much and Quinn attacked a Demi-God student that constantly bullied her. It was a short fight, the bullies leaving with minor burns while Quinn was covered in bruises, but it cemented her position as an outcast at the school.

Even though she remembered the conversation she had with her mother the night Caleb abandoned her, Quinn felt empty and worthless the rest of the year. Her teachers were the only kindness that she was looking forward to next year. Some of her other powers have started to show or developed further though which will probably impact her this year. While she isn’t looking forward to trying to get along with her classmates, at least her major bully graduated last year and she could enjoy some peace.

- loves all things cinnamon
- is left hand dominant
- is a good singer but wasn’t always, probably part of her personification
- smokes, somewhat addicted without feeling the effects
- is considering getting other tattoos to see if she keeps them as a Phoenix
- dislikes swimming and big bodies of water

Name: Tatu Virtanen
Gender: Male
Age: 14
Year: First

: Human
Believes they are Is Pretending to be: Demi-God of Protection (born to Tezcatlipoca)

: Tatu possess a strong Fylgja; Norse mythology for an animal spirit guardian that is part of his soul, essentially. This creature takes the form of a jaguar and only appears in Tatu’s dreams. It constantly follows him and protects him in mysterious ways. It can warn him of danger and make small influences on the physical plane, shifting objects or affecting the souls of people around Tatu in order to keep him safe. He is never truly aware of anything his fylgja does, but he understands the being protects him and he tries his best to follow its guidance when it appears in his dreams.


Tatu is fairly tall for his age, over 6 feet by a couple inches. He is in great shape with developed muscles in all areas of his body. His head is small and square shaped, topped with dusty brown hair. He keeps it cut relatively short and it has an almost fluffy texture. His thin eyebrows are perched above narrow, still blue eyes. He has a long, slender nose above a small mouth and nearly spotless skin. His hands are dainty, but long fingered. There is a long scar running almost parallel to his spine on the right side, crossing over near the small of his back and going up to the bottom of his shoulder blade from the car accident. It is mostly faded, white tissue but still clearly noticeable.

Regarding mannerisms, Tatu does not have a lot of telling gestures. His gaze is always steady, he only uses his hands when speaking if totally necessary, and he never slouches. Not very emotive, he really only loosens up when by himself or around only a few close friends or family. In those cases, he often folds his arms comfortably and smiles often.

Tatu’s taste in clothing varies greatly. He enjoys wearing some modern clothing based on Aztec culture, but he is usually in something comfortable regardless of how it looks on him. The only color he won’t wear is green, but otherwise he will put on just about anything. Some days he dresses up in an outfit while other days he throws on a trashy, yet fashionable pair of jeans with a simple top. He often has a watch on to keep track of events throughout the day. Sometimes he likes to accessorize with a shawl or other over the shoulder clothing piece, he can get cold at times.

Personality: Tatu is a tight lipped, closed off type of person towards others. He rarely talks about himself or his passions and deflects conversations away from himself. He prefers to simply be a background character and ignores the spotlight if he ever does find himself at the center of attention. Part of how he avoids it is by being apathetic and empty on the outside. He appears disinterested in most things and has limited emotional responses. Part of his lack of emotion is intentional, to dissuade people from trying to befriend him, but another part is due to his difficult past. He pushes himself away from people, fearful of growing close to someone just to lose them. Overall, be behaves detached and reserved in social circumstances.

Meanwhile, internally Tatu is driven and calculative. He is extremely interested in what others have to say, particularly about the knowledge they possess. His mind is constantly taking in information and categorizing it, tucking it away for the next time he will need it. Interestingly, Tatu has aphantasia, a condition where he is unable to conjure a mental image. Instead of daydreaming during classes, imagining fantastical creatures and lands, his mind is a blank slate and he simply recalls facts he’s learned to keep his memory in top shape. Someday he hopes to be a detective and he certainly has the mind for it. He is crafty, tactical, and always thinking a few steps ahead.

If one is lucky enough to earn Tatu’s trust, he is a completely different person behind closed doors. He is passionate and gets excited when learning new things or reaching a breakthrough on a problem. He is also fairly mischievous and enjoys little pranks or telling silly stories about things that never happened, waiting to see how long people will think he’s telling the truth. Also, while usually quiet, his volume goes up in small social circles where he is comfortable and he will talk faster as he gets more excited, getting more annoying as he goes along too. He is stubborn, refusing to let an argument end until he’s had his entire say. He will even bring back an old topic in a conversation if he feels there’s something that was missed. Still, he knows when to quit to avoid actually angering anyone, but sometimes he toes that line to see just how far he can bother people before they explode.

History: Tatu was born to an optimistic young couple from America. His mother, Carmen, had Aztec ancestry and grew up in Mexico while his father, Aappo, was Finnish born to Christian missionaries. After they met each other and fell in love, the couple moved to America where he started pursuing a job as a detective. A few years into their marriage Tatu was born. He was the light of their life and each day they spent trying to make his life better. He was a bit spoiled, but his parents were clever and they treated him maturely. He got to learn a lot about the world from his parents at a young age. When Tatu was five, his parents were excited to announce he was going to get a little brother or sister.

Unfortunately, the sibling would never get a chance at life. The whole family was driving home from bowling one night when they were hit by a drunk driver. Tatu was the only one to survive, but required spinal surgery. As he was recovering in the hospital, authorities were determining if he would go to foster care or close living relatives when a mysterious man stepped forward claiming to be the closest living relative, a godfather to Tatu of sorts. He got through all the red tape and eventually, after Tatu was healing, this stranger took him home.

Tatu was hesitant to open up. He was already a somewhat reserved kid, but after the accident he didn’t speak for a few weeks. The stranger was understanding and let Tatu take his time to heal, always making sure he knew he was available to help. When he was ready, Tatu had many questions for the stranger. It turns out this stranger was a Demi-god that had been watching the family from a distance since Tatu’s birth. He was a descendant of Tezcatlipoca, an Aztec god that had blessed his mother's family for generations. When the stranger, named Manauia, was following through his duties, he was drawn to Tatu’s family and watched them closely. First he recognized the mother, whom the god he was born from gave a blessing to, but then he noticed something special about the boy.

The other side of Tatu’s family has deep roots in Finnish paganism. While his father never strictly followed any practices, he and his wife were both Christian, the previous generations had an impact on the family line. Tatu had a special soul, possessing the four distinct parts that the Old Norse believed made up a person. Specifically, he has a familiar spirit of sorts due to his strong fylgja. Manauia noticed the spectral being around Tatu from an early age. Invisible to everyone except Tatu, and then still only visible during dreams, Manauia sensed it following him like a force of nature. It led Tatu away from danger and showed him brief visions during dreams to help him in the future. It was something Tatu had never noticed, but after a long discussion, he had to admit many of his dreams featured a jaguar. Manauia first described it as simply a guardian spirit, but Tatu was hungry for knowledge and the two studied together, learning more about his parents' religious history. He was homeschooled by the Demi-god as they explored different religions of the world, studied math and science, and gained world experience from a human and supernatural perspective. While young, Tatu was incredibly motivated and loved to learn about the world.

Eventually, he was nearing high school age. Manauia was working on a surprise for Tatu, but warned him it could be extremely dangerous. He pulled some strings to get a letter of acceptance to Ichor Institute for Tatu. He knew how enthusiastic the boy was and figured it would be a good opportunity for him to get some firsthand experience with the gods. He warned Tatu though that they were powerful and would likely not tolerate a mere human in their prestigious school, so Tatu would need to be completely sure he wanted to go. Rather than jumping at the opportunity, Tatu took a long time to think on the matter. He certainly wasn’t eager to put himself into mortal danger, but the prospect of getting to live beside and study with gods was too good of an opportunity to pass up. Besides, he had his fylgja to help guide him safely through his years at school and he could drop out at any time if he felt he was in too much danger. And if he did die, he would be able to see his parents again and hopefully Manauia would be proud.

- has basic skills in speaking about a dozen langaages
- has aphantasia, a condition where he cannot see images in his mind*
- took additional classes in speech, a secret passion of his
- took additional classes in technology as well since Manauia was not prepared to teach on the subject
- prefers warm weather, bitter cold causes his back to ache

*while Tatu does not see images in his mind, he still remembers what happened in his dreams, but it is more akin to reading a passage in a book compared to watching a scene during a movie
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