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I'd Like To Keep An Eye On Their First Errand! (1158)


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I'd Like To Keep An Eye On Their First Errand!

Ash, Goh & Chloe are at the Pokémon Center and keep having to stop Grookey and Eevee from causing mischief. In order to teach them responsibility, Goh & Chloe insist that they are actually good Pokémon so Ash suggests sending them on an errand so that they can learn to co-operate. Will they be able to succeed?

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Guess this is the obligatory 'Pokemon being cute on their adventures' filler episode.

While I otherwise wouldn't have really minded this episode, its placement after the last one (which DESERVED to be a two-parter) hampers the enjoyment factor I'd usually have on first watch.

Plus points for unique TRio mannequin disguises + moments, and Ash taking initiative using his non-Pikachu Pokemon actively in the episode for various purposes. Hey, at least the writers remember that Gengar exists.

Morpeko is still a little s***.
Nice to see my boy Goh getting fit into the proper clothes he will don as our new main hat and vest boy in Gen 9
Give it a rest TurtleDuck, you're not the first one to have delusions about Ash being replaced.


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Ash's Pokemon were extremely unnecessary here, it would've made more sense for Goh to let out his Pokemon and help, gotta grade down the episode for that shoehorning of such a third wheel character here

My only other complaint is that Morpeko did not try to eat Appletun, Morpeko would not have such restraint to not murder Appletun


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Oh there was an ep. Forgot, Whoops. I was thinking more about how extremely annoyed I am for accidentally waking up at around like 5:34 today after sleeping at past midnight.


the elder eevee
I honestly don't understand anyone calling this an underwhelming or a boring episode. It was literally so adorable. And TR posing as mannequins XD
If you really hate this coz it's a filler, idk what to tell u lol. This was actually an adorable Pokémon episode, the reason I watch Pokémon is for adorable episodes like these
You do generally try and be more positive than most, even if it seems like you force it.


It's a Brand New Era baby ~
Well that was cute. Nothing too eventful happened here.

Except Appletun debuted! <3
(Please keep it away from that evil two faced rat)

Good to see Gengar and Sirfetch'd being used. Even if it was just a filler

Kinda unecessary tho because I'm still waiting to see what kind of moves Grookey knows

Grookey sure does Cry a LOT.
Shame we never saw him interacting with Sobble. I'm sure they would've gotten along well