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I'd Like To Keep An Eye On Their First Errand! (1158)


Deluded Dreamer
Not gonna lie, I thought this episode was going to suck, but I guess my Birthday was on my side today and I found it fairly enjoyable.

Found it fairly amusing that Team Rocket basically acknowledged that Vanillite and Appletun looked like desert (much to their horror) and looked like they were about to eat them. Also that Appletun is huge!

Wait, Ash has his team on hand? Nah, that's illegal in Journeys!
Gengar got some much needed screentime and I liked how they took advantage of his gag to coral Eevee and Grookey out of the alley.

But... why was Goh dressing up as Ash? That didn't really Goh anywhere (badum tss)
Also lol to the random@$$ Snorlax in the alley.

Not necessarily an episode that I'd go back to, but decent enough for my Birthday!
Happy Birthday <3
Really appreciated the way they handled Ash here. Like an older brother to the less experienced newcomers, and handling all the situations to not mess with the newcomers’ goals. That’s how Ash should be treated at this point, a mentor figure that can still be silly and fun
In Gary's episode, Ash also acted like a protector


Happy Birthday, @TheCrazyMaster


Passable episode. They tried to make a cutesy chapter with nods to My First Errand and while it's serviceable, I felt that some of Goh's and Chloe's overreactions were somewhat OoC. If it was just Chloe, I could write it off like her showing more facets of her personality and somewhat fitting giving how much she treats Eevee like a baby but Goh being dragged into this too really pushed the "they are being rewritten here so they fit the stereotype of the show we aren't being subtle to homage". I felt the Chespin one with Bunnelby during XY was more enjoyable. And that's not my bias as I think the one Chespin in the main cast was kind of dissapointing. I mean, there at least it felt somewhat natural and not trying overly hard with the reference. Sometimes subtle is the way to go.

It did had some highlights. Ash using his other pokémon for a change as well as showing Goh and Chloe have a bit of interaction and friendly teasing. They've been stated as childhood friends but most of the time, the show downplays that to the point they look as strangers to each other as Ash was in regards to them back when they met.

All in all, the episode works but most of the attempts to be cutesy didn't really worked with me.

Next: TR finally decides to something about Morpeko

What about if I ship Goh and Serena? :>

Go ahead.

Not a fan of the idea myself but... Still a better love story than Twilight?


Pokemon World Champion
So far, Koharu has been the worst pokegirl of all along with Mallow, although she has potential she is still too boring
How dare the character that wants to try out new things try out new things and proactively participates in episode plots instead of being carried around like dead weight and contributing nothing to the episodes she plays a major role in

How. Flippin'. DARE.
How dare the character that wants to try out new things try out new things and proactively participates in episode plots instead of being carried around like dead weight and contributing nothing to the episodes she plays a major role in

How. Flippin'. DARE.
She has only participated in that water race


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Just watched the episode. I think it was cute, if a bit weird with how much Goh and Chloe were emoting throughout the episode. Random thoughts include:

1. With Morpeko being asleep after binging on TRio's food, it makes me wonder why they didn't try getting rid of it when it can't put much of a fight back. And it's not like they don't have experience trapping Pokemon with gear that resists their attacks...

2. Those were impressive backward bends Ash & Goh pulled off to avoid getting hit by Pelipper. Not sure why that stood out to me, only that it makes my spine hurt looking at it!

3. Goh putting on Ash's jacket literally came out of nowhere (there's not even a cut of Goh asking for it). Good art fuel for those who like the pairing at least.

4. Loved that Gengar and Sirfetch'd showed up in this episode and doing what they do best!

5. I liked seeing Goh and Chloe interact with each other this episode, even if it was a bit over the top. It's nice to see them together given that they're supposed to be childhood friends and we don't see much of that. I hope they'll give us an episode showing how they became friends with each other one day!

6. They'll have to give Morpeko one heck of a glow-up next episode to make me like that little demon.
Fun episode. Not much really else to say. I unironically sometimes watch these episodes on 2x speed at this point anyway. I do have to praise the Gengar inclusion in this episode. Reminding the audience that he isn't actually a ghost!
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Appletun's debut means 10/10 episode .

But seriously it was A OK/Good filler with some funny and cute moments.

Ash using other Pokémon its always nice.

TR was really great in this episode, they have been better lately like in the Plusle and Minun episode or the Arrest Pikachu episode, have to say that even if I'm not a fan of them looking all skinny and starving I laughed when Morpeko stole the Apple-pie with ice cream.

Grookey is adorable and so is eevee.

Next week Morpeko and James bonding time, looking forward to it.