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I'd Like To Keep An Eye On Their First Errand! (1158)


Lover of underrated characters
Team Rocket literally carried this episode.
I'm not a fan of the Gacha machine having Galar Pokemon though, what's even the point of them nabbing Chewtle for it? Could at least have had them capture Grookey and Appletun during one of the Galar trips. It's just an EXTREMELY lazy way to debut them and was an even lazier and ****ing stupid capture in Grookey's case.
There being Pokemon from Hoenn -> Alola is fine cause I always assumed that Giovanni moved in once the TRio 'eliminated' the competition. Galar Pokemon being in it without the TRio doing so is not cool, at least have them actually perform their job. Them getting Chewtle was cool but now more than ever it feels like it should have been an official member of their roster seeing how they're not even catching anything else, it's inconsistent!


British Soul

Top Hat Regulator
Absolutely NOT an essay time (given that is was filler).

One thing that I'll say is Appletun is smaller than I expected it to be, though I can chalk that down to me not paying attention to the sizes of the newer pokemon and that's fine. Not gonna lie, I found Morpeko eating the apple pie just as TR was going to enjoy it really hilarious as there was no way that TR's plans weren't going to end in tears, the whole "Morpeko's asleep so we should be fine" thought had "this is going to go wrong" written all over it. As for the premise of the episode, I was reminded of the quest from Breath of the Wild where you had to follow the Korok to the shrine, but not let it see you following it.


Well-Known Member
Of course the 69th episode of PM19 is some nice fluffy Filler with Eevee being adorable and Grookey getting some karma for its constant rude behavior

Hated that tease of TRio getting their stolen pokemon back though
Wait, what were you expecting for this episode being 69th one?


Dawn & Chloe by ddangbi
Wait, what were you expecting for this episode being 69th one?
Some dirty thoughts if you know what the number 69 actually represents...


Well-Known Member
Reviewing the Pokémon anime in 10 words or less:
"The last part of the episode is worth the watching"

Episode: 7/10


Go-ing for Gold
Grookey and Eevee crawled up Chansey's coochie. /jk

Grookey continues to be my favorite Pokemon on the cast; he's this little ****-disturber and it's pretty much ingrained into its very soul at this point. But I really loved how Eevee and Grookey worked as a duo. The latter is a ditzy trouble-maker; Eevee is a copycat and will play along, but is more observant and responsible. Throw in Pelipper and you got a chaotic trio of weirdo Pokemon.

I'm one of the people who like Morpeko and its antics, so the ending didn't bother me. It's funny, and I don't feel too much sympathy for the TRio when they could just eat out at any point, instead of bringing food home.

Anyway, I loved this episode. Responsible neutral Pokemon (Pikachu) are usually boring to me. Strong-willed Pokemon with attitude (Sirfetch'd, Excadrill, Dragonite 1) are decent but overused. Timid, gentle and dainty Pokemon (Sobble, Togekiss) are hit-and-miss. Lazy Pokemon are cute. But my favorite Pokemon are the ones are are ditzy airheads, total jerks, trouble-makers, weirdos, or really immature kids. They're super charming and funny. I love derp mon.


Grookey was trying to learn Softboiled.


Alola Shill
I empathize deeply with TR here. Morpeko eating the apple pie à la mode before they could was worse than it starving them, tbh.

This was a really fun, cute filler. Go and Koharu having a mini rivalry here was cute and so were Grookey and Eevee, especially so. That sakuga with Grookey was really nice too; unexpected but nice nonetheless. I also liked Ash taking initiative this episode. With Journeys, it’s not always visible because of how he gets sidelined, but it’s always neat when Ash uses his maturity and experience to take charge of a situation.

Lord Starfish

Fond of owls
In light of today's upcoming episode being a Morpeko ep after this one already gave the thing a significant role, I have been thinking a fair bit about the little bastard and...

This episode here? Convinced me that I literally hate Morpeko. Its only purpose is to make Team Rocket miserable. In the exact same way. Every time. Regardless of whether they did anything bad or not. Even in cases where they have already gotten pummeled for doing bad things. It's just kicking a wounded dog at that point. And in episodes like this one where they didn't do anything even remotely evil it just becomes all the more egregious. And the damn thing always looks so content afterwards too gah I just want to stab the damn thing with a rusty dagger.

This is like the anti-Kiteruguma. Kiteruguma I was afraid I would get bored with but the show kept reinventing the gag in increasingly outlandish ways while also developing a genuine bond between them to the point where by the end of Sun & Moon I was actually sad to see them part ways. Morpeko just... does the same thing. Every time. It was kinda funny the first time but it has gotten beyond stale.


Well-Known Member
It was nice seeing Gengar and Sirfetch'd get some screen time. And I found the part with TR and Pelipper really wholesome. That is, until Morpeko ruined their efforts. I agree with the general sentiment, I don't like Morpeko. Hopefully Go will catch it next episode so it can stop making TR miserable. They truly don't deserve that.

Other than that, I didn't understand why did Go take Ash's clothes and put them on in the middle of the episode? Like what was the purpose of that? I can't wrap my head around it lol