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Idea for a Mewtwo EX/Boundaries Crossed Blastoise deck (Any suggestions?)

Discussion in 'Rate My Deck' started by StatusCondition, Dec 31, 2012.

  1. StatusCondition

    StatusCondition Smile, N wubs you!

    So, I recently purchased both a ColdShock and World Championships deck, and noticed Blastoise's (BW Boundaries Crossed 31/149 Rare) Deluge Ability is quite intriguing:

    "As often as you like during your turn (before your attack), you may attach a Water Energy card from your hand to one of your Pokemon."

    And then I remembered my surplus of Mewtwo EX's [3 from champion's deck and one from blister]. If I could pair up a benched Blastoise and Mewtwo, Mewtwo could become quite the amazing sweeper. I could then use my Darkrai EX's Dark Cloak ability to give Mewtwo free retreat (so long as I could pull a few dark energies,) and keep it from being one-hit-KO'ed by other Mewtwo EX's.

    It would be a VERY energy based deck and would rely heavily on supporters like N for pulling Blastoise lines and energies. As such, it may be hard to draw any basics, though I think the risk of this is not something to throw the idea away because.

    Here's the possible deck list:

    Pokemon (12):

    Mewtwo EX (Next Destinies 54/99 UR) x4

    Darkrai EX (Dragons Exalted [I think...] 63/108 UR) x3

    Squirtle (Boundaries Crossed 29/149 Common) x2

    Wartortle (Boundaries Crossed 30/149 Uncommon) x2

    Blastoise (Boundaries Crossed 31/149 Rare) x1

    Trainers (20):

    Professor Juniper (Dragons Exalted 98/108 Uncommon) x2

    Skyla (Boundaries Crossed 134/149 Uncommon) x1

    N (Dragons Exalted 96/108 Uncommon) x2

    Cheren (B/W Next Destinies [possibly, I get confused with the set names...] 91/98 Uncommon) x2

    Dark Patch (Dragons Exalted 93/108 Uncommon) x2

    Energy Retrieval (B/W 92/114 Uncommon) x2

    Pokemon Catcher (B/W Next Destinies 95/98 Uncommon) x3

    Eviolite x3

    Switch (B/W 104/114 Common) x1

    Random Receiver (Dragons Exalted 99/108 Uncommon) x2

    Energy (22):

    Water Energy: x11

    DCE: x3

    Prism Energy: x2

    Darkness Energy: x6

    {{I AM aware there it only adds up to 54 cards, I am currently not at home and brought only the two decks and no other cards, I will add the other six when I get back and have more options. I am open to suggestions on these six, though.}}

    Thanks for helping out,

    ;484; StatusCondition.
  2. ven?

    ven? Kanto Region Champ

    You should get rid of darkrai, it's useless in this deck and slows down the mewtwo/blastoise lines, reason, because you could put in 1 keldeo for the small darkrai engine that will mess up you're deck's speed.
  3. StatusCondition

    StatusCondition Smile, N wubs you!

    Yeah, good point. Though for now I'll keep up the old deck list, I like the idea of a very varied HydroPony. I just ordered a Boundaries Crossed Booster box and hope to get a Keldeo more, to increase my chances of drawing one...
  4. ven?

    ven? Kanto Region Champ

    To me and alot of people agree that it would make better sense to make proxys to test out what you want to have in you're deck before buying testing it and finding out that you don't need them, and if all you want is 2 keldeo, it's cheaper then buying a box and getting lucky or going for broke, also I should note from months of mewtwo wars, If you switch you might as well scoop because that mewtwo will die next turn.

    Edit: since I have the time now I can actually do a deck edit on this deck (It needs it)

    You only need under 16-17 energy for this deck preferred, because in truth we're supposed to "rely" on supporters like N, cheren, juniper, bianca, hugh etc to actually make our decks have much more efficiency and run alot more practically pulling out the pokemon and energy necessary to make the deck run much faster and have the synergy to make it last through out the game and win with much more ease, so it's not like me rely on the supporter cards, they're just the bread and butter or gravy that make the meat taste so much better. Also choosing what each type of supporter in you're deck helps alot in how you're deck pans throughout the game. I find that alot of people like to play skyla in this deck for the option of getting rare candy to evolve blastoise much faster then just doing the in between turn play or waiting a turn or 2 for a rare candy itself, it also helps in getting cards like cilan which is an awesome card to play in this deck getting that three energy out and playing it the turn you get it because of blastoise (you really only need one). I haven't tested Keldeo yet (as I'm stilling waiting for the 4 boxes of boundaries crossed I ordered but keldeo seems to be the only deck I play against nowadays, mwhaha it's to easy), but here is roughly how I would run the decklist,

    3 mewtwo
    3-1-3 Blastoise (I have none but I would still test)
    2 keldeo proxy's (If you're running blastoise, even if you're not, everyone is playing in keldeo because it's 1 card versus playing the darkrai engine, because to play darkrai successfully you have to have a dark energy, dark patch to make it successful and energy switch to move the energy around, well I just play in 1 keldeo and use switch, same thing less cards, I don't care if I never use keldeo in tournament play and just use my my little pony proxy card for the rest of my life it is just that much better then playing darkrai for retreat; my friend says it's twilight sparkler's but it looks like a pony to me)

    trainer/supporter/stadium or T/S/S for short
    (Note I got lazy so this is a copy and paste supporter line but that's okay because I made slight modifications that seemed well, much more actual to how the game play will pan out, but I should underscore quite heavily this is a skeleton and the cards in it should be looked at as they are really useful in a blastoise engine deck, also the amount of cards used per card greatly helps run those pokemon much faster)

    4- N (It is a good card)
    3- Juniper (N does have limitations to how useful; it is and juniper does help out those limitations)
    3- Skyla (It's helps alot, getting catcher, rare candy, super scoop up, juniper, etc
    3- Bianca (or cheren doesn't matter
    4- Catcher (it's a good sniping option to take down the card you we're trying to take down last card or to tear apart you're opponent's benched engine
    3- Super Scoop Up (It's a great healing option as you can bring all those cards back up into you're hand and then drop mewtwo or keldeo (the only other EX you can do this with would be cresselia, maybe black kyurem 150 this set with a side track, but 200 next set and you can consistently attack with the 200 dmg black kyurem no strings attached but thats up to you) down again to deal that extra dmg as fresh as a daisy
    2- Super Rod (getting you're pokemon but especially you're energy, the down side is
    3- Ultra Ball (get's any pokemon you want with a price
    2- Level Ball (helps the blastoise line in getting squirtle faster
    3- Rare Candy (from squirtle to blastoise in 1 card
    2- switch (it is really helpful to put in more then 1 switch in a deck that has either darkrai or keldeo, because they're are a few decks out there that thrive off decks that don't have switch)

    and for energy....

    4 DCE
    8 water energy

    this is a skeleton.
    Last edited: Jan 1, 2013
  5. StatusCondition

    StatusCondition Smile, N wubs you!

    This does seem like a good idea, and proxies can help, I agree. Thanks for the advice!
  6. Swagsire

    Swagsire Well-Known Member

    Ven made a great point about how cilan works in this deck, but didn't add it in his skeleton. I would heavily advise it. Top decking a cilan while you have keldeo blastoise out can turn your game around in an instant
    I also rely on energy retrieval in my hydropony variant. at least 2 copies. Especially if you end up getting carried away with energy on a keldeo and it goes down, pick em up and reattach is super nice.

    Otherwise the only thing that worries me lately with this deck is quad sigilyph. Your only option of counter is blastoise, and god forbid with that low energy count ven posted you attach 4 to a blastoise. I would add in something like bouffalant personally, takes down EX's fast and a great sigilyph counter. Good luck otherwise Qwaa ;195;
  7. ven?

    ven? Kanto Region Champ

    I forgot about e. retreival and low energy tells you I have tested it yet >.>. Well a friend did say 10 was best today, another person also mentioned they don't do e.retrieval and just run 2 super rod and 2 cilan, also for a sig counter alot of people said that sig is useless cause you have 4 catcher (what if they're bench is nothing but sig's I said, they scoffed and said impossible), but the best I heard was the use of kyurem NV, spread and takes down sig's on retaliation, meaning they can't attack as effectively if they get hit by glaciate and then catchered up, oh and last but not least tool scrapper, apparently well not apparently, garbador decks are on the rise because of keldeo .
  8. Swagsire

    Swagsire Well-Known Member

    I think kyurem is a great idea. Sigi is a serious player. And I personally believe the bad lists of quad are the ones that drop things on the bench that aren't sigi only to be catchered around.

    And really garbodor? That's odd. I guess my meta hasnt caught on being all darkrai 1 landorus/mewtwo and 1 rayeels. Qwaa ;195; (plus 1 keldeo/blastoise on occasion)
  9. ven?

    ven? Kanto Region Champ

    Yes and no, like for my eels deck I think using cathcer for sig is a waste of time, so I'll just pump up a zekrom and no more sig (even if they kill zekrom next turn I expect it hehe)

    Yeah garbador, it's just what I'm getting from various forums and what people in my league are telling me (we follow the forums because that's what our area plays off of, I have no choice in the matter), let's see, I'm the only one playing rayeels right now, my buddy is playing buffolant/mewtwo/i guess terrakion/eels/idk if thats right but he's playing eels (it's tough to beat) alot of landorus/mewtwo, blastoise/keldeo, darkrai hydregion, and random EX deck's (not to many people in our league is playing energy acceleration decks because of what one of our top players is saying, that and his slight obsession with landorus/mewtwo that not to many of them seem to see). That and apparently keldeo and rayeels tie (which I know is BS, no need to sugar coat it kids I don't lose to that deck to often) so that's why so many people are trying for ability lock decks so there isn't a tie (like whatever I just tool scrapper, catcher and you're EX obliteration), hench why I figure it's probably better for this player to start off with like 2 tool scrapper just in case of garbador (because it shuts down rush in, dark cloak, and deluge with just 1 card, even though a deck with 4 scrapper will never have a problem against garbador decks, or did all the people on the forums forget about this to? usually).
    Last edited: Jan 2, 2013

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