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Idea for an Annoying Raichu


God of Thunder
This Raichu is just there to annoy the HELL out of the foe. Here's the stats:

Raichu - Female
Modest@ Quick Claw
-Sweet Kiss
-Thunder Wave

Obviously, the last three attacks are there to serve the annoyance purpose. Afterwards, if Raichu's still alive after trying to implement these attacks, it has Thunderbolt. The plan for this one is to use Raichu when you know the foe has only a few Pokemon left and has nothing to resist electric attacks.
Well, you need a way to ensure the opponent does not keep switching out, and althought this is a good idea, there are other Pokes that do it better.


God of Thunder
Yeah, I know. Raichu's just a wildcard idea. No one would expect it, but as you said, other Pokemon could do a better job.