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Ideas for a fanfic I want to write

Discussion in 'The Authors' Café' started by Every Heart, Jun 6, 2006.

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  1. Every Heart

    Every Heart Happy Rival!

    There's this one fanfic I want to write about a young girl who struggles to become the Pokemon Champion.

    The Basic Character Herself:

    The character's name is Kinra Zakashi and she is 15. (I have a valid reason as to why she's 15)
    Her starter pokemon is a Meowth because she was too late to get a starter pokemon from Proffessor Oak and recieved him as a gift from an anonomus person.
    Her Meowth wears a black bandana around its neck.
    Starts out in Kanto, Pallet Town. I plan on having it taken all the way out to Hoenn eventually.
    Her father is a Gym Leader(I'm not saying who yet though)
    Has a brother named Zane. Hasn't seen him in years though.
    She wears a black teeshirt with words "Pokemon League" on the front and wears blue jeans and sandels. Has long black hair down to a little above the waist. Bright yellow eyes with a red tint. Carries a red pack over her shoulder.
    Kinra is a little sarcastic and can be reckless. She hates losing and always fights her hardest, basically never loosens up.
    Her dream is to become a member of the Pokemon League(Pokemon Champion hopefully)

    The Plot:

    Is on a journey to become the Pokemon Champion. Or at least a member of the Pokemon League.
    (Fic actually starts as a flashback all the way up to the Elite Four, showing her in her present form)
    Gets into confrontations with Team Rocket.
    Will make 2 new friends to travel with(Maybe,I haven't decided on it yet)
    Hopefully I will be able to stretch it out to where she will be able to travel in Johto and Hoenn.
    As far as Gym Confrontations, I'm still thinking about that. I watched one episode of Pokemon and they said that you have to take some kind of exam and beat the Elite Four if you want to be a member without earning badges. But if Kinra does make a friend to travel with, they will definately be somebody after the badges. The second friend will be a breeder/coordinater.
    If not, then she will go after the badges.

    The only thing right now though is a name and approval from others.
  2. PDL

    PDL disenchanted

    pretty ho-hum IMO, mostly because there are parts that scream cliche, particularly these ones:

    the meowth as a good guy isn't the problem, but the excuse of being too late to get a starter from Oak is a bit silly, for one thing, they wouldn't only three pokemon if there was going to be several trainers starting out, that would make no sense, plus waiting five years to get a pokemon? that's rather absurd, come up with a better explaination for this please.

    not a huge problem, but it's far too predictable to have a starting trainer from Pallet town.

    having her father as a gym leader has been done before, and since it takes place in Kanto, 9 times out of 10 it'll be Giovanni.

    and does having a brother who probably won't appear be relevent to the story?

    as for the plot itself...

    it sounds exactly like the anime, work on the plot a bit, it's boring to have the same badge quest and pokemon leauge in a fic when the anime does this all the time.

    overall, the fic needs alot of work to make it unique, otherwise it's not going to stand out at all.
  3. IceKing

    IceKing Sexorific!

  4. Act

    Act Let's Go Rangers!

    ... you mean orange?
  5. Elemental Charizam

    Elemental Charizam Sudden Genre Shift

    PDL, I think you missed the whole 'lost relative' cliché. Also, your avatar is so cliché. Omanyte... like WTF is that? The most clichéd cliché that ever clichéd.

    Seriously though, it could have quite a large impact on the story (clich or not),
  6. PDL

    PDL disenchanted

    this is coming from the who has Kenta for an avatar?

    Assclown. :p
  7. Every Heart

    Every Heart Happy Rival!

    You have a point. I guess it does sound ripped from the show.....
  8. Keleri

    Keleri I pinch.

    Heart, if you want to write for your own enjoyment, then certainly go and do it--as clichéd as it sounds to us, it'll help you practice your writing skills. If you do post it here, of course, be ready for a lot of critique from the more astute posters--they've (we've) read so much fanfic that typical journey 'fics are hard to appreciate unless they really break the mold.
  9. PDL

    PDL disenchanted

    indeed, don't take this as a reason to stop writing, continue! make it as good as it can possibly be!
  10. Psychic

    Psychic Really and truly

    Yes, though we just use the words 'overdone' and 'cliché' instead.

    Sounds to me like an ordinary Trainer Fic (when main character gets a Starter and goes on a Pokémon Journey) with nothing extremely special or interesting to offer to the readers.
    Also, the idea of the whole fic being a flashback from when the character is facing the Elite Four isn't so good, just because it would be a pretty damn long flashback if she's going through three regions. If you really want to have a flashback, have her at one of the first few Gyms in Kanto and she's thinking how she got there. It's too far for her to be at the Hoenn Elite Four.

    But yes, you're taking a whole bunch of ideas from the show:
    -Trainer is late to get a Pokémon so they get a totally different starter from everyone else (Ash)
    -Trainer's father is a Gym Leader (Brendon/May)
    -Personality and dreams like cannon characters (Ash)
    -Bumps into Team Rocket (Ash)
    -Has two traveling partners (Ash having at least two wherever he went)
    -Travels to three regions of Kanto, Johto and Hoenn, in that order (Ash)

    Yeah, it just isn't that original. Sorry, hun.
    But of course you can go ahead and try to write it- who knows- maybe you'll be able to pull it off spectacularly?

    Good luck!
  11. FireTrainer92

    FireTrainer92 The Point of Origin

    I think it's great but can you have a cameo one of my characters Mickey from going back the basics seach for it to see what he is like.
  12. Psychic

    Psychic Really and truly

    -_- FireTrainer92, get the Hell out of here right now. Seriously, this is not your own fic, and nobody wants to put your own characters in THEIR story. Please for the love of Jam screw off and don't try to advertise your own fic through someone else. If you want your character to be in a story, WRITE YOUR OWN INSTEAD. >>

    Every Heart, please ignore him and don't fell you have to put someone else's characters in your own fic. This is YOUR story, and don't let anyone here try and take that away from you. *smacks FireTrainer over the had smartly*

  13. FireTrainer92

    FireTrainer92 The Point of Origin

    I do. Pokemon: going back to the basics
  14. Act

    Act Let's Go Rangers!

    There's irony in there somewhere.

    And calm down, Psychic, or you'll make it start trolling.

    it's unoriginal, blah blah blah. because originality is all you need to have a good fic, you see.
  15. Elemental Charizam

    Elemental Charizam Sudden Genre Shift


    I was just pointing out that you can say that pretty much anything is a cliché these days.

    Though yeah, Kenta is more cliché than usual.
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