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'IE cannot open the site, operation aborted' error on Serebii

I am sorry if this is in the wrong forum and feel free to move it if it is.

Okay, so basically a little over a week ago I started getting error messages that read 'Internet Explorer cannot open the internet site, operation aborted' on Serebii. It was happening quite often, mainly when I tried to go the Black & White page so I assumed there was just an issue with the site. However, since then, I have continued to get the issue on all pages of the site including these forums and I had the error message appear on two other sites as well.
I then assumed that there must be something wrong with my browser and today I updated my IE 7 to IE 8 and according to the official Microsoft website, the problem no longer occurs in this browser. However, I am STILL getting the issue.

Basically what I want to ask is, is anyone else getting this issue recently? It mainly seems to be happening on Serebii, it only appeared once on one of the other sites I go on and I have been on there more than Serebii recently.
Also, is there any way to fix this issue without having to change browsers completely? And (although I kinda doubt it) could this be a virus of some kind?

And if it helps, I have noticed that when I do get the error message now and it goes to the 'webpage cannot be displayed' screen after clicking 'OK', I can actually back up now and go back to the previous page of the site whereas when I was using IE 7, it just wouldn't load.

EDIT: I just got another error message on that site that I said I was going on more often than serebii. The last time I got the error message was on the same day I got the problem with serebii I think. It seems like the more errors I get, the more they seem to appear, but maybe that's just me.
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Chilled Hottie
First of all chuck IE and get either firefox or chrome. Second of all, serebii has a server issue, so what you are facing is a universal problem.
First of all chuck IE and get either firefox or chrome. Second of all, serebii has a server issue, so what you are facing is a universal problem.
Thanks for the help. So everyone who is using Serebii currently is getting the error? I have been getting the error on other sites too though so I think there may also be a problem on my end. But it is good to hear that it is not just my computer's and/or web browser's fault for the problems I have had with Serebii recently.
I really don't want to have to download chrome or firefox unless the problem gets really bad because, I have to admit, I am too lazy to re-add all my favorites and log into all of the sites I go onto regularly again. xD


Mr. F
Vshan is completely wrong on this.

Though he has a point when he says you need to get another browser.
Vshan is completely wrong on this.

Though he has a point when he says you need to get another browser.
I did kinda wonder why no one else was discussing having problems with serebii when Vshan said it was a universal problem. xD

Well, if you happen to have firefox (or know anything about it), is it any good? One of my friends who has firefox once said it was rubbish, lol.


Mr. F
But the server issues have truly nothing to do with what the OP was talking about.


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I have this issue too, but I'm pretty sure its the fact that I'm using...
...a very old version of IE.

I get the error on othe rsites as well, its an issue with IE itself, methinks.

I really should dump IE, tho.
It seems like I have had quite a few replies while I was away, lol. xD I am not gonna quote every message, I will just address who I'm speaking to in each paragraph.

Charmander, I am guessing you like chrome? xD I might download it if the problem persists and/or gets worse. I hate to ask, but is there any particular reasons as to why you like chrome? I really want to download a good browser this time and I am still debating between firefox and chrome. xD

Yggdrasill, okay, so there is a server issue with serebii, but I doubt it has anything to do with my problem because I have also gotten the issue on other sites...? That said, I have gotten the error message a heck of a lot on this site and there are two other sites that I go more often than serebii and I have only gotten the problem twice with one of them and only once with the other one.

Lindsy, I am using IE 8 which is pretty much the most recent one (though they have a beta version for IE 9 at the moment). According to the Microsoft website, the error no longer occurs on this browser, but I still get it so I dunno what to think. xD As you said though, it is probably just a problem with IE itself.
I have to assume devastator has never used Google Chrome.
Plus, stop thinking about which one to use, use both of them and see which one you like best. Just get off of IE ffs
Well, the only reason why I am thinking about which one to use is because I don't really feel like downloading them both. Programs usually take a while to download and install on my computer so I am just too lazy to download them both, lol.
Anyway, I think I will probably use Google Chrome since I have heard more positive feedback for that browser than firefox. xD