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If Alola had Gyms...


Canada Connoisseur
So we all know Alola doesn't have Gyms, but if they did, what do you think they'd look like, and what would the Gym Leaders' teams be? (I sort of headcanon that the Trial Captains would become Gym Leaders.)

  • Ilima's gym could be the Trainers' School, a la Cheren in B2/W2. His team could be Yungoos, Lillipup and Smeargle.
  • Lana's gym could be like Marlon's, with the floating lilypads, but you use Ride Lapras to surf around (as you do in her actual trial). Her team could be School Form Wishiwashi, Araquanid and Gyarados.
  • I imagine Kiawe's gym being a volcanic mountain path lit by fire torches, which light up as you progress further up. His team could be Alolan Marowak, Salazzle and Turtonator.
  • Mallow's gym could be a maze through the jungle, where you pick up various ingredients for her stew (as in her trial), but before she'll let you have a taste, you have to battle her. Her team could be Lurantis, Tsareena and Parasect.
  • Sophocles's gym could be based at the Hokulani Observatory, where you have to solve a number of quiz questions (a la Blaine's gym in R/B/Y and FR/LG) to get the electricity running again. His team could be Vikavolt, Togedemaru and Magnezone.
  • Acerola's gym would literally be her trial site, the abandoned Thrifty Megamart. As in her trial, you would take photos of the Ghost Pokémon haunting the place, eventually leading up to Acerola herself. Her team would be Palossand, Dhelmise and Mimikyu.
  • Since Mina is an artist, I imagine her gym being shaped like an artist's palette, with each of the "holes" that usually hold paint instead holding a trainer. Mina herself is on top of a giant paintbrush, and her team could be Ribombee, Shiinotic and Granbull.
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Canada Connoisseur
I figure that the trial captains would by default become Gym Leaders, and I think that Acerola's Gym would've likely been based in the abandoned supermarket where her trial took place in the Gen VII games. I would've given her a team consisting of Gangar, Jupetta (Banette), and Mimikkyu.

I actually thought up an interesting twist: what if the trainers in the gym were actually ghosts themselves?


Canada Connoisseur
I guess besides the Trail Captains the 8th Gym Leader would be Ryuki (as we have a Dragon Trial).
All 4 Kahunas could've been Elite 4 members with Kahili and Molayne being additional trainer/title defence (Molayne had such a role in SM)

Or Molayne could be the Champion. Hala was already an Elite 4 member, but that was only in S/M and not US/UM (which I still haven't played).


Canada Connoisseur
Honestly UM was easy, even though it was the hardest. Sun is super easy though. I beat the game within 6 hours.

I think I beat Sun in a week, and I also beat Omega Ruby and X in a week too. The newer games seem much faster to complete.