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If at first you dont succeed...


Psycotic with RAGE
Wander off for a while, contemplate what you did wrong and try again. With caution

;196; ;034; ;344; ;094; ;057; ;157;

- - - -

- Leftovers
- Synchronise
- Timid
- 252 Spe 252 Def 4 Sp.D

Calm Mind
Baton Pass

In an Attempt to Add some Survivabilty, Evs are Put into the defensive stats (Calm mind Further Boosting the Sp.D). This, coupled with Her massive Speed, Allows for Fairly Safe openings of Substitute and Calm Mind, to be passed onto the best recipient. Psychic is the default STAB, and can be used to deal large chunks of damage to anything that doesn't resist it, as well as keeping it from being complete Taunt Fodder.

- - - -

- Life Orb
- Poison Point
- Naughty
- 176 Spe 152 Atk 180 Sp.Atk

Ice Beam

Like most of this set, Aodoi is built to Recive Boosts from Hikari. Since it is expecting at least 1 Calm Mind, EVs are focused into making him a more Physical Threat. With BoltBeam, EQ and Superpower, he is well equiped to deal with almost anything. Breaks Walls, Absorbs Toxic Spikes and Hits Hard

- - - -

- Leftovers
- Levitate
- Bold
- 252 HP 114 Def 114 Sp.Def

Rapid Spin
Stealth Rocks
Cosmic Power

All round wall, And Rapid Spinner, Janus's job is to make sure that the way is clear for whatever comes in next. Cosmic Power makes it even harder to take down, Even more so if he came in on Hikari's Baton Pass, and lets him outlast whatever he just toxiced. Stealth Rocks gives him something constructive to do.

- - - -

- Sitrus Berry
- Levitate
- Timid
- 252 Spe 252 Sp.Atk 4 Def

Pain Split
Shadow Ball
Focus Blast​

This is my own take on SubstiSplit Gengar, trying to take advantage of the Substitute Hikari gives out. When it gets Baton Passed in, my opp will most likely switch to their gengar counter, which will recieve a Curse. From that point onwards, leaving that pokemon in is likely to get them KO'd so they almost certainly run. This lets me scout, do damage and set up for Pain Split all at the same time.

- - - -

- Choice Band
- Vital Spirt
- Adamant
- 252 Atk 252 Spe 4 HP

Close Combat
Stone Edge

This Team's main Players get destroyed by Dark and Psychic. This little Guy gives some degree of Counter Balance. A Choice-Banded, Adamant, Maxed Atk Close Combat is an almost surefire kill to any Dark, And the same goes for a U-Turn/Punishment against a psychic (unless it gets outspeeded of course)

- - - -

- Choice Scarf
- Blaze
- Naive
- 252 Spe 252 Sp.Atk 4 Def

Hidden Power [Rock]​

Mid-Late Game Revenge Sweeper. Designed to be as fast as possible, to outspeed as much as possible (and with 100 base speed, Maxed Evs and a Speed-Boosting Nature, thats about everything), and to hit hard. She is the only one on the team with no intention of having no Calm Minds passed onto, But still punchs huge holes with STAB Eruption (Flamethrower when damaged). Hidden Power Rock destroys opposing Fire types, and thunderpunch gives options against waters like Slowbro, Gyarados and Feraligator. Kept in reserve until the end

- - - -

And thats the team. Unfortuneatly, very Dependant on Baton Passed Substitutes and Boosts from Hikari. Should another Baton Passer be added? Should I cut down/change the pokemon that rely on it? Is there anything that I've missed?

;196; ;034; ;344; ;094; ;057; ;157;​


Psycotic with RAGE

Nobody sees anything wrong here? Anything at all?


The Janitor
I would either scarf Primeape or employ a quicker pokemon, because I have a feeling he won't be quick enough in his role. In fact, the role he's filling can be achieved far better by:

Heracross@Choice Scarf
252 Atk / 4 Def / 252 Spe

Close Combat
Stone Edge
Night Slash

Unless of course there's a theme or something I missed.


Psycotic with RAGE
Unfortuneatly, Heracross is a choice that I cant make without changing the tier rankings. Speaking of which, I apologise for thinking Gengar was UU

Why I thought that? I'm not quite sure.

But a scarf would definitely be a good thing. That small loss in punching power is more than made up for by the ablity to punch.

So, some edits have been made


don't EVER give a sitrus berry to gengar,give life orb of scarf or specs or if u want more hp back, use lefties


The Janitor
If you're replacing Gengar for UU Mismagius will do the job pretty much like-for-like. In fact I might go as far to say that Mismagius might be a little better than Gengar (OH THE BLASPHEMY!)