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If brock is goin to Shinou, wich pokemon will he take with him?


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If brock is goin to Shinou, wich pokemon will he take with him?

Well i think Bonsly and Marshtomp..

I hope that Marshtomp is gonna evolve :D

i hope that he leaves Forretress behind .. Forretress is anoying..
Hmmm.. I likehis Steelix...

Yup i know for sure now

I hope that he takes: Steelix, Bonsly, Marshtomp :D
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How the hell is Forretress annoying when we only saw it twice in the BF saga? If he does show his face in Shinou (*sigh*), I'd like to see him take Marshtomp and Crobat with him. For all that's holy, please plant Bonsly or something.


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I think he should bring Bonsly and Marshtomp. Forretress? Hmm, yeah Brock should bring it too. That is all I can think of for now.
He doesn't have a lot of pokemon :/

Probably he will take all 3: Foretress, Bonsly and Marshtomp.

He really needs new pokemon!


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If the calender is anything to go by we'll be getting Marshtomp and Bonsly with Marshtomp evolving.

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Oh Brock... *sighs*

Anyway, I think he would bring: Marshtomp and Bonsly.

I wish he would bring: Marshtomp, Crobat (yes!), and Geodude (poor thing needs to evolve! ;.;).

... Wait... Geodude hasn't evolved in his brother's care, has it? I can't remember... I didn't get to watch that Ash/Brock tag battle episode. >.>
^ It's pretty strong though, considering Sceptile/Grovyle didn't have a twig in other AG promotional images.

I wouldn't say it is definitely confirmation, but it is a point in that direction at least.


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Bonsly and Marshtomp I think are given.

I would love him to take Crobat though, it always seemed so loyal..

Ludicolo was just annoying, he can stay with the millions of kids.
Steelix and Geodude I always see as a group and they will stay at the gym with Forrest, IMO.
I would like to see Crobat return too, but I don't see why the writers would feature an old G/S Pokemon in the 4th gen. :(


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if Brock goes to the D/P region then Bonsly is a given. I'd say Marshtomp would go also since it's still a useful pokemon to have around. but if he takes a third one I hope he ditches that Ludicolo and Foretress. he should get back Crobat and take him along if they think he needs a third pokemon. he'll probably also end up with another D/P pokemon before too long if he's used.
If Brock does return I guess Bonsly and Marshtomp.

Though Fortress if it gets some good air time would be a good addition, as for Crobat, Steelix and Geodude i'm really on the fence with them.

However Geodude could always evolve >_>;