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If life had a 'Start Over' button...


i gotta amit i done a lot of funny things in my live that are not good and if i could redo them all my life would be perfect


Goddess of Lust
I'd restart my life and end it while I'm still a young kid. All this suffering I've had wouldn't exist. I wish I could.


~Setting Sail~
Despite some wrongs I desperately wish to correct, the reliving of my life would be too grueling.

Now, if I could speed through various parts and only have to perform the corrections, then that'd be another story.


TCG Trainer
This exactly. Whether it were to turn out better, worse, or exactly the same, reliving life would be pretty ballin', in my opinion.

Precisely. Of course there'd be a few things I might change here or there, like going out as opposed to staying in on certain nights, but I'd be ready for another round of life.


gone gently
The first twenty years of life have been a great experience for me. I wouldn't mind the chance to get to do it again, especially if I got to keep all the knowledge I've earned so far this first time through. Starting life over with twenty-plus years' worth of experience would be wonderful.


Bad Username
I would slam it immediatly.

I dislike myself, and it seems like I have many flaws which are too obvious and cause other people to feel negetive towards me. I hope to press it and be considered normal by my peers. ;^;

A bloo bloo bloo.


From Zero To Hero
There is so much **** I would do over, I daydream about it all the time.


God's Soldier
I wouldnt, I think a lot of things happen for reasons. No I may nto have the best life ever, but it will turn out alright, this I believe. So far I have found upsides of even the worst things. So no, I wouldnt, might lose what I love if I did


yh but if you could replay all the best days of your life it would be great


Fly it all away!
I wouldnt want a "Start Over button" I'd want a redo button so everytime I get a mistake I could just easily redo it.

I agree! You'd never lose any games you play!


The Potato One
Would I retain the knowledge I had before ressing the button? ...But then again, I wouldn't press it either way. Things are going good right now.
A lot of the things I dislike most about the life I've lived are things that I didn't have any control over in the first place, such as the issues of the family I was born into and a few biological factors. Unless I'd be dealt a different hand entirely, I have no reason to even consider pressing such a button.

I have my regrets about my own choices, sure, but I'm pretty over most of them or am working on dealing with them.
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Praise the Sun!
Damn right I would. <__<


Back in Blue
It depends. Would I still have my memory or not. Because if I didn't, then wouldn't the same exact thing happen or would it be different each time? If it each had different options, and I could do it multiple times, I'm not sure.

Now if I could have a redo good/bad things or start separate life, now that I would do.


Well-Known Member
Simply put, NO!

I have too good of family and friends (not to be confused with 'acquaintances') and much better life circumstances than most people in the world. And wishing to start life over would mean that I am being unthankful to all of that good.



Raiden Maximus
If all my memories and experiences are gone along with my current life, it's not worth it.