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If life had a 'Start Over' button...


Neighbor? Neighbor!
Possibly. I probably would be tempted-- having family+friend trouble now-- but would eventually smash it with a hammer. Things always get worse before they get better.


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I would press if I was near death bed and old.
Only if I could keep my memories of my past life so I won't *EFF* up the same way the first time.


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When I get dumped, hello new girlfriend!


TM87? I got TM32 :]
If it had a time-travel back to 2008 button, I'd press it provided I'd be able to get back to 2012.


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Only if I could keep my memories of my past life so I won't *EFF* up the same way the first time.

Same here and correct certain mistakes what I have regretted in the past.


Luxray Fanboy
Yep. I doubt my life as it is won't get much better for at least 3 years.



I've learned so much in my life so far, and pressing a button to start over would be counterproductive to the idea of living life.

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If I could keep my memories from my previous life, then I'd definitely press it, as it would probably be a very cool experience going back to the world of the past with knowledge about many things which I should not have had back then, including the future. Otherwise, I wouldn't press it as I don't see the point in doing so.


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Restarting my life is far too extreme, but I would want to go back and fix some mistakes I've made. Only the important ones, though.


Did it on 'em
I definitely wouldn't restart life, over the mere fact that I would have to suffer through 13 years of American public education again.

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I'd tell my parents to get me a tutor to stay on top of things, and go to a public school instead of a private one my 6th grade year


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For me it would be a 50/50. I've made mistakes in my life like all humans but I also lije the life I have now and the personne I am now. So idk it would be a 50/50 as I said.