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If love is my jewel then you are my savior (magmajewelshipping tribute)

Discussion in 'Shipping Fics' started by Tabby Catty, Jul 25, 2006.

  1. Tabby Catty

    Tabby Catty Courtney loves Ruby

    If Love is my Jewel then You are My Savior (rated PG-13)
    (The Magmajewelshipping tribute)

    Okay honestly this is my first time doing fics but here it is its dedicated to RubyxCourtney the reason that it is rated PG-13 is that it gets emotional and that Ruby dresses Courtney in a dress though nothing is really explained or at least nothing that is enough to be rated R I assume so enjoy the fic and comment. and in case you are wondering I put songs in there because that is what I imagine with some of the scenes

    It was about 4 months after the crisis with the legendaries and it
    seems that all was calmed down and repaired but the aftermath was still
    plentiful in one's heart especially Ruby's. Ruby sat on a bench near the alter
    in Petalburg's church praying on behalf of the lifes of three people he known
    and loved one was his father Norman. When his mother heard the news about his death she was furious and refused to marry anyone again as of today after Maxie burned his body to pieces he still had the ashes in a little pouch to remind him of his great father as for the gym it was closed until a replacement could come and still is as of today it is still a shame for Ruby to walk by the dark building that housed memories of his past. The second life that was taken away by Maxie and Archie was Steven he was a steel type master who befriended him and had a brave heart fortunately, Wallace took his place and is now Winona's fiancee' and Juan took over his position but it still wasn't the same to him to see brave Steven gone. But out of all the three the one soul he missed the most was Courtney. Yes, all though she was the hand and feet under Maxie's power for a while she proved herself when she broke away like a beautifly spreading its wings and popping out of its silcoon stage for the first time.

    Ruby knew that Courtney had romantic feelings for him ever since the time in Rusturf tunnel when her and her band of merry men ambushed him and the two reporters Gabby and Ty that were with him at the time holding the reporters hostage while Courtney dealed with him on her own she said in an agressive yet somehow sensitive tone of voice "come with me my dear we should have some alone time between the two of us"

    Ruby remarked lifting an eyebrow "what are you talking about? do you like have a crush on me?"

    Courtney realizing that her thoughts might me exposed said "silence I'll have
    to make you hold still then" as she whipped out her a jar of adhesive juice and smeared the stuff all over him.

    Running toward an alcove she stuck him on the alcove wall. Ruby, to his
    suprise instead of poking him with a knife or holding a gun up to him she was
    putting pressure on her body against him wrapping his arms around him

    Ruby thought "what the heck is she doing? have I all of the sudden became her pillow or doll or something?"

    Courtney smiled as she stopped squeezing him and said "why that was rather delightful do you know what would brighten my day up the most? If you would come on my side and together we would be the best team the world would ever know!" Ruby said "of course not why the heck would I join you?"

    Courtney said as she got her pokeball with her ninetails ready and said "I'll
    ask this again sweetie, will you join me if you do you will get power beyond
    your wildest dreams"as she smiled popping her gum rubbing against him some more.

    Ruby stubbornly said "no I won't you cannot make me!" as he managed to break out of the adhesive glue of Courtney's releasing his entire team of pokemon.

    Courtney said "if you say no I'll prove it to you by showing my power to you
    Ninetales, burn his pokemon with a will-o-wisp and flamethrower combination
    attack!" "attack with all of your might for me team!!" said Ruby

    Ruby then whispered something to Zuzu disreetly and Zuzu then ran off
    .As planned a barrage of fire balls surrounded his team burning them to a
    crisp. Walking up to Ruby with a gleem in her eyes Courtney said "now are you scared now?"

    A moment later she paused and pounced onto him snatching a ribbon from him and throwing it to her ninetales and burning it up. Although it turned out to be that the ribbon she burned was her ribbon later on Ruby sure felt rather upset at the time."no! my ribbon!" Ruby shouted

    Courtney with a grin said "now ninetales finish him off engulf him in a fire spin!" Ruby smirked "Silly lady!" as he held his pokeblock case infront of her and jerked it ascending Courtney as few feet above ground.

    Bewildered, Courtney noticed that her right hand was tied to a string
    connected to Zuzu and his pokeblock case and tied near the top of the cave.

    Curious about how he managed to get the string on her Courtney with her eyes popped wide open in shock said "how did you do that?"

    Ruby said "Well, when you were busy commanding your ninetales around I told Zuzu to unravel his sweater I gave him and secretly string my pokeblock case on the string and tie it on your hand and then go to the spot I wanted him to until I gave him the signal."

    Courtney hit herself on the head and screamed "I'm so stupid how could I miss that!" Courtney's stomach feeling sick thought
    "how could he do this I mean he looked so sweet and inocent when I layed eyes on him at the abandoned ship could have... NO! cheated on me!!"

    Just then a car pulled up and Gabby and Ty were in it. They appeared to have ecscaped Courtney's henchmen. Leaping on the car Ruby with Zuzu said farewell to Courtney. Courtney who was trying to get the string off of her wrist couldn't because it was too tight. Hearing all of this Ruby said to Gabby and Ty"step on it"

    When they did the pokeblock case acted like a movable pulley reeling a fish in and the farther the car pulled away the higher Courtney was lifted off the
    ground. Courtney's heart was beating like mad and she was what she called an adreniline high and squealing in a very high pitched tone curse words that were so slured together you probably couldn't here them.

    Ruby yelled to her before becoming out of sight "I hope you learned your lesson not to play with fire!" he laughed.

    Puzzeled, Courtney wondered "what is he talking about?"
    just then it hit her: She commanded her ninetales earlier to use fire spin and
    Courtney was right about the flames! Suddenly, the string broke and Courtney fell into the bright sea of flames becoming submerssed and burned to a crisp. Courtney could hardly breathe it was so hot.

    When the flames died down Courtney lied on the ground for a moment and then tears rolled down her eyes because she was in pain both physically because she was all a mess from being burnt and emotionally from Ruby making her feel

    rejected. All of the sudden her pokenav beeped and Hank called she explained everything and that she having a bit of long term anxiety and that Hank and Tabitha can carry on from there. Hanging up she remained lying on the ground getting her thoughts organized.

    Courtney eventually continued on her administrative duties though Ruby still
    held a sensitive place in her heart. With the next major encounter with her

    Ruby never expected it to be her last because Ruby and Courtney's attempt to pacify the savage beasts were Courtney's final hours until death.

    Ruby and Sapphire flying on Tororo were almost to Sootopolis. Sapphire pointed to it and said "Ruby I see it the distance!"

    Ruby gasped and pushed shoved her off and locked Sapphire in the air car.
    Sapphire asked "Ruby, I thought we were are team why did you all of the sudden lock me up?" pausing for a moment Ruby explained

    "I cannot let you get hurt my dear because these mosters are even more powerful than you could ever imagine so I have to bid you adieu" hopping on Tororo.

    Sapphire yelled "Ruby come back here you shouldn't be doing this its too
    dangerous for you!"

    But Ruby ignored her and just flew off. A shadow appeared behind him and came forward for it was none other than Courtney on her swellow.

    Ruby thought "what is Courtney doing here I wonder?" asking her he said
    "Courtney aren't you supposed to not be on my side why don't you just back off"

    Hopping on Tororo Courtney put her hand on Ruby's shoulder and said "Please
    Ruby you must trust me I have knowledge on how to deal with these things if you don't let me help you there is a great chance of you getting killed"
    Ruby in a firm tone said "fine you may help me because I'll need all the help I
    need to soothe them"

    soon after Ruby's approval Tororo and Courtney's swellow plunged down to the wrecked area of Sootopolis where the immense earth and sea beasts were fighting viciously.

    Sapphire knocked on the door in the car talking to Minun and Plusle who were with her "I just don't get it why did Ruby lock me in here but not Courtney? she is evil but he accepted the help that little creep when I get to him I'll.. grrr... nevermind" as she layed down uncomfterably in the small cramped up space.

    Jumping from their rides Courtney held out her hand and asked Ruby "you have the orbs right let me have the blue one then?"

    "you bet I do" Ruby retorted "I took them from Maxie and Archie and I'm glad
    because they were getting out of control"

    clutching the orb in her hand Courtney growled in disgust "that Maxie-sama he promised me power, well we better correct the probelms that they caused"

    Holding the orbs up high Ruby and Courtney both shouted out "Cease the battle great titans of the planet!" but it was no use the two of them didn't even pay attention to their call.

    "Its no use!" said Courtney "I think we should fight them and calm them by
    force." Ruby said "you have your point Zuzu muddy water now!" as he released Zuzu the attack hit Groudon in the hip

    "Groudon and Kyogre's weak spots are their stomachs" said Courtney "ninetails use hyper beam!" as she aimed it toward Kyogre's stomach giving it a direct hit"now you try"

    "okay then Zuzu use muddy water on Groudon's stomach" when Ruby said that to his suprise gave a direct hit.

    "I don't think this is working" she said in frustration "give me the blue orb and you can take the red orb maybe we can infuse ourselves with these gems and control them and tell them to stop."

    Ruby handed the blue orb to Courtney while he held the red one. In unisen the two heros yelled out "powers of the beasts, FUSE US!!!" the orbs glowed the blue was as bright as an ocean with sun glimmering down on it peacefully, while the red orb glowed like the embers in a burning fire place on a cold winter night.

    As the orbs lifted out of their hands, Courtney and Ruby's arms
    straightened out and their arms. Their bodies gave off a blinding white light
    as the glimmering orbs pressed into both of their chests. The beams calmed down and they began to feel pressure shaking throughout their right arms as every bit of cloth was striped away tracing red and blue geometric designs on their arms revealing the same patterns on Groudon and Kyogre's backs.

    Courtney whispered to Ruby "on the count of three we yell at them to stop"
    The two of them silently counted with their fingers 1..2...3!! When they hit
    three belting out as loud as they can they announced "titans of the planet
    cease the destruction!"

    The beasts got there attention but didn't stop instead they were about unleash a deadly attack them but then it was a miracle, the green dragon rayquaza came down from the sky through the cloudy mantle and descended itself to a position

    in the middle of the battle. Rayquaza shot out a blast and the battle became a three way battle against the land, sea, sky.

    "well I guess that takes care of it I wonder how Rayquaza got here do you know Courtney?" asked Ruby

    "Um I do....." from that on Courtney said her answer but it was all unheard as
    the three pokemon gods gave a simutaneous roar.
    "Can you repeat that again Courtney?" asked Ruby

    A sudden feeling of sensation was wrapping around Courtney's legs slowly
    tightening. Looking down Courtney's face turned a pale chalk wife and let out
    an urgent blood curdling scream "Ruby! something is grabbing me help me!!"

    noticing Courtney being dragged away Ruby yelled "Courtney grab my hand I'll try to pull it away" reaching for Ruby's hand Courtney tightly grasped it and held on as Ruby pulled her in. Courtney felt a warm comforting feeling from Ruby's heart. That feeling ended though when more tentacles came out and strangled Courtney wrapping around her arms and torso and pulling even harder.

    Courtney screamed to the top of her lungs "Ruby! I'm being dragged in!" she
    choked. Ruby said "Courtney stop screaming you will attract the beasts!"
    Courtney was too scared to listen to Ruby she just kept on screaming out loud in pain. The tentacles finally reached the cave of origin and swept Courtney in the darkness. Because of Courtney's pleas the three beasts used hyper beam on the cave almost like thats what the tentacles wanted Courtney to do. Ruby braced himself with Zuzu for the assault. Shortly after the legendaries went back to the fight demolishing the area around the cave into a piles of rubble and together a huge wreckage of rocks.

    Ruby didn't panic he ordered Zuzu to help move the rocks with him. A weak,
    limp voice stopped him though before he lifted a single boulder. "don't bother
    save your energy" it retorted the voice was none other than Courtney. Ruby
    looked around and asked "Courtney where are you, Are you sure you don't want me to help you" Slowly lifting up her hand from a crack Courtney weakly spoke "I'm over here I know you feel bad for me but you shouldn't I feel that my time has come. You are helping me by being with me in my final hours"

    Returning Zuzu Ruby walked over and said "I'll be here with you Courtney I
    really have bonded with you from the time I laid eyes on you at the abandoned ship to now"

    Courtney was silent for a minute her body began to rise as she straightened out her limbs and began to glow the brilliant light again just as Ruby and she did. The orb in a brilliant blue color emerged from her chest and fell to the ground just as Courtney did leaving her into the worn out state she was in before only gasping for air from the diffusion. The colorful orb rolled toward Ruby and he picked it up and put it away.

    Amazed on the power of Courtney's energy it took to separate the orb at her own will he said "Courtney, about that time at Rusturf I'm sorry for taking down the offer and hurting your feelings. You see the reason I allowed you to help me and not Sapphire was because I was thinking about it I realized that maybe we could make a good team so when you came to me I said yes thats why we were always a good team" Courtney thought for and moment and said "do you really think so? by the way did you figure out that the ribbon I burned was actually mine?"

    For those who want some background music "My Immortal" was being played on a piano slowly while the two were talking. Anyways Ruby remembered how he was so sad about his ribbon when actually he found it was there all along. Something hit Ruby all of the sudden Ruby spoke once again "I get it now you are a coordinator like me are you. why did you hide that from me all this time

    Courtney put down her head and cryed shamefully "because I'm a bit embarassed you see I wasn't originally from Hoenn I actually live near
    Viridian, Kanto. My childhood friend Daisy and I loved contests when we were
    little we made pokeblocks together we praticed our moves together we competed together my ninetales was still a vulpix at that time too and with its fire tricks and tail whip it won the audience's attention but those days are long gone" as tears rushed down her face.

    Sitting on a rock Ruby nodded and tried to calm her down by saying "There is
    nothing to be embarassed about it though Courtney as quite a nice person like you why did you team up with Team Magma?"
    Courtney told Ruby looking up at the ceiling noticing it wasn't going to hold
    up for much longer

    "Well, it all started when I came to Hoenn for their
    contests in my hotel room I was attacked by these thugs who took me to their leader none other than Maxie. He said that the reason that I was captured was because he envyed my ability and offered me to team up with him. I said no at first because I didn't want to stop my contest career but he promised me power and lots of riches and made me an admin when I accepted his offer. But I see that all of that has got me no where and he lied to me I feel like my life is empty now because I basically devoted my life to Team Magma. Though you are making me feel better than if you were not here for me I really appreciate that" Courtney smiled

    Ruby closely peered through the crack and said in a dreamy tone "I promise
    Courtney when we get out of this mess we will compete together" "that is if we don't die" Courtney snapped at him "go on now I mean it Ruby it is for your own good you are the only person to stop to catastrophy. It is true the world is in your hands now go!" Ruby gasped at Courtney's command "but Courtney!" Courtney shouted again "GO!!!" hearing Courtney's sharp shouts Ruby hurried off still rather worried about Courtney.

    (the music is now changing to "my heart will go on") Courtney meanwhile thought that she should spit out her gum. An idea sprang out of nowhere and she removed her lighter and took out a bottle of berry juice and rubbed it on the lighter and the gum to make it float better. Blowing her last bubble with her last big breath of air she attached it on the lighter and sent it flying away in the breeze. Courtney's world was disolving before her very eyes she lied down on the rocky floor of the cave which would cave in soon and said a silent prayer.

    "Heavenly father I thank you for giving me this wonderful boy as a gift to me
    he showed me the light and to love again and I pray that my spirit would see
    you face to face in person after these final hours of pain are over. I also
    pray that my lighter reaches Ruby and that he would be safe and stop this
    crisis" in Jesus' name Amen.

    When the final thoughts were let out Courtney blacked out into utter darkness for a while and slowly her breathing and heart rate slowed down until it stopped for Courtney was dead.

    Looking back in the cave Courtney was trapped in he figured that he must not look back at her and move on. Spotting a small horn on a pink balloon that appeared to be Courtney's gum. He jumped up and grabbed it but when he did Groudon and Rayquaza accidently smashed the cave with their humungous tails.

    Ruby told his broken heart to not cry and move on.
    He read the lighter and it turned out to be that it contained information about

    Ruby and his family Courtney's voice said it was because she had an obsession over him that she looked up everything.The cause of Courtney's death was caused

    by Maxie and Archie's evils by paying the price to her Norman was on Rayquaza and Steven attempted to join the fight with his Metagross but Maxie creamated Norman to a fine ash with his houndoom and Archie strangled Steven with his tentacruel that he used to kill Courtney their bodies lay on the ground and were destroyed before Ruby's very eyes. Of course Sapphire was freed from the air car and Mimi returned as a milotic to help.

    The fight was furious and the battle was won by a mysterious Celebi that a
    man gave him as a little kid though Celebi disappeared right before he can get it to take him back to the past but he knew it was for the best. When Hoenn was mostly rebuilt and everything was back to normal everyone went on their ways again and basically forgot about everything even Courtney she didn't even have a funeral since no one really knew her and if they did they knew her as a bittersweet villian.

    Ruby stood up from the bench at the alter and looked up at the stain glassed
    windows sparkling with rainbows of colors showing beautiful scenery and stories about the windows. He slowly walked away and went outside since he still felt

    that his love life was incomplete somehow so he walked over to Sapphire's house taking the winding road.

    When Ruby knocked on the door and slowly opened it Sapphire smiled and jumped out at him saying in a cheerful tone "hi Ruby! whats the matter?" Ruby said "Sapphire do you really think that we are meant to be together?"

    Sapphire looked puzzled and replied "I honestly don't know what do you think
    Ruby I know you said you loved me a couple times though is that true? If it
    isn't you won't make me sad or anything I'm not really into love right now
    either way"

    "well you see I was thinking about my past with Courtney and it just seems to all come to me that maybe she needs me more than you" said Ruby

    Sapphire still confused said "I don't get you Ruby I honestly don't how can you find attraction over a dead body that hasn't been barried yet and is still in that crumbled up cave?"

    Ruby just got an idea when Sapphire said those word and told Sapphire "I just feel that there is a presence of her spirit somewhere and I believe in this
    everlasting love that when my time is come to meet her again she will be my
    immortal wife and will be with me forever and not just a short life time"
    Sapphire twitching her eyes replied "you're weird I do not understand a word
    that you're saying" as she slammed the door going back to her own business

    Ruby said to himself "I must go and show my affection to her spirit which I
    know is out there and maybe if I do she will don her angelic face again it is
    something that I must do"

    Ruby first stopped home picking out his mother's wedding dress his mother
    stared at him and said "Ruby what are you doing?" Ruby smiled "oh nothing mom just a little project I'm doing" his mom looked away and went "okay then I hope you know what you're doing" Ruby said walking outside "I will" walking to the seaside the waves splashed on his feet as he walked through the soft sand.

    Ruby grabbed a pokeball from his bag and tossed it up into the air revealing a
    long serpentine water snake named Mimi, Ruby's milotic. Ruby held on to Mimi as he rode on her back while she carried him through the water all the way to Sootopolis where Courtney's body was. The music playing now was a Cascada song called "one more night" in the background.

    Ruby sped up approaching the wreckage as it magnified closer and closer. Ruby parked Mimi and ran onto the rocky Earth of sootopolis the sea wind was a bit strong and blew in his face but he kept running even though it was cold.

    Finally he made it to the wreckage and began digging her out the rocks were
    heavy but that didn't stop him. Whatever could get him a kiss and eternal love from her would be worth it. Exhausted Ruby pulled Courtney out of the small dark trench she was in for all these months. Her body lyed there weak as Ruby picked her up. There was a bit of a rotting stench from her that smelled foul but Ruby got used to it and he began stripping Courtney of her clothes and putting out the dress to slip her in. He took each piece of one by one first her glove and boots, then her tworn cape, her sarong type skirt, and finally she was down to a black sleeveless leotard.

    One by one he threw the clothes in the water in the distance where they sank to the sea floor never seen again. Ruby started to get nervous when he was taking her leotard of because he never really did anything this extreme to a girl this age but when he took it off anyways. But either way he knew that he would regret if he looked at her bare body trying not to look he quickly he slipped the white flowery dress onto her and attached a tiara like veil on her smooth head of short shadowy colored hair.

    Ruby held her up and said "Courtney this is how much I love you. I love you so much that I can kiss your corpse on the lips without any fear. Hear this my sweet angel you wanted this and you got it"

    In his arms he gentally lifted Courtney up to his face and kissed the feeling
    was so irresistable that Ruby kept holding his position for quite a long time
    even though he knew that her mouth would be filled with bacteria his true
    passion made him. Ruby slowly lifted his lips up and carried Courtney like a

    man saving his lady from a wicked demon. Ruby gentally placed Courtney onto MiMi's back and took her back home.

    Ruby said to Courtney "if a kiss doesn't show my affection for you I'll put my
    heart into a shrine for you and give you a proper burial since its a shame that
    no one loved you enough to give you and gave grief for you're death"

    (the song now switches to Angels from Witin temptation) Ruby day after day
    worked his heart out building his shrine that was on a sturdy cliff over
    looking the crashing waves out of his surroundings from stone he carved pillars

    in interesting shapes and made small carvings of beautiful scenes on them that Courtney might like and placed them around the perimeter of the shrine in the shape of a horse shoe and a small stone slab to put flowers on in the center.

    Finally to top that off he engraved a stone at the front of the shrine and it
    said "in memory of Courtney, a friend, a cordinator and a lost lover may she
    rest in peace."

    Finally Ruby dug a deep hole in the ground and finally placed Courtney inside
    the hole with the dress still on buried her packing the ground together to make it sturdy. Ruby collapsed onto the ground and shed tears and with his head facing up to the sky he plead "Courtney I love you with all my heart I want you

    to remember me and come back I did many things to show that I love you I'm a mess without you Courtney please hear me now!"

    An aura shined upon Ruby. He backed away and floating right on top of her grave was a shining spirit clothed in a white dress with a flowing thick red belt wrapped around her and wore a wreath made out of branches filled with greens on them. For it was none other than Courtney her glowing face lit up as she spoke

    "Ruby, I love you too. You passed my test that if you loved me so much to dig me out of the wreckage then you would love me enough to make me yours even

    though I am not on this Earth though when you find me again I will be waiting" said Courtney

    Ruby stared at her in astonishment in her figure Ruby's eyes lit up in
    amazement "I have a question Courtney what happened to my Father and Steven I want to know"

    Taking the ashes of Norman from his bag Courtney came down to his height and explained

    "these ashes are just a shell that the spirt resides in when on Earth
    the spirt then breaks out of the body and flies freely depending on where it is
    destined to go I was called to bring love and good to you Ruby I can't thank
    you enough" as she threw the ashes up in the air and they magically turned to glitters and brightly simmered down into golds and silvers.

    (music fades) Ruby's eyes watered with tears of joy he slowly put his arms
    around her. Courtney's body slowly faded away into a shining bright glow and

    Ruby as the sudden fell flat on his face in the dirt he looked up and Courtney
    was long gone Ruby screamed his hardest as he could "Courtney! I'll miss you
    I'll do whatever it takes to find you!"

    Sapphire walked up to him and lifted an eyebrow "um Ruby she is long gone deal with it you have me now at least be thankful Roob"

    Ruby growled in fiery eyes "Sapphire you don't understand she still has a
    presence and my hopes aren't lost yet Sapphire I realized you aren't the one"
    Ruby ran away with thoughts and hopes of making every step dedicated to
    Courtney going forward.

    Sapphire's mouth drop wide open thinking "now what am I supposed to do?"

    The End

    (I hope it was okay I'm not sure if I'll do more fics though how did you like

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