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If Our World Instantly Became A World Full Of Pokemon...

Discussion in 'General Pokémon Discussion' started by RNG_Reporter, Apr 12, 2013.

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  1. RNG_Reporter

    RNG_Reporter Well-Known Member

    1. How long do you honestly believe our society, etc would last before it became pure chaos? Why?

    2. Which Pokemon(s) would be the most sought after for protection or to be the best partners to use in a world full of Pokemon.

    ex: no one would think to use a Dunsparce as a reliable partner in such realistic and drastic conditions.

    I honestly feel that our world.. full of sick and disturbed people.. as well as evil-minded individuals, would easily corrupt Pokemon and their abilities, and our society would be destroyed in a matter of weeks, maybe days. Whether it's on purpose or on accident, a lot of people wouldn't know how to handle Pokemon and their potential, so countless things would be destroyed and lead to chain reactions full of disaster and despair.

    If I had to choose a few possible Pokemon that would be a reliable partner in mostly any situation, I would definitely ignore the grass types and bug types..

    I would probably lean towards a Psychic type that can use telekinesis, etc to control the surroundings; like a Reuniclus or a Alakazam. Since we all know in the anime, Psychics seem ridiculously powerful and can control many aspects. Or I would go a more dominant role and make sure my partner is more awesome than the competition, and can hold it's own.. so something like a Salamence or Lucario.

    Legendaries are not really part of the Pokemon choice equation.. as we need to take into consideration there is only suppose to be only a few of each, or even just 1. [just go with it..] So yes.. you can discuss the possibility of people trying to catch them and abuse their universally powerful potential.

    Thoughts? Would our society be able to withstand such creatures?
  2. UbersSuck20

    UbersSuck20 #FreeGenesect

    I'd have Weavile as a partner and yes, our society would be able to withstand them. There are different kinds of Pokemon, not just Scizor, Politoed, Ferrothorn and Tyranitar.
  3. mjunior3

    mjunior3 Link Jokers!

    i think "team rockets" would start forming, and everything would spin out of control. i would use lugia or charizard, btw
  4. Manna

    Manna Rockin' the Suburbs

    1. Forever? Maybe.

    2. Probably the legendaries.

    I could die happy if the world became full of Pokemon. Just...I could have Mudkip as my partner....yessss.
  5. Liz Azzimagica

    Liz Azzimagica Angelic Trainer

    Pikachu and Eevee would be my partners and I think your wrong abut socity being destroyed...it'll help us regrow, replant, reconnect with nature...their are more good hearted people then bad ones so they'd take them in, give them homes and things like that...I would even be a representive for acceptance and rescuse pokemon from homes that will treat them bad
  6. Twisted Fantasy

    Twisted Fantasy Active Member

    A lot of third world problems would be solved as some pokemon have a seemingly endless power source so this would get rid of any energy problems and probably eradicate world hunger...
  7. RNG_Reporter

    RNG_Reporter Well-Known Member

    That's actually a brilliant point^

    I could definitely see a good vs evil battle being a very common and never-ending theme.
  8. PurpleTitan

    PurpleTitan King of Unova

    I'd have Lucario as a partner. Also, the world would become a better place. Screw wars, let's have a Pokemon battle!
  9. RNG_Reporter

    RNG_Reporter Well-Known Member

    Imagine all the fires and destruction from moves like Earthquake and Draco Meteor.

    I don't think you all are really understanding the realism lol.
  10. Coileach

    Coileach Active Member

    1) Society would melt down immediately. Everybody would suddenly have access to what are essentially powerful weapons. I can imagine people getting out of prison with a tellaporting abra, collecting money from meowth's payday, trying to get more and more powerful pokemon and hurting people in the process. Then there would be the vegetarian types who would try to stop the madness but they'd be quickly disposed of. people might get a ditto and make it transform into a person of a high position (Ditto can do that, can't he?) to try and "rule the world". But after a few decades society would adapt and rebuild there would probably be laws put in place so that not everybody can have a powerful pokemon except peace keepers and people of good social standing but this would lead to a two tier society and maybe more violence? all and all it wouldn't be catostraphoc in the long run.
    2) alakazam, teleport in real life would be amazing so i would always be able to exscape and he can fight like a mad mam too.
    To the pedantic grammar natzis: Spell check isn't working, be merciful.
  11. MetalSonic

    MetalSonic Orderan' Defendan'

    Everyone would be dead.
  12. LunarFox

    LunarFox Sand Trainer

    Hmm... Considering pure realism... The best pokemon to have as a partner would be something like Gengar or Rotom or another ghost type. Something that can still use psychic powers but remain invisible. Useful for scouting among other things. And yeah the world isn't all that nice. So there would be wars over the Pokemon's powers... That is unavoidable. But on the pure cool note that suggests I could have whatever Pokemon I want I would totally have a Metagross or maybe a Ditto. The Ditto could be fun lol. And as for the destruction caused by those high level moves they are just that. High level. There is the possibility that not all Pokemon that could learn them would learn them. Just because all humans can cook that doesn't mean we all can cook. Get it?
  13. HolyNova Lucario

    HolyNova Lucario 明るい日中

    I used to think about this when I was a kid. The world will be at utter chaos, it won't be as feel good as the cartoon and plus people will die...Pokemon world being real...gives me shivers (Giratina, Rayquaza, Darkrai, Deoxys) brrrr...
  14. Inferno Vulpix

    Inferno Vulpix Despicably Average

    Well, people react badly enough to change as it is, but to have magical creatures capable of taking a mountain and throwing it to fill a valley if it gets mad is going to frighten people a lot. Now there will be the groups who understand what's going on (us), but the majority of people will be afraid that their safety might be compromised by a wild Growlithe accidentally coughing a little flame towards your house and...

    So. They would have to do something about that.

    There's no way they'd just let creatures of such power just wander around. Probably, people will start an unofficial 'program' to drive all of the Pokemon out of civilized areas and keep them safe. A short while later, and a few real programs will spring up dedicated to that. It won't be too long before a bill is passed that makes animal control obligated to take any Pokemon found or reported outside city limits.

    Scientist will be tearing their hair out as they perform lab experiments to determine just how a Golduck can spray a Hydro Pump consisting of more water mass than its total body mass. Eventually, they will come up with some explanations as to how they work, but there will certainly be organizations like PETA rioting at their doors for their lab experiments.

    Sooner or later, as list of 'safe' Pokemon will be made, consisting of Pokemon that are okay to keep as pets. Not many people would have any Pokemon pets though, as they would be considered an exotic animal and thus you would have to jump through some hoops to get one.

    On the other hand, some Pokemon will be identified as 'extremely dangerous' like Gyarados or Tyranitar. Such Pokemon will be attacked on sight and driven into the far reaches of the wild.

    Ecosystems will receive a large shock as the mass amounts of new Pokemon upset the carefully balanced structure, and lesser animals that can't defend themselves will suffer massive population drops.

    It won't take too long for the countries to realize the military potential of a Charizard, and thus programs will be set up to capture and make loyal Pokemon of outstanding strength. Investigations will be made to find Legendary Pokemon, hoping to have them join their country. With all these ultra-powerhouses falling under Government control, the dictatorships in the world will soon flex their new-found Poke-muscle and go to war with other countries. This will happen so much that WWIII would probably take place, with people (hopefully) abandoning nukes and resorting to Poke-warfare.

    It will be a turbulent period of warfare between power-hungry countries with a new toy at their control, but it would probably settle down in a few years, and we probably won't see much of Pokemon unless we actually go looking for them. Depending on how easy Pokemon biology make this, scientists might come up with a control device for Pokemon similar to those used in the past in Arceus and the Jewel of Life. If that happens, we might have Pokemon trainers again, but it would take a long time before they are available to the general public, and will never be released to children who could be harmed by them. At first it will only go to the rich and eccentric, who would probably take place in high class sporting events pitting Pokemon against each other in some way. When it reaches the general public, there will almost certainly be many hoops to jump through to get one, and once you do the list of Pokemon you are allowed to train will be limited.

    Instead of Pokemon Battles, the competitions involved will most likely be a more sophisticated version of the Pokeathlon, with interesting competitions but not putting your Pokemon in extreme danger (Those battles can be rough!)

    Once that happens, I would, if I could, take a Ninetales (Assuming that's allowed on the list) as my partner (Assuming Fire Stones managed to make it into the new world, they would be found and sold at specialized stores at high prices, but it'd be worth it). Not only would the fire be awesome, Ninetales is in possession of incredible spiritual powers and is already one of my favorite Pokemon of all time.

    And that's my interpretation of the most likely outcome should Pokemon just become real one day. This excludes the possibility that technology from the Pokemon World is passed over, but that natural resources found in the Pokemon World do make it through.
  15. Laurelai

    Laurelai Well-Known Member

    Well, I'd pack up my team and party it up at Kruger's Courtyard Colosseum!
  16. TheMaster327

    TheMaster327 Well-Known Member

    Everyone will live in fear of a Hydreigon attack...
  17. RNG_Reporter

    RNG_Reporter Well-Known Member

    Inferno. That post was brilliant and a solid read.

    That's probably the most logical way this whole thing would go down.

    Guess ill have to change the Pokemon I would roll with. As Charizard would probably be banned..and id probably end up in jail for being with it.

    Umbreon it is.
  18. danburite3

    danburite3 Well-Known Member

    There'd be a mass exodus of 10-year olds from every city on the planet, as they became old enough to train Pokemon.

    Without parental supervision, they'd all be dead within a week.
  19. Chewiana Jones

    Chewiana Jones Dunsparciologist

    The question is, how could our world instantly be filled with Pokemon if some species of Pokemon, such as Golurk or Claydol, exist due to the actions of ancient humans, humans who, in the real world, obviously did nothing of the sort. I do think that, if Golurk could somehow exist, it would be quite popular due to its immense physical strength, instinctive defense of humans, lack of biological needs such as food and water, and ability to fly at high speeds without consuming any fuel. Most of the few existing individuals would probably be disassembled to research their nigh-infinite internal energy source, however.
  20. icebolt

    icebolt Aerial Ace

    The world will be thrown into chaos as soon as everyone figures out how to control Pokémon because humans as a species simply can't be trusted with the control of super-powered creatures that can be stuffed into tiny balls. Too many people will abuse their power and Earth will pretty much become an elemental war zone. Maybe if our lifestyles matched the ones of the people in the Pokémon world, the people who revere and respect Pokémon as friends and try their best to live together with everyone else (well, other than the villainous teams) it'd work a little better. But that lifestyle probably developed through centuries of bonding with Pokémon and working together, so it'll already be too late.
    So basically, I think that there is no way it will work in a world without any history of human-pokemon interaction. We'll also need a very different mindset to what most people have now.

    As for question 2, there will definitely be power-hungry people looking for legendaries because they don't understand what sort of creatures they are and what kinds of havoc they can create. Just like in the games and anime.

    Oh, and one more thing. Psychic-types will be insanely overpowered with their ability to read and control minds.
    Last edited: Apr 13, 2013
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