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If Paul made a cameo in BW i beleive he should be the one to beat Shootie first.

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Madame Pika

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What exactly would Shinji beating Shuuti actually show about Shinji that we don't already know. Really, I don't see the arguement here. We know he's strong and it's been shown in a nice subtle way that he respects Satoshi.

It wouldn't show much about Satoshi or Shuuti either but from any point of view...


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tbh I doubt any old rivals will appear in Unova. If any were to appear I would rather see the remaining Johto characters-Karen,Will and Janine appearing and Gary from Ash's rivals.


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I see Paul can appear in Unova but after Ash's league battles. Ash will decide to go in 6th gen region and he will meet Paul in Kanoko Town. Paul will start his journey at this moment.And no, I don't think Paul and Shootie will have battle.


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shooti needs to be brought back down to earth, ala paul getting stomped by cynthia. Especially since he is just starting out. I don't think paul will show up tho
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