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If Pokemon Adventures Chapters were Sagas. How would you organize the storylines into story arcs?

Discussion in 'Pokémon Manga Discussion' started by shoz999, Dec 5, 2018.

  1. shoz999

    shoz999 Name's Looker, Detective Looker.

    To the big fans of One Piece here, here's a Did You Know Fact for you on how it's commonly recognized story arcs and sagas are handled. Did you know the majority of the named sagas and story arcs to organize the extremely huge One Piece story is actually almost entirely fan-created! For the majority of those sagas and story arcs, there has never been an official source to categorize those arcs. In fact you may have notice that most of those story arcs are based on a pattern of being named after the islands the One Piece characters explore. The story is officially organized by two massive and officially canon "parts". This is recognized by fans but from there it's split into fan-termed "sagas" named after huge epic stories. From there it's split into fan-termed "story arcs" named largely after the islands they explore. So this fact got me thinking about the fact that Pokemon Adventures lacks a story arc system to organize it's own storylines. If One Piece is largely and familiarly based on an organized system not recognized by Oda, One Piece's author, and instead commonly by fans. Why can't fans of Bulbapedia or Serebii.net do the same for Pokemon Adventures : ). See where I'm going with this?

    The massive stretching "parts" of Pokemon Adventures that chapters befall under could be called the "Generations" of chapters like Gen 1, Gen 2, Gen 3 etc. That part is easy to process. From there the "Chapters", like RGB chapter or Yellow Chapter, could be seen as the sagas or simply as "Chapters". And from there these Chapters are divided into various storylines which could be called "story arcs".

    Now I know that there is already an established story arc system commonly accepted by Bulbapedia and Serebii but it's sort of used as a loose term as story arcs, used to organize the long-spanning chapters itself rather than the various storylines within those chapters. By the traditional sense, they are not really story arcs but are actually long-spanning sagas made-up of story arcs. On a technical level however, they can still be considered story arcs. In fact story arcs for some people are just another way of saying "Chapter" or "Saga" but however considering Chapter RGB a story arc is as much of the same way of considering a One Piece Saga as a story arc and some of the One Piece fans would disagree out of traditional boundaries. Story Arcs in the end are meant to define storylines that form a larger story, beginning, middle and end. Regardless what you consider a story arc, in the end this thread isn't really about the Chapters themselves but how you would organize the storylines under those Chapters with names, where it begins and ends with rounds and maybe even a little fan-coined summary. Perhaps you could you could argue that certain story-lines of Pokemon Adventures are too short to be called story arcs and it's pointless but if you read manga or watch anime for a long time, then you know that story arcs can actually fit even extremely short transitional chapters or episodes. Also even if you think the storylines under chapters shouldn't be called story arcs, that's alright too. You can organize them simply as storylines, not storyarcs, or you can organize the storylines as another form of story arcs in the same way One Piece Fans do for Sagas. In the end I think it's pretty fun for different fans to organize the storyline of Pokemon Adventures the way they see fit, especially since there really is no commonly accepted fan-established system for organizing the storylines of Pokemon Adventures.

    I've always imagined my own fan-terms for story arcs and the thing is the author, Kusaka, or at least the English translations have already handed down some ideas through literally naming certain storylines. A great example is the first part of the end-game storyline of RGB where Red, Green and Blue team up to take down Team Rocket in Saffron City. This storyline is commonly called the "Siege on Saffron City" storyline because that's what it's literally called by Volume 3. So why not simply call it the "Siege on Saffron City" story arc!

    So with that point being made. How would you organize the storylines under the Pokemon Adventures Chapters as story arcs?


    I'll start with probably the hardest out of any Pokemon Chapter. The episodic-style of storytelling that is the RGB chapter! Personally I think story arcs should be easy to identify, both by title and description. Similar to One Piece, the story arc names I came up with are largely simple and named after events and locations in the manga. Also I've listed explanations of why story arcs are titled that way or why rounds are put together into one story arc for my personal preferences. Also all story arc names and why rounds are put together will have explanations.

    On the Road to Viridian City! Arc (Round 1 - 3) - "Red encounters the mysterious Mew only to lose, much to Green's laughter. From this moment on. Red decides that he still has a lot to learn about Pokemon, seeking Prof. Oak's help only to accidentally let out all of his Pokemon out! It's up to Red to capture all the loose Pokemon, while also meeting a new friend on the road to Viridian City!
    Explanation - Sounds familiar lol? It's named after the popular Pokemon song, "On the road to Viridian City!" which is what Red does when trying to find Bulbasaur.

    WANTED: Pikachu! Arc (Round 4 - 5) - "Red enters Pewter City for the first time only to run into a Most Wanted poster of... a Pikachu?"
    Explanation - I thought the English title, Wanted: Pikachu! for this storyline was cleverly funny and would be the perfect title for how Red meets Pikachu in Pewter City and challenges the Pewter City Gym Leader Brock.

    Mt. Moon/Team Rocket Arc (Round 6- 7) - "Red encounters a girl near mountain known as Mt. Moon. Through their adventures together in Mt. Moon, Red first-hands sees just how extremely dangerous Team Rocket is."
    Explanation - It's the adventures of Red and Misty in Mt. Moon against their first real dangerous encounter against Team Rocket. It can be called the Mt. Moon arc but it can also be called the Team Rocket Arc. Even though Red actually meets Team Rocket in Route 1, it's actually here that Red first realizes how dangerous Team Rocket are.

    Cascade Badge Arc (Round 8) - "Red challenges the Gym Leader of Cerulean City. Little does he know, he's already met her!"
    Explanation - This could technically be put together with the Mt.Moon/Team Rocket Arc as this also serves as sort of the ending to the first time Red meets Misty however at the same time this has nothing to do with Mt. Moon or Team Rocket. Honestly it could be called the Misty Arc if were putting all three rounds together but I also feel like calling it the "Misty" arc would take away the major plot points of Mt. Moon's setting or Team Rocket themselves.

    Bill the PC Admin/Sea Cottage Arc (Round 9) - "Red enters the lone Sea Cottage on the edge of Route 25. He later encounters a Rattata... that can talk!?"
    Explanation - This is where Red meets Bill the first time. I honestly thought of putting this together with Round 8 as sort of a transitional turn but then it occured to me that Bill is literally one of the most important characters in the Pokemon Adventures-verse.

    S.S. Anne Arc (Round 10-11) - "Red investigates the S.S. Anne encountering Surge, the Vermillion City Gym Leader while uncovering a Team Rocket plot."

    Pokemon Tower Arc (Round 12-14) - "Red races his way to Lavender Town only to encounter a Snorlax in his way! If that didn't get weirder, strange happenings are stirring up in Lavender Town. The civillians won't talk to outsiders. Green has gone missing at the Pokemon Tower and rumors have gone around that the Pokemon Tower is haunted."
    Explanation - This combines the Pokemon Tower storyline with the time Red meets Snorlax the first time. Although Snorlax's story could be it's own story arc, I thought it still fitted the idea of a Pokemon Tower Arc still simply because the location where Red meets Snorlax is also the same transitional route to Lavender Town.

    Game Corner Arc (Round 15-17) - "Red meets a sweet hard-working salesgirl on his way to Celadon City. Little did he know, that girl carried trouble and mischief behind that sweet smile."
    Explanation - The time Red meets Blue (Female Protagonist) and have misadventures together while fighting Team Rocket's operations in the Game Corner. The first time Red meets Blue is also a transitional chapter to the upcoming Game Corner storyline.

    Pokemon Mix-up/Ninetales Curse Arc
    (Round 18) - "Red and Green meet again after fighting over a Ninetales. The two leave... with each other's Pokemon teams!"
    Explanation - I think the first one makes sense as this is where Red mixes up his Pokemon team with Green. However it can also be called the Ninetales Curse Arc because that's what the round is called. I assume it has to do with the fact they both accidentally switched teams but Ninetales Curse is rarely mentioned.

    Blame it on Eevee! Arc
    (Round 19-20) - "Red meets a distrustful Eevee with strange abilities all the while Erika, the Gym Leader of Celadon City, watches."
    Explanation - Named after the round, "Blame it on Eevee!"

    Safari Zone Arc (Round 21-22) - "Red explores the Safari Zone to have a fun time capturing all sorts of wild Pokemon unavailable elsewhere. Unfortunately Red finds trouble."

    Legendary Pokemon Arc (Round 23-26) - "Red travels across the ocean, from Fuschia City to the Seafoam Islands to Cinnable Isle, encountering the legendary birds spoke of in legend all the while meeting Blaine, Cinnabar's Gym Leader."
    Explanation - Similar to the Pokemon Tower Arc, the transitional route to the time Red meets two out of three of the legendary birds starts with Red finding the HM Surf while Dragonite lurks in the ocean. It's also named after Volume 2's title, Legendary Pokemon.

    Siege on Saffron City Arc (Round 27-33) - "Red, Green and Blue fatefully meet each other at one of the gates of Saffron City, blocked off from the rest of the world. Only one organization is behind this, Team Rocket. It's up to these three to beseiged Saffron City, Team Rocket's strongest base-of-operations!"
    Explanation - This is a no-brainer. Named after Volume 3's title, Siege on Saffron City, it involves Red, Green and Blue against all odds, taking on Team Rocket's largest base of operations in Saffron City.

    Monster of Cerulean City Arc (Round 34 - 35) - "Red decides to investigate and challenge the rumored Monster of Cerulean City of Cerulean Cave. At the same time, Blaine joins Red's investigation."
    Explanation - Named after one of Mewtwo's most famous titles in the manga, "Monster of Cerulean City". It adds a bit of mystery to who the Pokemon is even though it's obvious to Pokemon veterans.

    Viridian Gym Leader Arc (Round 36-38) - "Red saves a little girl from berserking Pokemon that shouldn't be in the Viridian Forest. Red later decides to investigate the Viridian Gym. Little does he know. The Gym Leader of Viridian City is waiting for him there... eagerly grinning from the shadows."
    Explanation - The title is a reflection of how players of the Pokemon Games were in Red's shoes, had Red's shock when they found out who the Viridian Gym Leader is. It's Giovanni but before no one was really too sure and simply referred to the 8th Gym Leader as the Viridian Gym Leader. Even though it's common knowledge now, I thought this was the perfect title to capture not only Red's shock and lack of knowledge who the Viridian Gym Leader is but is also a reflection of player's shock and lack of knowledge of who the Viridian Gym Leader is. Also the "eagerly grinning from the shadows." is a reference to how Giovanni, in his official GameFreak artwork, is shown grinning from the shadows and he literally does that in the Pokemon Adventures manga too.

    Indigo League Arc (Round 39 - 40) - "The time has come! It's the Indigo League and only the best of the best can enter. Red, Green and Blue enter the tournament to become Pokemon Champion!"
    Explanation - Could also be called Pokemon League arc since the Pokemon League is a concept only explored in two chapters.
    Last edited: Dec 5, 2018

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