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If pokemon were real and in your area...


Psyduck is cute <3
I'm from SoCal, so we would have a lot of Psyducks, Wingulls, Murkrows/Honchkrows, a lot of fish pokemon, cat pokemon, dog pokemon, and some bug pokemon.

I would like to have a Psyduck or an Eevee. I'm not too interested in battling, so I would most likely have a Psyduck or a Linoone for a pet. My town would most likely have a water type gym or a normal type.


La Melancolie Noir
Although I'm in a desert-ish region, there's no sand or cacti; I'd expect to see perhaps some Darumaka and Sigilyph and Helioptile in the area. There's also a swiftly-moving river nearby, so perhaps some Basculin and Goldeen. Parks in town are overrun with Herdiers and Growlithes. There'd also be some Swanna and Drifblim flying overhead in swarms. Also, Pokemon like Abra, Dratini, Eevee, and Porygon would be available as prizes at the many casinos that are around (this is based on the Pokemon available at Game Corners).


MS Paint Sableye
Middle of nowhere, an Oregonian I am!

I asked my sister (who is also a fan of pokemon, as long as it is 1st gen related), and she seems to think that there would mostly be grass types around here, and I can say that that may be true (although probably ones more commonly associated with gardening and farming).
My family has made much of the ground we live on spiritual (Native American), so there might be some ghost types wandering around the sacred ground, Banette especially (cause we have so many toys lying around, and I am sure that if possible, then this house would be filled with Banettes and Shuppets)
There is a small river as well, so maybe some smaller river-based water types (Magikarp mostly I imagine).
Theres also some pretty tall trees, so maybe a few bird types as well?
Also bugs. Bugs bugs bugs. Can't get enough of them. I wouldn't have a problem with such if they were pokemon... or would I have MORE problems if they were pokemon? hm...

(The following is sort of off-topic) I don't think any pokemon that I like would appear around here (except for Banette), so I would probably stroll around a more desert area and get me a Trapinch/Vibrava and train it into a Flygon (since it is one of the few fly-worthy pokemon that are capable of carrying me), or if that doesn't work out... probably just wander around across America on foot (or on Gogoat, that would be cool to) and find pokemon that I want... and I dunno, talk to them, maybe ask if they would want to live with me. It would feel wrong to just chuck a ball at them and expect them to accept me, and even then I don't think I would even use them in battles unless they wanted to :|.
Also, I always assume that pokemon should be capable of human speech...


the raven
Since I live in the Arizonian desert fairly close to mountains and open space...
I imagine there being quite a few Trapinch and Sandiles around, with the rare sighting of Larvitar and Rufflet.

Cool I live in Arizona too. And you pretty much nailed it!
Maybe also some Staraptor, Sandslash and lots of Maractus!


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In the Netherlands, there is plenty of water, but almost no natural environments (everything is either a farm or a more-or-less designed forest). Also, my country's elevation never goes above 500 metres above sea level. So I'd say lots of Water types, lots of cows (Miltank), bulls (Tauros), chickens (Torchic), goats (Gogoat), etc. And many urban Pokémon and pets (Furfrou, Persian, Eevee, all kinds of cutemons). Also, birds and a few deers (Stantler or Sawsbuck). Maybe a fox or a wolf every once in a while (Vulpix and a wolf Pokémon which I can't think of right now).

I don't know what team I'd use. I think I'd rather stick to what I'd use as the Sinnoh Champion: Crobat, Electivire, Snorlax, Togekiss, Milotic and Darkrai.


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Portage, Michigan... Boring. Probably your basic normal types, Pidgey, water types (Not the cool ones like Feraligatr,) boring bug types like Weedle, and ice types in the winter.

Tattooed Tooth

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Meowth and Purrloin, how could I forget of them! We probably would have a lot of them... And Rattata too.
In the rural parts, I guess Rapidash, Tauros, Miltank and Sunflora.

PS: I live in São Paulo, Brazil.


So, besides all the regular urban pokémon, I expect some Grass-type ones in our green areas, specially tropical ones like Tropius.
We still have remains of the original forests around the city, so that would be a good place to find Treecko, Seviper, Breloom, Masquerain, Aipom, Carnivine, etc.
There would be other Bug-types in parks or in my campus, like Nincada and Yanma.
Also: Ghost and Psychic-type in abandoned buildings.
Even though our river is a bit too filthy, some animals live there, so I would expect at least Feebas and Nidorans, besides Mandibuzz.

I would totally have a Tropius and Nidorans. :3

Our gym could be Electric, Poison or Dark.
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This is Rapid City, SD. So, Bouffalant and Tauros as far as the eye can see! There would Pidgey everywhere in the city along with Braviary in the sky.
Since I live in a rural town probably lots of bugs and common birds like Pidgey and evolutions and Starly but Murkrow, too. Not to forget about rodents like Rattata and Pikachu. And the neighbour would probably have Miltank and/or Tauros out at feed. I can imagine some grass types, Poliwag and Meowth as well.
My team would probably be something like Miltank, Murkrow, Talonflame, Raticate, Meowth and Vivillion. There wouldn't be any gyms near by but I have a rather good train connection to two big cities, so no problem at all finding one. :p
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This is a pretty cool thread! I live in a really rural area in a fjord in Norway, with tall mountains and a glacier arching up from the fjord which cuts down between them.
The first that comes to mind is that there's lots of farming with animals such as sheep walking in the mountains in the summers, (we've got some of our own), so Skiddo/Gogoat, mareep/flaaffy would probably be everywhere and probably I'd have one on my team too. People also keep horses and cows so maybe there's be ponyta and miltank around as well.
In the mountains there's eagles so I think there'd be an occasional braviary scouting up above, and on the glacier you'd find things like cryagonal, bergmite and glaceon. There's always bats flying around in the summer so zubat and woobat would be around for sure. Persians, growlithes and herdiers would be around the farms, with occasional visits from shaymin claiming some of the food and freaking out the persians. Sentret, sawsbuck, stantler and pachirisu in the woods. Timburrs would be helping out the lumberjacks.
In the fjord we actually have little whales so wailmer is a must, also tentacool/frillish, an occasional seel and a bunch of fish-like water-types. Perhaps some grimer would lurk around as an after-effect of when the fjord used to be quite polluted. Of course there'd we wingulls flying around everywhere too, and duskull, haunter and mismagius would haunt the old rund-down cabin down by the waterside.
That's all I can think of for now!

Requiem's Eclipse

Hopelessly Hopeful
Since I live in New Jersey, I would assume there would be a great variety of Pokemon. With the woods in the South (Pine Barrens), The Jersey Shore to the East, The Mountainous North Jersey and the Urbanized Central jersey and the farm land going towards Pennsylvania there would be a huge amount of Pokemon and the variety would be ridiculous (especially with seasonal changes)

Just to name a few off the top of my head.

Mandibuzz for the Turkey Viltures
The New Jersey devil could be a Dragon Type pokemon like Hydreigon or Salamence.


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I live in a suburban neighbourhood in England, I don't see much wildlife other than birds and wild mice, so I'd say the most common Pokemon would be Rattata, Murkrow, Wingull, Pidgey, Fletchling, Starly and Pidove, with Zubat and Land Forme Shaymin (a hedgehog) appearing at dusk during the Summer months, plus if you're lucky you may hear a Hoothoot at night. There's also some wild rabbits in some of the more wooded areas, so their equivalent would be either Bunnelby or Buneary, whichever you prefer. About half a mile from my neighbourhood there's some farmland, which would be home to herds of Mareep or Miltanks, and maybe the occasional Rapidash. My home town has a harbour where a lot of waterfowl congregate, you'd have Wingull, Ducklett and Swanna on the water's edge (also geese, but there isn't a goose Pokemon at present time), plus in the actual water you'd have some common fish Pokemon, let's say Magikarp, and Frillish in the middle of Summer (I always see it as a sign that Summer has finally arrived when I see a jellyfish drifting around in the sea).

As for a team based on local Pokemon, the only ones of the above I'd really want to have are Zubat, Mareep and Frillish. Then again I'd probably get in trouble with the farmer if I snook into his field and caught a Mareep from his herd in a Pokeball. He's have to put up signs saying "NO CATCHING!! POKEMON TRAINERS WILL BE PROSECUTED!!"
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I live in Louisville, so any of the strange ones that would "Keep Louisville Weird" as the local meme goes.

The Mustache

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o_O good question... I live in a normal city... Maybe magnemites in powerhouses and some Furfrou and stoutland making poo in the streets kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk


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I live in Rondonia, so I expect the more equatorial Grass-types and most bugs, like Paras, Victreebel, Exeggutor, Tangela, Ariados, Heracross, Treecko, Tropius, Snivy, ect.

There are a lot of plains here as well so Rattata, Kangaskhan, Girafarig, Dunsparce, Donphan, Zangoose, Seviper, Watchog, Blitzle, ect.

Also more tropical, river and jungle-based Pokemon like Zubat, Seaking, Lickitung, Feraligatr, Marill, Umbreon, Shiftry, Slakoth, Exploud, Spoink, Whiscash, Kecleon, Woobat, ect.

Actually in my city there are more cows than people, so Tauros, Miltank and Bouffalant. Also a lot of cows equals a lot of dead cows, so Mandibuzz as well.

Hmm, now that I look at it, there are not that many tropical-inspired bird Pokemon, I mean we have your typical Pigdey and Tranquill, but things like Braviary and Talonflame... no (both eagle based). More industrialized and unnatural (this area hasn't been lived in by people for more than 40 years) Pokemon like Muk, Gengar, Honedge and Alakazam won't be common here. Not many lakes around and the sea is thousands of kilometers away, so Clauncher and Jellicent won't be found. No rocky mountains around either, only jungle hills and big(20+ meter) rocks, so Aggron and the such. Fire and Electric-types would not like it much here, unless in a jungle theme like Emolga. No snow or ice here (because of heat issues) so yeah those are out. Same for forest based Pokemon like Sawsbuck and Stunky. Also no sand. That only leaves the themes I stated above and I'll just cut out other continent Pokemon, like Pancham.

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I'd be scared out of my mind. I'd avoid forests cause I don't wanna run into any Beautiflies, those things are monsters.


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I live in New Jersey and you would see a lot of pidgeys, murkrow, duckletts. Also rattatas, sawsbuck, stantler, and a few more.