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If pokemon were real and in your area...


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I live in a rubbish urban area that is effectively a ghost town, so Duskull and Gastly are a given. The seagulls come and visit in the winter so would have plenty of Wingull ****ing all over the show. It's also quite a rough area so we would have to have a fighting type gym, normal people get hammered etc. And if anything big flares up Giratina will come and keep the loonies in check.


Fossil Fighters Fan!
Massachusetts- Probably some spearow (theres a sparrow nest near our house) caterpie and scatterbug and their evolutionary lines. And if we are including pet, then arcanine (dogs) purrloin (we have some wild cats too, I heard a cat fight last night it startled me so much) beedrill. And I think that's it that I can relate to pokemon, oh and talonflame I see hawks every day. We also have raccoons (zigzagoon) and mice (dedenne) and so many wingull. There are tons of seagulls in some areas.

As for a team: Talonflame, dedenne, beedrill, arcanine, zizagoon and purrlion

And for a gym, normal, barely anything happens, a few crimes occasionally do, but as usual as the normal neighborhood, so not enough for it to be a dark type gym.
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Kitt Geekazaru

Infernape Trainer
Suburban Georgia: Lots of hills, and plenty of trees, an open wild nearby, I would hope we would have some monkey pokemon. I.e. Infernape. Probably a fighting type gym nearby. And there would be no shortage of Bugs.

Tattooed Tooth

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Hmm, now that I look at it, there are not that many tropical-inspired bird Pokemon
Nice to see another fellow Brazilian. x)
Chatot would be a tropical bird for your environment, while Doduo would be on open areas. =P


Old Hand
I live in Central Texas. The Environment is mostly farmland with rolling plains and patches of small forest. Normal, Ground, Grass, and bug Pokemon would be common. Perhaps some rare Electric or Psychic Pokemon could be found.
In the Country it would be mostly what you would expect in a plains environment. Rattatas, Pidgeys, Caterpies, Oddish, Ekans and Sandshrew as well as Pokemon like them would be common. On the rare side you could prob find a Scyther or an Abra and maybe a Gastly or two hanging out around old Cowboy Cemeteries at night. Unfortunately due to our low regulation on air and water pollution you could prob find some Grimer and Koffing as well.

Around farms and ranches Pokemon based of domesticated animals would be common. Meowth, Growlithe, Tauros, Miltank, and Mareep.

I could make a real long list of all the Pokemon that could be found around here, but I think you can get a good idea of what you might be able to find from these examples.


One With Fandoms
I live in a suburban part of California in a valley so I'm probably going to see a lot of bird Pokemon like Pidgey and Fletchling. I also get quite a few butterflies every spring so I would have Beautiflies and High Plains Vivillon. Maybe an occasional fairy type like Spritzee and Floette. Also, Poochyena, Houndour, and Furfrou would wander the streets. I would probably have a team of Spearow, Vivillon, Floette, and Poochyena for sure. The other two would most likely be whatever cool Pokemon I could find.