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If pokemon were real and in your area...

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Sic Parvis Magna
I live in Hawaii, so probably tropical Pokémons. Heatran and Entei could be in our volcanoes. We do have snow and hail a somewhere in Maui, so we can have a snow area and some Legendaries like Articuno and Kyurem. Hawaii is small enough that if Gamefreak ever decides to base the games on the Pacific Islands, they could greatly increase and have a lot of freedom expanding the Hawaiian Islands, or combine it with other Pacific Islands. Hawaii has 8 major islands, so the settings for each could have a different theme. Oahu would be the industrial and city environment, so you can have Pokémons like the Klink family, Magnemite family, Registeel, etc. Kauai, the Garden Isle, could be home to many Grass Pokémon. Shaymin, the grass starters, Whimsicott, Sunflora, etc. Kahoolawe has no residents living there, so it could be the post-game content where the Battle Frontier and additional Pokémons are.

I guess it's basically the Sevii Islands, but a whole region based on them. This could be also be another region like Hoenn, in which the region is mostly water. Still though, we've had 4 prefectures of Japan, 1 State (New York), and a country (France). I like Pokémon's take on these areas.


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Okay, then, since I also live in The Netherlands, I may as well do that too.

Alrighty, Surskit, Joltik, and Fletchling will be found everywhere, during winter, I suspect Cubchoo and Swinub appear, while Wingull, Ducklett, Miltank, Tauros, and Stantler will appear regardless.
... Actually, probably the majority of the Pokémon found in Kanto, Johto, Hoenn, and Sinnoh would appear, since the climate of Japan and The Netherlands are very similar.
I am fairly sure I have never seen bears (as Cubchoo is) in the Netherlands.

What I think would appear where I live:
Swinub (all those damn boars), common birds like Pidgey, Pidove, Murkrow, Spearow, Taillow, Wingull and Starly, etc.. Both bat-pokemon lines would live here for sure aswell as both deer species (Deerling/Sawsbuck and Stantler). Also very many bugs (Caterpie-, Weedle-, Surskit-, Wurmple-lines, etc.). We'd also have all the rodent pokemon and quite some grass types in the woods.

As for non-wild pokemon there would be many Tauros and Miltank, Grumpig, Mareep/Flaaffy and other livestock. Also certain fighting pokemon to assist the constructionworkers and many dog/cat-like pokemon.


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I live in Philadelphia, the urban parts I see Rattata, Grimer, Koffing, Magnemite maybe even Meowth and Purrloin, then there's the rural parts where I see Miltank and Ponyta and the forest areas where I see Deerling and Poocheyena

Meowth and Purrloin, how could I forget of them! We probably would have a lot of them... And Rattata too.
In the rural parts, I guess Rapidash, Tauros, Miltank and Sunflora.

PS: I live in São Paulo, Brazil.


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Since I live in a small town in Florida, I'm sure I'd see some Meowths, Purloins, the normal birds, etc.
After dark I'm sure I'd see Zigzagoons and Rattatas, it's mostly suburban around here, so I'd hope to see an Eevee or two.
There are some rural parts, so like many have said before me, Miltanks, Tauros, etc. would be found there.
It's an interesting idea to think about, though.


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I'm in the American Midwest (North and South Dakotas and Minnesota). In the summer, it gets above 100 degrees F and humid and gross. We totally skip Fall and go straight into winter, dropping from the High 70's to readily below freezing within the span of a month. Spring is odd, as it starts to get above freezing, and everybody starts running around in shorts and T-Shirts (Even though it is still below 50, which is reasonably cold by "normal" standards). There are a few decent sized cities, but most of it is rural farmland, woods, and lake areas.

I imagine the area would be ripe with Deer and Migratory Bird pokemon, loads of the "varmit" pokemon (Ratata, Linoone, Eevee, etc), as well as other variety of Fox, Wolf, and other small animals. Water types would be common among the Lake areas, but fresh water types rather than ocean/sea types (Mostly small/medium fish, turtles, etc.). Winters would see just about every variety of Ice pokemon. Summer would see a whole array of bugs. Cave dwellers would be scarce if any, though rock and ground types that don't exclusivly live in caves would be around, but in smaller numbers than mountinous regions. Zubats would come out at night for sure during the warmer months. The farmlands would have plenty of Boffalant, Miltanks, and Tauros Also, I picture some Castforms being around, as controlling the local weather would be more than beneficial for farmers. Large, strong Pokemon (Like Rydon, Machamp, Drilbur, Diglet, Mamoswine, etc) also being common farm Pokemon, for obvious reasons.. I imagine Growlithe/Arcanine (As well as other fire types) being a VERY common pet for snow removal and keeping warm in the STUPIDLY COLD WINTERS (We get to -40's around late december and January, plus it gets windy too) and because they seem like good pets, and for hunting purposes... (Assuming Hunting is still a thing...). Really, we'd have lots of Rapidashes, everywhere. Them being Fire types and Horses and all.

Personally, I'd want an Arcanine and a Braviary. Mostly for getting around really. Braviary would be great for just flying about in the warmer months, and Arcanine for when it's colder or if I'm in a hurry. I'd also have a Zangoose and a Hariyama for helping out with things like Shoveling Snow, Heavy Lifting, and because they seem like good battlers. Professionally? I'd want to be a Pokemon Ranger. Flying around, being a Dearring Doer of Dearring Do. Maybe, also train people to ride pokemon... That's a skill I'd want.

Things that don't exist in Pokemon, but I could see around these parts: Some variety of Grass/Ice pokemon that ISN'T abamasno, but more of a pasture-ish pokemon. I'd have to say the "Legendary" pokemon of the region would be the illustrious Jackalope Pokemon and a Native American-esque Thunder Bird (But not Zapdos. Ours would have a Sound based Electric Move as its signature moe.). There ought to be (at least in the forest/farmland areas of America) a Fire/Grass type, due to the common brush fires and controlled burns in those areas. Another thing we might have in the midwest is a Fire/Ice type. Though it seems counter intuitive, Snow can polarize light and intensify Sunlight, also, consider the dual nature of the mid west to go from crazy hot in July to stupid cold in January. Finally, a Fighting/Ice Pokemon who would be fast, have crazy legs, and be quite the runner. It would be wolf/coyote flavored looks, and be common among those "Black Belt" types in the area (We'll give it a hidden ability that makes all of its Ice Moves get Priority to make it useful. 6 weaknesses and 3 resistances isn't good, and I want it to be cool). And since every region needs that ONE pokemon that just makes you shake your head and wonder, "Why?" The midwest would have a normal rock type that would look like a field plow, and evolve into a tractor. Yup.

I had an idea for a bigger city like New York or London or somewhere that was a sewer rat that was a Poison/Normal type...


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Wisconsin here.

I live in pretty much one of the coldest areas in the country. There would be a ton of deer Pokemon, birds, and every existing ice Pokemon available.
I live in Washington State, it's right by Alaska, in the United States, and it gets really cold in the winter so I'd imagine a legendary Pokemon like Articuno on Mount Hood or Mount Saint Helens. Both of these mountains get lots of snow in the winter.
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I live in North-West England, so... let's see... we'd have Pachirisu (live near a part with many squirrels), Fletchling, Fennekin and Houndour (MANY DOGS).



Snowy Poochyena
I'm in a rather rural part of New Jersey. Plenty of trees and woods and little ponds and stuff but lots of little neighborhoods.

In the woods, I could imagine plenty of Pidgey, Stantler, Deerling, Sawsbuck, Zigzagoon, Linoone, Teddiursa, Ursaring, Pikachu, and Pachirisu. In the ponds, there could be Poliwag, Surskit, Ducklett, and Swanna.

My team would consist of Pidgeot, Ursaring, Linoone, Pikachu, Poliwrath, and Masquerain.

There might be a Normal or Grass-type gym nearby.

I can agree here, I'm around the same area, I'd probably start with Zigzagoon myself.


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I live in South Florida, so I guess I'd see many water/fire types.

The most common would most likely be Wingull, Pelipper, Wailord, Finneon, Corsola, Krabby, Lanturn, etc.


I live in Central Ohio, so there would be a lot of Emolga, Pachirisu, Pikachu, Rattata, Raticate, Zubat, Golbat, Sawsbuck, Deerling, Stantler, Pineco, and Flying types because of the forests. I live right around a reservoir, so that means lots of Basculin, Floatzel, Buizel, Finneon, Lumineon, Shellos, Bidoof, Bibarel, and maybe Lotad and Mudkip.


I live in Maine so it'd probably be lots of tree-themed Grass types (Treveant, Sudowoodo, and especially Snover), plenty of ocean Water-types (The lobster Clauancher would be a must. Wingull and shellfish pokemon also) and Ice-types (Dewgong, Cloyster) and a few Bug-types (Pineco, and probably Venonat because it's the closest Bug to the EVIL BLACKFLIES WE GET EACH SUMMER ARGH).


Yusarin >_<
oops can i clarify mine
let's see i live in cities, tower and mansion so basically
cities - probably encountering more pokemons that live in grass includes flying type
tower - probably mostly ghost types
mansion - probably mostly psychic types


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Great Lakes region of Canada and I've seen plenty of pidgey, sparrow, murkrow, some zubat, zigzagoon, hoothoot, stunky, venonat, cryogonal, vanillish, magikarp and teddiursa.
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I live in New York City, I have no idea what kind of Pokemon will roam freely around here. Possibly Steel or Ghost type Pokemon?


Yusarin >_<
I live in New York City, I have no idea what kind of Pokemon will roam freely around here. Possibly Steel or Ghost type Pokemon?

well it depends on the structure of the place. like if you are living near ponds then probably you will have majority of water type pokemons


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well it depends on the structure of the place. like if you are living near ponds then probably you will have majority of water type pokemons

For some reason, Manhattan just screams Steel types to me! LOL! I think I might go up to Westchester to catch me other types of Pokemon, especially where father lives in Sleepy Hollow, which I think would have Ghost and Dark Pokemon :)