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If pokemon were real and in your area...


Lord of Bacon
Pidoves. Lots and lots of Pidoves. Maybe a stray Lillipup or Purrloin. But mainly PIDOVES. (I live in the city if you couldn't tell lol)

Colton S

Beware Bewear
Sawsbuck, Deerling, Stantler, Milktank, Tauros, Fletchling, and the occasional Spoink.
Mainly in the country, I guess...


one word. fairies.
Let's see... Probably Pidoves, Fletchlings, Glameows, and Lilipups. Maybe the occasional Sneasel because of how cold it is. A few Starly once in a while too...


Resident Freak
I live in the countryside so we'd have Miltanks, Taurus, Sawsbuck, and Blazikens.
At least predators wouldn't be an issue; Blaziken would wreck any Sneasals trying to steal eggs.
In the town I live in, we'd be constantly infested with Trubbish and Garbodor.

Aside from that, you could find Pidove, Wingulls, Persian, Lillipup, fish Pokémon found in the ocean, Venonat/moth, a few Zoruas, and some Beedrills. Not to mention the Murkrow line. We have crows and ravens everywhere.
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~Ash fcking finally~
If they were real
1.my house would be in flames because of a charizard
2.the birds pokes would just poop every were.
3.we better stock on masterballs lol.


Hey now!
I live in Arizona so there'd be a lot of Cacturne and Maractus around. Maybe Sandshrew, Sandile, Scraggy, Trapinch and their evolutions. There would probably be a Ground type gym.


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Pika! I prefer this one! I dreamed oneday I have a pika follow me to everywhere


I love all the posts on this thread :3

If Pokémon were real, I'd probably live near a bunch of water types (Puget Sound + Rain) .../


Be a Man!
Is Spinarak and Durant inexistent in you people cities and such? Haha! I really haven't seem someone here mentioning them.
By the way, I should have pointed Murkrow (if I didn't) and Sligoo!

Bush Clown

Lucario Boy
Probably lots of Rock and Ground types. ._.
The town i live in is in a desert.
I'm more of a fighting and dragon type pokemon trainer though


New Member
I live in the Irish countryside, with a river right down the lane and a cemetery just up the lane, so I might get some cool enough Pokémon...

Field/General Area:
Rattata, but it'd be in the top percentage.
Munna, but they'd be rare.
Starly, Staravia, Staraptor.
Zigzagoon and Linoone
Bug types of all shapes and sizes.


Misdreavus (Is that how you spell it?)

My team would be Stoutland, Chandelure, Politoed, Staraptor, Musharna and Butterfree.
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First of all, Mew is definitely here in India, because I am Mew.

Otherwise, I think Miltank, Tauros and Bouffalant would be common here, as would Emolga and deer Pokemon like Stantler and Sawsbuck. Meditite and Medicham, too, considering their origin. India is vast in terms of terrains, so there would probably be a lot of Type diversity. Wild cats like Liepard and (perhaps) Arcanine, snake Pokemon like Arbok and Serperior, and many kinds of canines like Lucario.

Our national animal (Not counting birds.) would probably be Arcanine, while our national bird would be Ho-oh.

Couldn't have said it better myself. :D


Rare collector
In my relatively swampy Houston suburb and surrounding area, there would be:
Murkrow (Grackles)
Pidove (Doves)
Talonflame (Hawks)
Mandibuzz (Vultures)
Deerling (Deer)
Lillipup (Dogs)
Purrloin (Cats)
Feraligatr (Alligators)
Ekans (Snakes)
Emboar (Hogs and boars)
Yanmega (Dragonflies)
Ledyba (Ladybugs)
Armaldo (Armadillos)
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I have a canyon behind my house, and live next to a cemetary, so I think there would be an interesting mix of types"

Generally ghost types bc of Cemetery...
Pachirisu (for the squirrels in the graveyard)
Fletchling (for birds in graveyard)
Seaking (to represent Koi in Graveyard pond)
Basculin (for other pond fish)


Geodude (Bc of canyon)
Bunnelby (for rabbits)
Stunky (for Skunks)
Persian (for bobcat)
Zubat (for bats)
Pikachu (for rats)
Rattata (for rats)
Watchog (for gophers)
Sudowoodo (for trees)
Noctowl (for owl)
Stantler (for Deer)
Mightyena (for coyote)
Gavantula (for tarantulas in Canyon)
Seviper (for rattlesnakes)

Archangel Azazel

Fallen Angel
The ones that I can think of since I live where there is desert are Maractus line, Cacturne line, and Ponyta line since quite a few people own ranches.
Also Sandshrew, Sandile, Trapinch, Geodude, and Digglet.


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Basically I live in quite a boring and urban part of the UK.

Without doubt the nearest things to me would be Rattata, Raticate, Pidgey, Spearow etc, but I live not too far from an industrial area that has a river and there would likely be thing like Muk, Grimer and Ekans there is also a power station not too far away so Voltorb, Magnamite, Electabuzz and hopefully a Zapdos.
Let's see... I live in a suburb in the state of Washington, but I also live close to a forest. So, I'd say that there'd be a lot of grass and bug Pokemon, along with flying Pokemon. Perhaps there would be normal Pokemon too.

Chaos Emperor

No hope.....
my backyard is nothing but woods, so pretty much every bug pokemon, some grass pokemon, in addition to several bird pokemon like pidgey, spearow, taillow, and starly. my neighborhood also lets their cats roam loose, so you'd find meowth, skitty, and glameows, too. finally, sometimes if your lucky you could see deer and wild turkeys run around once in awhile, so stantler, and sawsbuck, and for the wild turkeys, i'd translate that to doduo.