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If pokemon were real and in your area...


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I live down the road from an Angus Cattle farm, a short distance from a few cemetaries, and have a lot of woods all over the place, and all of this is in NC, so you can imagine the variety.
Ekans (We do have the occasional rattlesnake in this area)
Misdreavus (there's some paranormal stuff that happens around where I live from time to time)
Sawsbuck (deer)
Snubbull and Granbull (My neighbors have a couple American Bulldogs and Boston Terriers)
Gulpin (due to open fields)
Pachirisu (squirrels)
Vulpix (we got foxes here)
Raticate (for the rats/opossums)
Timburr (saw mill down the road)
Zigzagoon (raccoons)
Murkrow (crows)
Noibat (we have rather aggressive bats here, I almost got bit by one just 4 days ago because there was one nesting in a holly bush at my gf's house)
Durant (ants)
Lotads (lily pads in a small river not far from my house)
Cacturne (local farmer's Scarecrows)
Trevenant (one of the graveyards is 10 feet from the woods)
Grimer (dumb hicks dump anti-freeze and oil into the water, sometimes polluting it)
Meowth (local feral cats)
Liepards (bobcats)
Poochyena (closest thing to a Coyote currently in Pokémon, although it's a Hyena-based Pokémon)
Ursaring (occasional bears)
Tympole (tadpoles)
Corphish (crawdads)
Caterpie and Scatterbug and their evolutions (caterpillars)
Weedle and Combee (bees and wasps)
Nincada (Cicadas)
Spinarak (spiders)
Pineco (bagworms)


Clefairy Lover ^_^
Probably scary *** Ariados everywhere #australianproblems :'(.


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From what I've seen while walking around my area.

All the bug types.
Maybe the occasional Kangaskhan.


Sonic aficionado
I live in Montana, so there would probably be some Swanna(closest thing to a goose), and a ton of Buneary and Bunnelby. Probably some Gogoat and Skiddo in the mountains, and with there being so many ranches around here, there'd be plenty of Rapidash, Tauros, Miltank, etc. And possibly some Bouffalant. Maybe some Sawsbuck, Deerling, Vulpix, Zorua, Ursaring, and Stantler out in the forest areas.


March towards love
In my area I would probably see a lot of miltanks, deerling, purrloins, stantlers, and female pyroars since there are mountain lions around my area. Grumpigs are included too with fletchinders, wingulls, and pidgeys.
In the lake area I'd probably get magikarps, red basculins, and poliwags and tympole.


Doing Their Best
My area would likely have Pidove, Murkrow, Chatot, Rattata, Durant, Spinarak, Yanma and various moth and butterfly-like Pokemon. The artificial lakes in my area would mostly have Ducklett and Magikarp, with Pelipper on rare occasions.

Ibuki Mioda

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Exeggutor, Exeggutor everywhere!
I can also see a bunch of water types in my area including Krabby, Magikarp, Goldeen, Basculin and maybe an occasional Sharpedo or two. As for birds, I picture a ton of Wingull, Hoothoot and Duckletts. What else... Maybe Persian and roasted Durants?


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England, so Pidove would basically be it! Ratticate and Pikachu/Dedenne, Stantler, Pacharisu, common pet Pokemon, a lot of Forest pokemon (near a giant one) and probably a few river Pokemon. I'm in the country so a lot of fields with Miltank and Ponyta, too!


The Poké-theorist.
I live in the UK. We are never too far from water here really. It isn't like it is for you guys in the US, where some of you could potentially drive for days and in that time not see a drop of water. It goes without saying that there would be a ton of Water-type Pokemon and an over abundance of Wingull and Swanna for sure. Some of the northern coasts of Scotland would have some Water/Ice-types like Spheal or Dewgong too as it gets bloody cold up there.

The UK is pretty green too, so yippie, Grass and Bug-types such as Paras, Oddish and in the summer Ledyba. We'd also have your bog standard Pidgeys, Rattata and Sentret filling our fields.

Our industrialised cities would be home to Grimers, Koffings, Trubbish and Magnemite and in our capital city, London, the only native Pokemon you'd find would be Pidove. However London is best known as a city with a high number of different nationalities and ethnicities (there's said to be over 100 languages spoken in London); there would be a vast collection of trainer owned Pokemon from around the globe residing in one city. Our queen would have Herdier :D.


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I get the feeling that in the area I'm from there would be quite a bit of Koffing/Weezing. Probably a few Scrafty and Scraggy as well. Definitely a lot of Pidove too. And perhaps there'd even be a few Trevenant during the nighttime.

Oh, and i almost forgot. There would many, many wingull in the area.


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I see squirrals and seagulls a lot in my area.....soo pachirissu and wingull would defenetly be some pretty commen encounters. :p


I live in central Finland, so a lot of all kinds pf birds. Especially Swanna as swan is the national bird. And then Murkrows as crows just seem to be everywhere. Forest pokemon would exist a lot and some non-sea fish such as Basculin.


The Poké-theorist.
Uuh, it's England. Bog-standard Normal types. Maybe the odd Tepig or Combusken at the farms & fields.

Haha. Yup. I live in England too and it is pretty boring for wildlife that could have possible Pokemon replacements. I tried my best. I thought my London idea was pretty cool, quite proud of it actually!

Shiny Swalot

Shiny Swalot Powerz!
I live in the Netherlands, but especially close to a forest and a hay. Mostly bug Pokemon therefore, and also Bunnelby and Dunsparce and maybe even Ekans


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I live out in the country by the river, so I would most likely see a lot of Flying-type pokemon as well as rodents like Bunnelby, Zigzagoon, and Rattata . At the river, I would most likely see Tympole and various fish-like Pokemon like Magikarp. And whenever winter rolls around, there would be a lot Ice-type pokemon too.


Well, I'm from Belgium and live just outside of a city close to the center of the country, so I think there'd be mostly normal, flying, electric and poison-type pokémon. Maybe the occasional bug or grass-types as well, seeing how there's a small forrest area near my house. Of course other types would be around too, but not in the same quantity. Were I to travel around the country, I'm sure I'd find plenty of rock, ground, steel and grass-types in the south and a bunch of water-types near the sea. Ice-types would be pretty rare.

So a couple of pokémon near my area would be: Pidgey, Pidove, Rattata, Eevee, Lillipup, Trubbish, Grimer, Furfrou, Nidoran, Meowth, Pichu, Electrike, Gulpin, Murkrow, Glameow, Caterpie, Weedle, Spinarak, Sewaddle,...

Of course pokémon like Mareep, Miltank, Tauros, Spoink and maybe Torchic or Tepig wouldn't be far from here as well, at nearby farms.

Based on that, my team would look something like this: Blaziken/Emboar, Raichu, Pidgeot, Nidoking, Vaporeon and Leavanny


Belly Slide
Unova pokemon. Lots of Unova pokemon Wait, ACTUAL location not the location in our things?

Well, I live near a park so I'd expect a lot of adorable normal types, some birds, the stereotypical rodents, and then lots of grass types...and the occasional water-type at the nearby river (all dem magikarps. :D)


I'm from Colorado which a lot of people think of as mountains, but we also have plains on the eastern half, which splits what Pokémon you would likely find by different areas.

In the plains you'd see grass, normal, and ground types predominantly.
Specifically I think you'd see all of the early Normal types, Spearow, maybe Ekans, Sandshrew, maybe Ponyta, Scyther and Pinsir, Tauros and Miltank, Nincada, Cacnea and Maractus in some places, maybe Sandile, and maybe Pumpkaboo, just to name quite a few.

As for the mountains you'd see more Ice and Rock types, with maybe some water types.
Speciffically:Bergmite, most fossil Pokémon, Rufflet, Vanillite, various bat Pokémon, Roggenrola, Geodude, Snover, Bagon, Aron, Larvitar, Stantler and Deerling, Swinub, Sneasel, and Onyx, but again, there's probably a lot more.

If I had to pick a single legendary, I think I would go with Zygarde.

This kind of makes me want to design a region now...

Blaze The Movie Fan

Reviewer and PokéFan
Let's see I live in Iceland.

In the rivers there would possibly be Seaking, Wailord and Pelipper.

In the grassy areas there would likely be Pidgeot, Staraptor, Raichu, Sawsbuck, Stantler.

As for the city, there would possibly be Muk, Arcanine and Weezing.

In the caves there'd be Crobat, Vanilluxe (there are no ice creams in caves, but if Pokémon live there it'd still be since caves are cold for the most part.) Golem, Excadrill and of course Cokeldurr.

And Magmortar would live in the lavas.