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If pokemon were real and in your area...


Beginning Trainer
I live in the north-western part of the Netherlands, which is coastal and has quite a lot of farmland with mostly bulbfields

The canals in my neighbourhood would be inhabited by Magikarp, Basculin, Duckling, Swanna, Yanma, Poliwag, Poliwirl, Tympole and Palpitoad.

The residential area's would have Pidgey, Murkrow, Starly and the occasional Pidove, Fletchling and Wingull.

The bulbfields and gardens would have many small bug-types like Catterpie, Weedle, Spinarak, Joltik, Scatterbug and some smaller grass and fairy types like Oddish, Flabébé, and Whimsicott but also the occasional Buneary and Bunnelby.

The dunes and coasts would have Wingull, Buneary, Bunnelby, Vulpix, Zorua, Rattatta, Tauros (Closest thing to grazing Scottish highlander cattle), Jellicent, Tentacool and the occasional Deerling.


Well-Known Member
I live in a really polluted desert city. So a lot of poison and fire types. Koffings and torkoals and such. There's a lot of strays too, so some dog and cat pokemon would be pretty common. And of course birds.


Fire Pokemon Trainer
i live in Ohio right by the lake, so i can imagine a lot of water pokemon (as well as ice types after it freezes over).

there are also a lot of woods and ponds so quite a few rodent and fox pokemon (saw a red fox once in my backyard!) as well as deer (too many lol), bug, grass, and bird pokemon.

i could see even a few Fletchinder and Talonflame in the downtown areas since we have Peregrine Falcons here too as well as Hawks.

Ohio is a treasure trove of haunted locations too, like Franklin Castle (not far from me), Squire's Castle, Helltown, Mansfield Reformatory, and more (seriously, Ohio's got a lot of them) all for finding ghost types like Gastly, Haunter, Litwick, etc...

i can also see the obvious cats and dogs like Skitty and Growlithe. Miltank, Ponyta, and Tepig might be common too because of farms.

i could see myself having:

Growlithe, Gastly, (rather have Litwick, but let's face it, if they were real would it really be safe to own one?), Pikachu, Seel, Houndour, and Vulpix.
Lots of Rattatas, Murkrows, and Pidoves. Everywhere.

Maybe a few urban Talonflames and Mightyenas. (I can't think of any Pokemon equivalent to coyotes other than Mightyena...)


←Look at this Swinub
I live in Wisconsin, so I would likely have a lot of ice types and grass types. a lot of snover, cubchoo, bergmite, sealeo and seel would probably live here.

Breeder Drew

Well-Known Member
Considering I live in Georgia (not the country), I'd say there'd probably be an abundance of deer Pokemon and flying types of various assortment around. Pidgey would likely be everywhere. Assuming Pachirisu is designed to be like a squirrel, those things would be all over the place as well. Probably some wild Skitty and Purrloin around due to our stray cat population here. Lots of rock types up in the mountains and a fair abundance of water types on the coast and bug types/poison types in the swamps down south.

Hunter Zolomon

Into the Shadows
Staff member
Since it's still Winter in my State, I could see tons of Ice type Pokemon living in my area. Ice type Pokemon such as Cubchoo, Bergmite, Vanillite, Snorunt, Beartic, ect.


I live in New Mexico. There's a ton of sand and nothingness here, so I think the most prevalent Pokemon in my immediate area would probably be Cacnea/Cacturne. LOL


Hibernate in Celadon
I live in Papamoa Beach, New Zealand, and it would mainly be coastal and plains Pokémon, with the except for some reptile and bird varieties. I'm not going into detail cause whatever you think fits in that varieties, would be in our area.
If it was the entire of NZ, you could quite literally find every single Pokémon, since we have every single different type of terrain where different Pokémon could thrive. (Except extraterrisal, as NZ doesn't have a space program, we launch a rocket into the stratosphere, once.)
To make a long story short, we are essentially a Southern Hemisphere Japan.

The King of Ho-oh's

<---- Newest Shiny
I live in a temperate area (Southern Pennsylvania) near a large lake. So you'd see a lot of most bug types, pidgeys, rattatas, sawsbuck, hoothoots, bidoofs, basculin, poliwags, butterfrees, corphish, and magikarp. Rarely you'd see staraptors, pigeots, and mandibuzzes circling the lake. On extremely rare occasions you'd see an ursaring. And our lake even has seasonal freshwater jellyfish so you'd see tentacools in the fall. :D


Active Member
Let's see...we mostly have birds here, since we have more bird feeders than I can count. So I imagine if they'd be Pokemon they'd be Pidoves, Murkrows, Pidgeys, Starlies, and all the other bird Pokemon they have.

Oh, and Pachirisus, since we have a lot of squirrels.

In the back yard, we have a small patch of woods (around 5 or so acres) that contains deer, foxes, and other forest animals, I'm sure. So, maybe Deerling and Vulpixes or Zoruas?

Oh! Can't believe I forgot, we have rabbits come in every now and then too. So Bunearies or Bunnelbies I guess?

So yeah, lot's of different Pokemon could live here. :)


Battle King
(Except extraterrisal, as NZ doesn't have a space program, we launch a rocket into the stratosphere, once)
I really wouldn't discount Extraterrestrial Pokémon just because a country doesn't have a space program. These Pokémon are said to have come from outer space, usually in a meteor. So in my opinion, any place that has been struck by a meteorite would be home to some form of extraterrestrial Pokémon, and NZ isn't an exception. I'm pretty sure you'd find Deoxy's around southern NZ as thats where Aurora Australis sometimes occurs.

Back on topic, I live in a rural part north of Auckland. There are batches of forest around so you'd probably find some Grass, Bug and Flying type Pokémon there. There would be Horses (Rapidash), Rabbits(Bunelby), Hawks (Talonflame and Staraptor), Cats(Meowth and Purrloin), Dogs (Mightyana) and Mice (Rattata) in the fields, as well as Eels (Dratini) living in the streams. Other animals I've seen would be Slugs (Goomy and maybe Slugma), Snails (Sliggoo and maybe Magcargo), Swallows (Taillow and Swellow), Cicadas (Ninjask), Dragonflys (Yanma and Yanmega), Butterflies (Butterfree and Beautifly) Moths (Dustox) and rarely Bats around in the forest (Zubat, Woobat and Noibat). The coast isn't that far away so a lot of Water-types too. And if I need an Electric or Poison type, I can just trek down to the city. And like ImmortalMewtwo has said before, If I were to explore the entire country, I'd find a lot more type variety, due to the diverse terrain.


flying types r cool
I live in California, so I'll be seeing water and ground types.
finally i can catch froakie and gible irl


Pokémon Master
I'm in the NYC area, so all the usual Pokemon that would be in a mild climate would be there, and if I went to north New Jersey in the winter or upstate New York I might be able to find a Glaceon :D
Quite a lot of water around here too, so there might be Gyarados and such.


Well-Known Member
I really don't know as where i live i don't think resembles anywhere in pokémon world. Let me explain i live in north east Indiana the part close to Michigan also on side closer to Ohio. Right now it's march 9th and where just now starting to sort of get above freezing not unusual here. Then come summer we get to 75-80 degrees plus humidity then in froze winter in January we can get between -15 to -20 where snow refreezes. So im not really sure which pokémon can survive those weather shifts. Ice type would love winter but be to hot in summer. And pokémon that be happy in summer wouldn't be thrilled in winter. Anyone have any idea?


Charizard King!
I live in a suburb on the edge of London, next to a forest. SO I'd see a few urban creatures, like Pidoves and Vulpixs, as well as forest pokemon, like Pikachu, Pachirisu and bug pokemon. Also a few grass types, like Bulbasaur and Oddish, as well as generic normal types

My team: Pidove, Rattata, Bulbasaur, Vulpix


Keeper of Slurpuffs
I live in the middle of nowhere surrounded by lots of nature...
So I think I would see a lot of bug and grass types like Weedle, Caterpie, Oddish, and Wurmple.
I think I would also see some flying types, and the occasional water type.