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If pokemons were real..... would you.....

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i would be a trainer at about 7/8 yrs of age so when i grow up i`ll have a awsome pokemon like a lvl 99 rampardos ( wich looks awsome when battling! ), idk wether pokemon are real or not there still awsome!!!!!


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I would be a trainer at probably a young age and start with a charmander always however then i might look at other things like breeding or working with pokemon or something like that.


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I would be a Pokemon trainer, starting as early as I could, and try to start in Kanto so I could get a Charmander. As I improved and grew stronger, I would gradually go into being a coordinator, because the more powerful your Pokemon, the better their moves look, so it seems logical to me. I think my main Pokemon type I was raising would be fire, with a few electric and water types mixed in, with an Umbreon in there as well.


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I'd start as a trainer at a young age, but I may change as I get older.


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Id be a trainer and run away from home when i want to... (AKA, not waiting for a game)


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I'd start out at a young age probably starting as a pokemon trainer. I'd probably want to become a co-ordinator later, and then a professor. My starter would probably be Squirtle, Totodile or Cyndaquil, or Torchic. Whatever way I'd go there is one thing for certain: I'd want to catch a lot of them.