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If The Above Avatar Appears In Front Of You V2


Back when Tigers used to smoke.
Me: Oh. Hi there young man. Did you know there's a Chasa haunting behind you?
Light: Da hell's a Chasa? 'Looks at Ryuk floating behind'
Tell the tiger to quit smoking.
Take my pipe. I take your arm.


Yomu Yomu Fruit User
Have a dance with him.


Back when Tigers used to smoke.
The Death Note can't kill Mythra. She's not really human and she's more than just a sword.


Bring it to the runway.
Calmly nope tf out of there tbh


Back when Tigers used to smoke.
7/10 I've been reading Jungle Juice, Unholy Blood, and The Boxer manhwa recently. I refuse to say she's best girl! Design is okay, clearly made from the 90s or 80s.


Unova Forever!
Say hello and then promptly get out of his way. He looks intimidating. 0-o


Give up on yourself and you give up on the world
Get far, FAR away from her, I don't want to get caught in whatever sequence of madness is about to ensue