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If The Scarf Fits, Wear It (566)


This episode had some really funny moments in it. Some of the lines were very funny in my opinion as well. One line was one Jessie said, "You need an eye exam! It's as obvious as the ugly on your face!". They played By Your Side in this episode so that was pretty cool as well. I want to say now though that I hate Angie but she had some funny moments in this episode. One moments was when she tried to hide Licki-Licky from Team Rocket with Ash. One more thing I want to note here is that there were many silent scenes here. I enjoyed those parts as well.


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Lickilicky is cute ^w^ i really love this episode so much =D


Do The Tevez!
Bascially this was a way to get the breeding Center (which is VERY important in the games) into the anime. At least we saw Lickilicky

Shadow XD001

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This was nice. It was good to see Angie again (Angie x Ash) and a LickyLicky was pretty cool. The Breeding center was pretty cool, too.


It was great to see again a friend from the past. and her shinx too...


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This was a pretty good episode. Lickilickky's Trainer was pretty funny. So was when Angie's parents embarassed her. I don't like the scarf Lickilickky wore. It seemed more like a wierd wad of bubblegum stuck to it's neck.
I shall give...


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Oh Angie again, it felt like a little too soon to be seeing her again. I don't really much get her appeal so this episode seemed like Filler to me. I think the only good parts were the UFO moments where people thought Lickilicky was one and that's kinda all I remember; that should tell you something about this episode. 3/10.
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Team Awesome
At least this episode doesn't have Team Galactic in it, but I haven't been fond of it. I enjoy Angie in the camp episodes, and I do hope we see more of her in the future, but this episode is poor. I don't dislike lickitung (and by proxy its evolution) as much as I used to, but this episode still ranks poorly with me. Basically, it's so silly. Although it's funny when the twerps try to cover when Team Rocket's "reporters" come around, and I loved the owner's reaction to his new lickilicky, the episode just isn't that interesting. Probably they could have had a better choice of pokemon for the "scarf monster", I don't know.

And I do love Angie's reaction at the end when her parents comment about Ash, LOL. :)


Man of Mystery
This was a great episode simply because it featured Licklicky in it, who is one of my top favorite pokemon. It was also nice to see Angie again and see what she's been up to since camp. Great episode.


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the ending was funny, too bad she does not get much appearences.

she would have been a good rival for ash to beat at the sinnoh league (or the other way around...).
at least we have a last minuite rival: conway
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Willow's Tara

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It wasn't that bad, although I would have made it Magnezone rather then Licklicky since it does look more like a UFO. Nice to see Angie again though and the trainer was pretty mellow about it's Pokemon evolving (Pity the Daycare in the games doesn't ask if you want your Pokemon to evolve.)
I guess it was awesome to finally see Lickilicky make it's debut in the anime. It's not one of my favorite Pokemon, but still neat to see on the show nonetheless.

Also, awesome to see Angie make a return, too! I didn't think we would be seeing her again.


At least Angie's parents had the sense to wait until Ash was out of listening range to consider her future. I can only imagine how upset she'd be if Ash heard.

Now at the risk of receiving one of those "shut up and enjoy the episode" responses, I have to wonder.

Now with Pokemon who evolve through Stone or Item based means, follow the rule on not evolving a trainer's Pokemon is a piece of cake (unless they were trained in Leaf Forest).

But I'd think that Daycares in the anime would have an Everstone in supply to keep the other Pokemon from evolving while out of their trainer's care.

Lance The Champ

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Wonder if Ash knew that Angie liked him?


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A really fun episode. I was smiling almost the whole time I was watching it.

I think Angie's appearance in this episode is one more likely to stay with you than all of the other summer academy episodes combined. Her use of the scarf to help transport Likilicky is something that gives her a bit of a unique characterization (as Brock says, she has quite an imagination), and I think that's really important for any character.

Ash has some nice characterization as well, particularly in the morning when the trio try to convince Angie to come clean with her parents when they come back. Ash notices Angie getting a little worried about the scolding she'll get from her parents, and so, after a little pause, offers to be with her when she apologizes. It's quite a nice gesture on Ash's part, and really shows his kindness. The fact that he doesn't have his hat on when he says this emphasizes, for me, that this is Ash the person talking, and not necessarily Ash the pokemon trainer (Ash's cap is also missing when he does eventually apologize with Angie). Angie's parents comment that Ash is sweet for doing this, and he really is. It didn't make a difference, in terms of the mistake, and the parents point that out as well. But it does make Angie feel better, and that was the real pt of Ash's action, I think. Ash looks so different w/o his cap to me, and one of the nice things about switching outfits every region is that sometimes, even though Ash might be animated almost the exact same way he was in Kanto, he just looks like he's grown so much from when he started out, b/c the outfit reminds you of what region you're in and how far he's come along. It might be this particular outfit as well, which is just a simple shirt and a sort of loose vest, as opposed to the jackets/sweatshirts he's worn in other regions (even the next one-although it's a really neat outfit). It feels to me like a more casual outfit compared to the others, as if I'm supposed to focus on Ash the character more than Ash the pokemon trainer-add that with the lack of a cap, as in this episode, and I definitely focus on Ash as a character as opposed to Ash as a pokemon trainer.

TR is pretty hilarious in this episode. I liked Meowth's role as a photographer; he took pictures almost the entire time TR was talking to Officer Jenny. TR's inability to recognize Lickilicky for a Lickilicky as long as it had its scarf was funny stupidity, and the joke was played out with Jessie looking like a monster with a scarf to intimidate James and Meowth into sticking with the plan once the real charm of it had worn out.


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This episode was ok... It was very cool to see a Shinx again. It was great to finally see a Lickilicky in the Anime for the 1st time. It was unfortunate that Lickitung evolved, especially when Angie was only supposed to be looking after it. Lickilicky's trainer was hilarious when he reacted to his newly evolved Pokemon. That allowed Angie not to get yelled at by him, even though her parents were a different story. It was funny when Lickilicky was just floating around at one point.



'Dis ma game face!!
This episode was so cute! Lickilicky was there too!


Let's go to the beach, each.
Truthfully, the only good part about seeing Angie again was seeing her adorable Shinx in my opinion. Lickilicky was pretty cute as well with that flotation device around its neck. Seeing Team Rocket play the part of reporters was funny as well; I especially liked when they interviewed that old fisherman and he claimed to have seen a giant monster.


I never liked Angie since she looked like a dude and I didn't like how some fans shipped her with Ash. I liked her Lickilicky's collar though. 5/10