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If The Scarf Fits, Wear It (566)

Mrs. Oreo

It was interesting seeing Angie again and I liked how she worked at a day care. Seeing her Lickilicky float with its inflated collar was cool, and I also liked seeing Team Rocket dressed as reporters. ^^
Lickilicky's collar being able to make him float seemed unrealistic, but my favorite part was just seeing Angie again since she and Ash were such good pals. :)
Angie's idea on how to transport Lickilicky made me laugh. So did the ending with Angie and her parents. Poor Ash had no idea what's going on. But my favorite scene of the episode was when TR stumbled on Ash and the gang in the park.


After two very good Team Galactic episodes, this episode was bland. Team Rocket staring at Lickilicky in broad daylight and not being able to tell it's a Lickilicky just because it has an inner tube around its neck was dumb.


It was nice to see Zui Town and Aoi again, and the breeding center that was shown here seemed like a reference to the Day Care Center from the Shinou games. I was a little sad that Aoi's Kolink hadn't evolved yet, but I did pity Aoi since the Beroringa that she was meant to watch over ended up evolving. At least Berobelt's owner didn't seem to mind.


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Team Rocket not recognizing Lickilicky because of the tube around its neck and the fisherman's interpretation of the UFO was funny. At the end, it looks like Angie's mom and dad approved of Ash as their future son-in-law.


It was hilarious how Berobelt's owner could speak English in the Japanese version, which is something that I wish could've been carried over to the dub using a different language.


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Angie accidentally evolving Lickitung was made out to be a big deal even though it wasn't her fault and most people wouldn't have had a problem with what happened any way since Lickilicky is stronger than Lickitung.


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Lickilicky is such an awesome episode, it was great to see an episode dedicated to it. Lickilicky's trainer seemed like a cool fun guy also.

Team Rocket were fun in this episode also.