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If there was a series of episodes with only pokemon...

If there was a series of episodes with only pokemon,what would you have to translate?

  • Subtitles.

    Votes: 11 57.9%
  • Narration (with a good voice that can throw itself to sound like the corresponding pokemon)

    Votes: 5 26.3%
  • Pokemon just speaking the native language of where it is aired.

    Votes: 3 15.8%

  • Total voters
What would you rather have to translate so the viewers can understand?

Pokemon just speaking the native language of where it is aired?



Subtitles! No one can understand a word what the Pokemon would say.


Red: True Master
Subtitles. Island of the Giant Pokemon is one of the best episodes IMO.


The Pokemon themselves talking AKA Mystery Dungeon.

Korobooshi Kojiro

I don't know...personally I feel, while enjoyable, understanding what the group's Pokemon are saying kinda takes away the fun. :p

Although, don't get me wrong, I enjoyed the Narrator's narration of the Pokemon in the ANA Shorts. Moreso then the subtitles.
I kinda like subtitles, I mean you still get to hear the pokemon's real voice and yet understand what they are saying. Thought bubbles (or pics?) would also be funny if used appropriately. For example:
Piplup and Pikachu's arguement during the TG episode of D/P.


I'd rather see them talk in english, much like the Mystery Dungeon special.

Korobooshi Kojiro

Well, the narration in the old Pikachu shorts just had the dude explaining the situation...in the new ones, they'll actually "talk" for the Pokemon.