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If there was one Move Tutor move you wanted in Platinum...


If Plantinum even goes that route. Emerald and FireRed/LeafGreen gave us move tutors that would teacha Pokémon a non-TM move once, and I hope this comes back in Plantinum. For me, I just want Nasty Plot to be a Move Tutorable move. And for Lucario to be compatible with it. Lucario + Nasty Plot.


Well-Known Member
I would want an ice-punch move tutor to be compatable with my Dragonite...
If it takes the path of Emerald. Which un doubtingly it will. The punches and other tutor moves will be able to cashed in for BP.

razor fire

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mega kick or mega punch? hmm...
nah, ICE PUNCH!!!
so I can finally teach my dragonite it.


<---Chaining For!
Ice punch, thunderpunch, fire punch, i dont want to get a beldum in emerald and have to trade back.
Sky attack, Leaf Storm, and Flare Blitz. I love those moves so much! =3 If there was a move tutor for those, I would have an asthma attack. o.o

JmH Reborn

Project BWI???
Yeah like similar requests, the elemental punches would be helpful than the severly unreliable elemental fangs attack.

Seriously...Charizard drops in total usage for me due to the loss of elemental punches...I have Emerald but all my pokes transferred over so it's essentially useless right now.

I don't understand why full ranging MT capabilities were scrapped for D/P, I guess to garner attention for Platinum...but hey...they could use some originality and upgrade the game more than just graphics too, that'd help. (of course I'm not counting wi-fi)


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One for the pulse attacks; water pulse, dark pulse and dragon pulse. Then I could get a Lucario that knows the 3 pulse attacks and aura sphere, like the placity one :)

Darkmaster Rannon

Thundercats Hoo!
I just beat my second emerald game just to get an adamant beldum (and got natured ubers...) and completely forgot about the battle island, which will undoubtfully be a remake of the battle frontier. Oh well, guess I'll have a thunder punching metagross before then... hehehe.