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If there was one Move Tutor move you wanted in Platinum...


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Extreme Speed would have been love.
It always bugged me that the pokemon known for speed could never learn the damn move, may as well make it a Tutor move & expand the poke pool a bit.

& Trick Room because there's only ever 1 TM for it (to my knowledge, correct me if I'm wrong)


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Maybe Leaf Storm could be a move tutor have the same requirements like draco meteor. Psycho boost could be nice too.


Nasty Plot should've been Move Tutored. Swords Dance is a TM (and I think you can buy it/win it, so you can get more than one) and can be learned by so many Pokemon. Meanwhile, special attackers don't have any similar move except for the pathetically rare Nasty Plot and the even more rare Tail Glow. Blissey already makes it tough for special sweepers, Nintendo, why do you have to be even more mean to them!?


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Would've loved to played around with Psycho shift and Flare blitz tutors, if only to stop gamefreak from laughing at what they've done to Flareon. Trick room is a nice one too.
Nasty Plot
Wish (Wish Cresselia would've been cool)
Aura Sphere (With more Pokemon being able to learn it)
Night Slash
Air Slash (why Air Cutter and not Air Slash? >_<)
Slack Off/Recover
Baton Pass


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I just thought of four

Sheer Cold, Fissure, Horn Drill, Gilloutine

Would be nice if more POkemon knew one hit K-O moves

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I want Baton Pass and Wish, there's gotta be more pokemon that can use these two moves.


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Flare Blitz (or at least Flame Wheel) and the elemental Fangs + Poison Fang. I dunno, anything to help the Eeveelutions that, um, aren't as good.

Tezuka Kunimitsu

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a Dynamic Punch,Rock Wrecker,and Megahorn move tutor


Nasty Plot would have been awesome... at least Darkrai got that well-deserved move anyway. But there are so many more Pokemans that could be better special sweepers with that move. Calm Mind just isn't the same >_>.

I also think it would be cool if there was some random dumb NPC in a house in the middle of nowhere, who says he'll teach you the "ultimate move" for 100 shards of each colour. So some player wastes their life getting the shards. Then the tutor says "Which Pokemon should Tackle be taught to?" or something. That would be cool.

No, but seriously... Encore, Belly Drum, Rapid Spin, Trump Card and Be Emo would be useful tutor moves. I presume the move "Be Emo" would be taught by Marley, and it would be Dark-type 0_o.


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I'd wish LeafStorm was one of the Tutor moves available. It's troublesome to breed for it, since most pokemon only learn it as their last few moves.