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If there was one Move Tutor move you wanted in Platinum...


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Stealth Rock, as their is only one TM for it in the whole game, and its an important move/strategy on wi-fi battles.

Seismic Toss would have been nice also =/


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i wish move tutors taught the three ultra power moves like in firered and leafgreen


i wish move tutors taught the three ultra power moves like in firered and leafgreen

it's already there...the house in route 228...

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EARTHQUAKE!!! One of THE most overused TM's but there's only one in the game :(. Well, I guess I could train a Zigazoon to level 100, and use pickup, but that's not really an option.....

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Flare Blitz, Nasty Plot and Sky Attack would be so cool! Zap Cannon too but we don't need to worry about that thanks to HG/SS :)

I also think it would be cool if there was some random dumb NPC in a house in the middle of nowhere, who says he'll teach you the "ultimate move" for 100 shards of each colour. So some player wastes their life getting the shards. Then the tutor says "Which Pokemon should Tackle be taught to?" or something. That would be cool.

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Let's see. Substitute! And probably the one of the biggest threats for Flying/Fire/Ice... Stealth Rock. Roost is also a good idea.


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Volt Tackle and Dragon Breath would have been lovely.

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The 120 Recoil moves. And Extremespeed would have been sweet.
Thunder Punch, Ice Punch and Fire Punch will be useful for my Dragonite and all of my pokemons to use.
Dragonite+Dragon Dance+Fire Punch=awesome :D

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I think there will be no point of discussing about moves to be tutored in Platinum IMO, because Platinum has already released 2 months ago, and what's there is final.
But because there are new games to be released next year (AKA HeartGold & SoulSilver), then maybe we must post our discussions there (if allowed).

Although it would be better if Counter, Mirror Coat, Wish, Nasty Plot, Dragon Dance, etc...are included in Platinum.



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Nasty Plot, the 120 recoil moves and Stealth Rock. I'd love more Stealth Rock opportunities.


Definitely, definitely, would have to be rapid spin. That move reallllllly needs to be tutorable so that more pokes can potentially learn it and so that if you forget to set up your breeding chains correctly you're not up the creek without a paddle.

I was really banking on rapid spin to be tutorable in platinum.