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If there was one Move Tutor move you wanted in Platinum...


Instead of being a TM given by Maylene, I really which Drain Punch was a move tutor move because there are so many Pokemon that I'd like to teach it to.


Poketopia master
I would really love hydro pump to be able to be taught. I would definantly teach it to my palkia!!


Pokemon Breeder!
I would really love one move tutor (maybe this will be added in Heart Gold/ Sould Silver) that would teach moves that raise stats, EX. Dragon Dance, Agility, Nasty Plot, Nasty Plot would go perfect with my Alakazam or Gengar XD


Master Breeder
having to breed for the tms you used already is not htat fun but there is always the item traiding thread you can all visit to get some tms that you messed up using on your pokemon
i wish body slam came back to be tutored like in FR/LG that would be awsom so i wouldnt have to breed it


Well-Known Member
Seismic Toss and body slam. Because I don't have what it takes to breed and check IV's for Chansey in 3rd gen games. I also hate playing the GC games.


Pokemon Master
My Steelix Knows Aqua Tail it is so awsome

Absol trainer

Hidden Valley...
Earthquake as move tutor move... Awesome! No begging for trades for that tm anymore XD!


~Draco Rex~
Flare Blitz, so physical fire types like Flareon and Entei can be useful.


New Member
I'd say a move tutor for Ancient Power then I wouldn't have to give a heart scale every time to the remember guy...


From Zero To Hero
I wanted a Swords Dance/Nasty Plot/Curse/Dragon Dance move tutor, or maybe an Ice Shard move tutor.


Espeon Trainer
draco meteor, no more needs to be said......

Terry. T.

One and Only...

Silent Conversation

Chart obsessed wanker
I think that the three 120 damage attacks (Hydro Pump, Fire Blast, Solarbeam) should've been taught. I was also surprised to find out that they included the elemental punches, but not the elemental fangs.



Master of Steel
I wished one tutor would teach Aeroblast


The Secret Rascal
I wished one tutor would teach Aeroblast

Which would be pretty useless, seeing as Lugia is the only one who can learn it...

I would have liked the stat power up moves, like Dragon Dance and Nasty Plot, to have been tutorable.


Espeon Trainer