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If there was one Move Tutor move you wanted in Platinum...


The Secret Rascal


Espeon Trainer
well, serebii didnt say so. :/, sorry i just looked it up, forgot to put a link too, well ill check for that later, thanks.
yes actually i was hoping for zap cannon like the tm in GSC.


Grass Pokemon Expert
I would love Leaf Blade. That has always been my favorite attack since it was released in Gen III


Well-Known Member
I would want eroupion i love fire type.

The Musician

Heracross trainer
I think Power Gem would be cool, however all the Pokemon that could sensibly learn it already do. But then again, not everything in Pokemon is sensible. =P


Master of Steel
Aeroblast, Dragon Dance and Iron Defence

Kratos The Pokemon master

Well-Known Member
lucario and ice punch

Metagross Guy

ᴸ м f ᴬ σ.
Dragon Dance is a really nice move to teach Gyarados


Sackboy trainer
I really wish there was a move tutor that would teach body slam, it's a cool normal move.


Doesnt bite
i wish there's a move tutor that will teach the move sing so catching legend would be easy

The Indomitable

Experienced Master
ExtremeSpeed. I feel more pokemon should be able to learn it, seeing as quick attack is virtually almost as common as Tackle or Scratch

Chatter would also be interesting. But no one would have it competitively. However, I'd just Lol if Meowth could learn it and not Persian :D

The Indomitable


The Anti-Hero
Curse, i hate breeding it onto my pokemon

or Stealth Rock, once agian so i don't have to breed the living daylights out of my pokemon.


From Zero To Hero
I'd also like Extremespeed. Earth Power would also be a good one.

Midnite Yuugure

Uncle Ruccus
I say either drill peck or aeroblast becuae they're my fav. flying type moves.


Well-Known Member
I actually wanted a Mega Kick move tutor. Its a good alternative to Return, having base 120 attack. Its kind of like the Fireblast/flamethrower dispute lol. On something like Zangose, I'd perfer mega kick.

Maybe in the 5th gen :( I was really hoping HGSS would have had some of FRLG's move tutors.