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If You Could Be ..[ANYTHING]


What type pokemon gym would you be?

If you were to become a gym leader, what type would you go for? For me I would go for a ghost type gym.


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Primarily, I would go for a Fire type gym.

I'd have a Dragon or Steel type if otherwise.

My badge for the Fire Gym would be called the Corona Badge
Dragon would be called the Elusive Badge
Steel would be called the Ferric Badge
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If we're including secondary and tertiary gym types then I would go for Dark as my secondary gym type and Poison as my tertiary gym type.


Team Builder
Ice then Ghost then Grass. Those would be mine


If I had a Gym, I would be a Steel-type Gym Leader. My entire Black 2 team was Steel-type, I didn't use a starter at all, unless you count a Lucario as a starter. I would name my badge the Mercury Badge.


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I'd have to say Electric type. I love electric type pokemon, always have.
My team would probably be

Electrode -plays guiles theme-

Though i'd prefer to be a mixed gym like Green is. Honestly I like battles for the fact that don't have a "theme". He was a hard leader/champion because of that, and that's why I liked him so much, his diversity.

I'd also like flying type with
Garydos[for some spice]
and Emolga or Charizard [also some spice]
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I'd go for an Ice-type gym, of course.
But I've noticed that there has NEVER been a Dark-type gym (unless Gen VI is planning on changing that), So I'll be happy to be the first Dark-type gym leader

Here's my team (as a set team in the end)

If you were to battle me for the first time, this would be my team


If I kept the Ice gym, this would be my team at the end

My Ice team in the beginning would be

My Dark-gym badge would be the Shade or Umbra Badge.
Ice gym badge would be Frost or Powder Badge.
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I would be a Fire Type Gym Leader , and my team: Arcanine, Charizard, Infernape, Houndoom, Flareon and Dragonite(with Flamethrower) and by badge will be called the Pyro Badge


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Everything changed when the Fire types attacked badge.


Even though morty was already a ghost type gym leader, I don't mind becoming another one. I would name the gym badge as spirit badge.

My roster would be as follows:
Chandelure (My favorite ghost type pokemon)
Sableye (I think its secondary dark type helps a lot with ghost and dark type opponents)
Froslass (its secondary Ice type can easily handle bug type pokemons)
Gengar (This, along with Chandelure, are great special attackers)
Jellicent (It's a pretty bulky ghost pokemon, great special defense)
Drifblim (Also another bulk ghost pokemon, its secondary flying pokemon works very well against bug types)


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A Steel gym for sure. It would be known as the Atomsmasher, and the prize would be the coveted Foundry Badge, as well as a TM containing either Flash Cannon or Iron Tail.

To earn it, you would have to defeat:

Steelix (flagship)

The reserves would be Bastiodon, Excadrill and Durant.


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I'd have to put a lot of thought into my team, but I love birds in real life, so I'd probably have a Flying type gym. :)


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Ice Type Gym.

(As first Leader)
Sneasel Lv. 13
Spheal Lv. 12
Cubchoo Lv. 15

(As second Leader)
Sneasel Lv. 21
Spheal Lv. 21
Cubchoo Lv. 23

(As third Leader)
Sneasel Lv. 24
Snorunt Lv. 25
Spheal Lv. 24
Cubchoo Lv. 27

(As fourth Leader)
Sneasel Lv. 26
Snorunt Lv. 27
Spheal Lv. 26
Cubchoo Lv. 29

(As fifth Leader)
Sneasel Lv. 30
Snorunt Lv. 31
Sealeo Lv. 32
Cubchoo Lv. 35

(As sixth Leader)
Sneasel Lv. 41
Froslass Lv. 43
Sealeo Lv. 42
Glaceon Lv. 43
Beartic Lv. 45

(As seventh Leader)
Sneasel Lv. 44
Froslass Lv. 46
Walrein Lv. 45
Glaceon Lv. 47
Beartic Lv. 50

(As eigth Leader)
Weavile Lv. 52
Froslass Lv. 53
Walrein Lv. 53
Glaceon Lv. 54
Beartic Lv. 57

(Any subsequent rematches)
Abomasnow Lv. 66
Weavile Lv. 67
Froslass Lv. 65
Walrein Lv. 66
Glaceon Lv. 68
Beartic Lv. 70

I hand out the Frost Badge.


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I'd like to be a flying gym leader. Like, I could fly too. If I was a generic 8th badge gym leader I'd have:


Or something equally impractical. If I could have an actual free choice of flying pokemon, I'd have:


I wanted to keep a vague bird theme (excluding drifblim of course) while still having a variety of pokemon that can defend/exploit the weaknesses associated with flying types.


Charizard King!
If I was a gym leader, I would be a fire type gym leader. I'd be the 7th gym leader

My team would be

1. Arcanine
2. Houndoom
3. Magmortar
4. Camerupt
5. Charizard


Magma Trainer
a Pokemon - of the existing pokemon, I'd go with either a smeargle 'cause they could paint anything they see, or a lucario,
Gym Leader - I don't really have a favourite type, but would probably be a grass gym, with sceptile, meganium, venusaur, cherrim, whimsicott and the final evolution of chespin, 'cause I feel like it
Champion/Elite 4 Member - for the elite four I'd be a fighting elite four with blaziken, toxicroak, gallade, scrafty, and lucario (if there were a rematch option I would just add a sixth gen fighting when they come out)
A Ranger - my partner pokemon would be emolga, a good scout and overall cute pokemon
A Trainer - I would raise pokemon that were approximately human sized or man-made (easier to train) and I would train them relatively easily, with a mix of battling and taming.
If you had any Pokemon Ability - I'd probably go with cloud nine, 'cause hey who wants to be dragged down by weather
If you had any Pokemon, which one would you have? - Altaria or Flygon because they're my favourite dragons and look like good company
And pretty much anything else.: the very best like no one ever was