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If you could have a real life pokémon, who would it be?


Let me heal your ⓗ♈ʒ
My shiny Pidgey. She would snuggle up against my ear and give me nibbleys on my ear.


Not a Very Well-Known Member
I would have lots of fun trolling people with a Gengar :D

Replace Gengar with Manaphy and that's another one of my alternatives. I'd command it to use Heart Swap on two living things XD. Assuming the thread is asking us what Pokemon we'd have if we were in the Pokemon World, I'd spy on a trainer training one of his Pokemon and I'd command Manaphy to use Heart Swap on them XD. Oh! I always wanted to shapeshift to see what it's like to be in the body of something else, so Heart Swap with me and a Pokemon! It's probably not the best idea though since the Pokemon in my body would make me look bad or something.


I have a boyfriend now; I am his princess❤️
I want a pet Umbreon. Umbreon is just too cool. XD :cool:

I mean, it takes the form of darkness in the name of FRIENDSHIP!!!! Just like my favorite kingdom hearts character (riku) and like how badass is that?! I SOOO want a pet umbreon. Oh dang...

I also like Jirachi. It has wish granting powers I can use to help other people. :) ^_^

Espeon could also be an interesting pet as well as Umbreon too. I think I wanna be like wes from coloseum XD


Floatzel rules!
Definitely Buizel and Floatzel, they're not only my favorite Pokemon, but they would be fun to be with.

Thomas Elliot

Would probably be an Umbreon. I love the way it looks, and when artists' have portrayed the creature looking realistic it still holds up to me. If I was given more than a choice of one, I would also give him an Electrivire and a Scizor as companions.


The Iron Man
Probably a Vulpix, because it is one of my favorites and having a fire type would be really cool. Spheal would be my second choice.


Hyori Hasama
Latios he could fly me places and its Awesome in general


Tina Tsukumo
Definitely Swablu/Altaria. Altaria could fly be places and Swablu love to clean, plus their wings look really soft.


I stay noided
Lapras. One of my favorite pokemon and it seems like it would be understanding.

If I couldn't afford a Lapras (Nearest ocean is 20 miles away) I'd use a Lilligant. I love Lilligant. Or maybe Jolteon.


Shiny Hunter!
I would want a Jigglypuff for those nights when the insomnia kicks in. Plus Jiggly is just so cute ^.^


this is a real tough question
id say charizard or dragonair or marowak or mew or celebi

ah man, too hard xD
though celebi is really epic, being to time travel
id want to have a pink one then though, like the one from the PMD game
so cute!​


Flygon Trainer
with jiggly puff it would draw on your face though lol >:)