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If you could have any super power, what would it be?

The power to turn into anything and have its power. Like turning into Lucario and being able to use aura.

Black Murder Heavangelon

Ow! Ow! Harder! Ow!
I'd like the power to strike people blind with my mind.

That way, I'd absolve the internet of noobs and idiots without killing them and save the goddamn interwebz.

Other than that, immortality. Yeah.


Well-Known Member
Ooh... so many!!

These are listed in order:

1) Being able to read + alter people's minds (aka Professor X from X-Men)

2) Invincibility + immunity to any form of harm. (But with the ability to turn this "off").

3) Teleportation

4) Superhuman intelligence, speed, and strength (in that order)

dark rift

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Teleportation (as long as I could pass through obstacles while doing it), and the ability to be fluent in all languages.


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Mind Control. Not just you do this or that but omething cool. Like an adult in a Buzz Lightuear costume speaking Spanish.
Teleportation. Includes rearranging my molecular stucture to be as hard as a diamond and able to pass though walls.
Telekinesis. Powerful enough to lift a plane and that's it.
Time Travel. Up to 100 years.
Age-changing and shape shifting. I could look like whoever i want, and I can drive.

That's about it. I'll be called, Mitch. Sometimes they'll call me Big Mitch


Oh, u mad bro?
Telepotation to any place so long as I have a clear picture of it. (Like "Jumping" from the Jumperseries)


Increasing the kinetic energy of anything that I touch. (Gambit from X-Men)

Super-hero name: Spyder

Corroded Arceus

Shiny Hunter
Mine would probably be to twist and corrupt a person's soul. As for a name, I can't think of a non-corny one.


Idk. Probably mind control. It's a little bit more of a sinister or villianous power than the rest, but probably the most useful.

Essentially, it gives you the power to do absolutely whatever you want.
you already have the power to do absolutely whatever you want >_>


Mr. F
I'd want the power to travel through time. I know it causes problems with aging and all, but it would still be pretty cool.
1: To kill those who piss me off, just by thinking about it.

2: TIME TRAVEL (Of course EVERYONE wants this power, deep down on the inside)

3: Jedi Mindtrick

4: Super Sonic Speed (Fast enough to slightly distort, but not fast enough to tear the Space Time Barrier)

5: I never have to breath

6: Mach 9 Flight

7: The power to transform into a Super Saiyan (I wish)

8: The power to break the law (That's right, I'd be an AntiHero, DEAL with it)

9: The power to throw stuff so hard, that I could slice someone's head in two by throwing a Yugioh Card (And yugioh cards are VERY thin compared to Pokemon Cards and ect)

10: The power to see the world in Highest High Definition

11: The power of Geass (Google up Code Geass for full Definition of this Godlike Power)

12: The power to banish whoever I wanted, to another Dimension, that's even worse then hell.

13: Super Strength. Ripping someone/something, limb to limb would help sometimes.

14: The power to have unlimited Money (Or to kick Sony's *** for making the PS3 too damn expensive)


Ash's fangirl
The power to control time or the power to turn me into anything I want is fine too


I. F.E.E.L. G.O.O.D.
Hypnosis so I can turn people into my mindless zombie servants, and immunity to death except by age so if some one should gun me down I'd still be alive to find them.

If immunity to death is not a super power, but an ability, then I'd want to have body morphing abilities so I can turn my hands into knives & such.


formerly R. New
1. Unlimited shape-changing (everything from stretching to changing my appearance to transforming into something else entirely) down to the molecular level (so I can be solid, liquid or gas, and anything else), while retaining my own consciousness no matter what form I take.

2. The spider sense, except not called that.

The shapeshifting has so much potential, especially when combined with the not-spider sense. For example: guy tries to shoot me, not-spider sense warns me, I turn into air, bullet passes through me, I turn back into me, I stretch my arm to take his gun, then POOF, I'M A GODDAMN DEINONYCHUS. I then proceed to eviscerate the guy.

I am aware I've given this too much thought.

I would be called Penumbra because it sounds cool, although if it had to be related to my powers I would call myself Multimorph or something equally lame-sounding.

Also I wouldn't be a hero. No way José. I wouldn't really be a villain, either, unless it took fancy. Basically I'd do whatever the hell I wanted because, you know, who's going to stop me?
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Really creative guys! Some, a little creepy, but cool! I just want to remind you that the limit is two powers.


Spontanious Trainer
I would have the power to control wind and magma! I would be called the hot blow job!... Wait maybe not XP


Fighting Type Prof.
1) To Fly


To Eat anything I want and never, ever gain any weight. I'd even eat the super villans.(Which would be food based...Like a hamburger villan, an ice cream villan, a pizza villan, ect.)

I'd be called:



1) To Fly


To Eat anything I want and never, ever gain any weight. I'd even eat the super villans.(Which would be food based...Like a hamburger villan, an ice cream villan, a pizza villan, ect.)

I'd be called:

how about majin boo instead pal.