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If you could have any super power, what would it be?


Jazz hands
I would have the ability to steal other people's powers and I will be called Sylar (if you don't understand why I chose this name then go onto wikipedia and search "heroes (tv series)" and then read about it).


i wantz beef!
to see through clothes...


To know exactly what people think about me.


To stop time.


to rid Pokemon from this planet.
I agree fully, except mine would be to rid the Wii from this planet, so combined we could usher in a superior decade of console gaming!!

yay for glitchless consoles ^.^!!


Haters Gonna Hate
Remember anyone saying "to transform into X" or "to stop time" that you also need the ability to undo what was done, otherwise you may forever be stuck as a cat you transformed into, since your mind would become that of a cat, it would be wise to include "and keep my human mind" and with time stopping, you'd need to be able to start it again, or you'd be stuck in time forever, unable to progress, and unable to interact with anyone.


I Crush Everything
I never really can make a choice. My decision changes with my mood.

Sometimes I would pick telekinesis/elasticity (so I can do things from far off without getting out of my chair), at other times I might pick levitation (when walking across slippery ground, or slippery/rickety stairs), or maybe invisibility (if I don't want to be noticed). A common power I feel I would like is a shapeshifting ability, but then again, only if I would also be immediately capable of working any different form I acquired. Don't want to be blessed with suck here. Edit: this theoretical morphing power would allow me to change shape many times, keeping all my memories and intelligence with every form I took, so yes, I would be able to undo my power, Metal Flygon.
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(+JoshYEAH) "if you could have one superpower"
(+JoshYEAH) is it a bad thing that my immediate thought was "the ability to spawn a dick anywhere i wanted"
(+JoshYEAH) imagine it
(+JoshYEAH) you could do anything
(+JoshYEAH) because if someone pis
sed you off
(+JoshYEAH) then you'd just spawn a dick in their eye
(+JoshYEAH) or something
(+JoshYEAH) my imagination is di
(%Aradia) >"oh my god josh you're dumb"
(%Aradia) dick on their forehead for the rest of their life
(+JoshYEAH) precisely
(+JoshYEAH) unlimited power


I'd be a shadowman.


Smart Cookie
Psychic powers, which include three simple yet useful abilities. Teleportation so I could go anywhere fairly easily. Telekinesis to make it easier to get things. Telepathy so I would know people's opinions of me.

Fairly everyday uses, of course - I don't see myself as a brave super hero. So my 'super hero name' would be my normal name.
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Well-Known Member
I would be able to turn into a griffin...

and make pokemon real :D
i would too be a pokemon master, but be able to be a griffin!
sorry for stealing power 2 D-X sorry alot i know,

idea two belongs to: UltimatePokemonExpert! :-D


Organically Raised
Darkness Manipulation.
I remember having multiple dreams about a few friends and I having superpowers, and I'd always be popping out of shadowy corners or latching on to someone by their shadow or cool stuff like that.


I think I would choose shapeshifting, if only for the amount of chaos I could cause. Barack Obama shopping at the local grocery store is bound to get some looks.