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If you could meet anyone in history, who would it be?

This question is just like it sounds: if you could go back in time and visit one person in history (and gain complete knowledge of their language so you can actually talk with them); who would you pick and why?

I would like to visit Charles Darwin. I hate creationism with a great passion because of many past experiences that I don't want to go into; so having a chat with the father of evolution would really feel like a privelage to me. Maybe I could get him to sign a copy of "The Origin of Species" for me:).


blissfully dead
Jesus Christ. I bet he was a pretty rad dude. I mean hell, he could turn water into wine! I love a friend who can get me drunk. haha


Flabebe's Kids
The Three Stooges.

But since that goes without saying, I'd have to say Julius Caesar.
Whilst I'd want to choose a religious figure of some sort, I think I'd be completely at a loss of what to ask - I think rather than meeting them I'd rather just follow their lives as one watching quietly ^^ So I'll answer from a historical perspective, as I'm studying it and all.

I think I'd choose Leon Trotsky. I don't agree with Communism, I don't think it works, and I don't think that if he had gotten into power instead of Stalin he would have been much more humane. But he was quite a philosopher, and he had time to see the Communist regime evolve and change without him. I'd be curious to ask him about the power struggle, and why he chose to miss Lenin's funeral due to illness when it was so pivotal. I'd ask about the Russian Civil War, and how he managed to organise such small forces successfully against his opponents, and of course ask about the theories and the problems behind his philosophy. I'm not quite sure why, but that Bolshevik leader who was swept under the carpet by Stalin has always interested me.



gone gently
Groucho Marx.


Vintage much?
Ayrton Senna and Jim Clark the arguable best ever race car drivers ever and add Don Bradman and Walt Disney to the list as well.


butts lol
Nikola Tesla. Oh baby. Hottest man in history? Quite possibly.


Almost there, buddy.
I wouuld like to meet anybody pretty high up in the Byzantine Empire's government. I would like to know the formula for Greek Fire. I think it's awesome. I mean, it would keep on burning even on top of water.


< go ask alice >
I'd like to go back in time before Mr. Rogers passed away and give him a hug, if that counts. I miss Mr. Rogers. =[

Dan The Poke Man

*cough* Hmm...GW meh homies. (George Washington)

And maybe my older sisters. They were to small when they were born, so they died. (But my parents kept the ashes). Their names were Sage, and Megan.