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If you could only have one Pokemon...



Ooh, hard choice.. No wait it isn't, Metagross! ~
An iron-clad Psychic Pokémon would be a reliable partner in battle, and not to mention the awesome piggybacks you could get from it! :O

Eevee(Umbreon), and ^ Wobbuffet would be a close 2nd and 3rd however ^-^

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Jirachi ! Why ? Simple ! I could make ANY wish I wanted and it would come true. Maybe even more than one wish, i'm not sure if Jirachi can grant more than one but i'm sure it can grant at least one, and that would still be really cool. =)


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Rapidash. Since when would a flaming horse with a top speed faster than most speed limits not be useful?

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Umm, how about Tropius... It satisfies my want of Grass types, it can fly, and provides food (Bananas FTW)! Also, it's one of the underused Pokemon that looks cool. There are many others I want though... but Tropius would be freaking awesome!
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Maybe even more than one wish, i'm not sure if Jirachi can grant more than one but i'm sure it can grant at least one, and that would still be really cool. =)

You can wish for more wishes.

I'd have a Charmander to evolve into Charmeleon and when that evolves into the creator... who's going to mess with a big red dragon that breathes fire, eh?

The trouble with Charizard is the feeding... First, I'm a vegetarian so I wouldn't buy meat. Second...

Me: Got any food for a big dragon?
Shopkeeper: *Rings hospital for mentally disabled people*

Porygon would be a lot easier to look after. I spend half my time on my computer anyway. :)
(For those who are wondering, the other half is split between school, playing one of many pokemon games, eating, doing homework, drawing and sleeping.)
I'd pick Munchlax :D Okay, it seems to be my all time fave Pokémon so that's reason number one, but I think it could stand it's ground. Dunno if I would evolve it into Snorlax though...

Fire Suicune

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Mudkip. I'd enjoy raising it into a Swampert. Not to mention I don't want anything huge.

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Suicune -- it would be fun to train and to battle with :).


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I would choose Starmie, I like how it looks abit more human, the ways its 'arms' dropped, so yerr a Stramie would be a really cool pokemon to have around!


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I would have a Staryu for sure and over time, if I felt the need I could evolve it into a beautiful Starmie :D


The Electric Lucario
You know, there are about 259 other threads about this in Polls.

Anyway, either Abra or Ralts, both can teleport and evolve into powerful attackers.


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I would have a ghost Pokemon, perhaps a Gengar or a Misdreavus. Pokemon can't die but humans can, so when I 'went' it could keep me company. We could play spooky pranks on people! Wow that was both gloomy and entertaining...


Serial Experiment
I changed my mind. I wants a Happiny. I'd raise it to a Blissey and if I ever got hurt it would be right there to help! ^_^