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if you had to be ONE pokemon what ONE would you be?


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So I know there are ALOT of pokemon but here are simple rules:
You dont need to say that "IM A (whatever pokemon) with (whatever IV and EV's)" or that your level 100 and you beat pokemon EASILY. You must follow the Serebii Forum rules as ALWAYS!
Also, You are aloud to say you want to be a legendary.
Though you cant just say "I WANNA BE A PIKACHU!" since its short and not too much time is put into it so put your reason in their too.
For example (this is only example its not what I think):
I want to be a Pidgeot because I can fly around freely to where ever and when ever I want! Flying to Kanto all the way to Unova without even being bothered. I can attack pokemon for self defense knowing I usually win so I could go on with my life. I can sit on trees and jump off them without worrying if I hit the ground because I can quickly hover before I hit the ground. I can do some obstacle courses like flying in between sticks and leaves from the trees and more fun stuff. I'd love to be Pidgeot!


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This sounds interesting. The Pokemon I would most like to be is more than likely Sceptile. I love Grass types almost as much as electric types and Sceptile is my favorite Grass starter. It is powerful and fast and should be a dragon lol.


Thou enraged?
I'd be a Salamence, so I could get to wherever the heck I want and rain down tons of punishment in case I get threatened. It is also my favourite Pokémon too.

Rayze Darr

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"Although it looks frightening, it is actually kind and affectionate. It is very popular among women."

Yes please.


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This is so hard to choose but I think I might go with Dragonite. Dragonite is and awesome Pokemon, fast and strong


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I'd be a Regigigas. Wouldn't be very fast (not that I'm all that fast right now), but I'd never have to worry about anyone bothering me. Anyone who tries would be booted clear to the next region.

Dew Watatsumi

Water Type E-3
Dewott or Riolu. Both are just awesome
Wait will I be the only one that turns into a pokemon? If that's the case I'll become a deo speed so I can get away from people trying to lock me up. Let's be honest here. If a pokemon suddenly appeared in the world people would probably lock up the pokemon and use it for energy or display it at a zoo or something.
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Mew The Gato

I would really like to be Mew. It can fly, turn invisible and can learn every TM and Move Tutor Move there is! It is also the most powerful Pokemon and created Arceus. ( DO NOT start arguments about this, anyone, please. )


Shiny Hunter
I'd be a Glaceon. I love Canine and Feline looking Pokemons and I specially like cold weather and snow. Glaceon suits me the best. :D


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People people use your brains i'd be Giratina and then i'd go to the REAL Pokemon dimension, the only flaw is that i'm a Pokemon and not a person hmmmm...


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id want to be a gallade. its my fav pokemon, it is just like a human so it wouldnt be a huge change and it would give me awesome physic powers


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I would want to be Mewtwo. He's my favorite Pokemon and near unstoppable. He can fly/levitate, manipulate both living things, objects, and time with his mind, and his power is only matched by a few other Pokemon. He has everything I could ask for being a powerful, telekinetic being. I would miss out on the transforming capabilities of Mew, but I could live with that.

Even if I was to be Mewtwo in our current world and time, who could honestly stop me? What could stop me? I would simply fly about, do as I please, and if I want to avoid drama, just simply erase people's memories or send them through time.


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A Mew, or maybe a pidgey, if I was a Mew everybody would try to catch me... Yeah, A Pidgey, as I would be a addition to a beginning trainers team and make them proud!

Lunafreya Nox Fleuret

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I would love to be Kyogre because it is my favourite pokemon. It would be so cool to be the "god orca" of the sea. A close one is Latias as well. I would love to imitate the forms of human females such as myself. I can be myself, and Latias. ^^