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If you had to join one evil team, which one would you pick?

Which team is the one for you?

  • Team Rocket

    Votes: 64 43.5%
  • Team Aqua

    Votes: 27 18.4%
  • Team Magma

    Votes: 25 17.0%
  • Team Galactic

    Votes: 31 21.1%

  • Total voters


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Team Aqua definitely! Kyogre is way better than groudon (even the shiny version which is kind of awesome XD) and water is one of my favourite types ^_^ Starmie, Ludicolo and Totodile for the win =D Shame team aqua only used the more lame water types like carvahna :( I guess i'd be a more obscure team aqua member =3


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Team Galactic was more evil, but id still go with Team Rocket.

cause they're boss has a reasonable cause (MOAHNAY, MWAHHHHHHHHH!!!!)

and he doesn't act like he belongs iin a mental institution.


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Team rocket all the way. Any weirdo can destroy the world, it takes a truly talented team to actually take one over the way it is.


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I'd go for Aqua. Besides the fact that water pokemon kick *** I'd imagine there'd be other benefits too like:

1) More water = bigger tides, yes? Hence with more water we'd get more renewable energy from the tides

2) More water can absorb/dissolve more CO2 into the seas, reducing the amount of CO2 in the world overall and slowing down global warming

3) Things that are solid can conduct heat easier than gases or liquids. With an increased volume of water, the seas could absorb more solar heat and insulate the world better, once again slowing down global warming.

4) And of course, water would be more available over the world, helping to fight poverty and such

Just so you know I've done no research into this, I just thought these effects up on the fly, I don't know if it would work that way in reality I just imagine so basd on the basic science that I know.

1. Machines that harvest energy from tides are expensive and hard to install.
2. The more CO2 in the ocean, the more sea life dies.
3. The more water vapor, the more heat is trapped by the greenhouse effect.
4. If the world was flooded, all the fresh water would be absorbed into the ocean, leaving us with none.


Fire and Lightning!
Definitely Team Magma (even though I like Kyogre better...). I like their outfits and Maxie is cool ^^

Penguinist Trainer

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Well I'm a water/ice pokemon trainer, so I'd fit right in with Team Aqua. Of course out of all the teams, Team Magma has the best looking uniforms. I like the goals of Team Galactic though, who wouldn't want to reshape the world to their liking.

I'm kinda surprised this doesn't include Team Snag'em / Cipher or the Go Rock Squad from Ranger.
I'd join Cipher.

shadow pokemon kick arse!

and although the outfits are cheesy the song that plays when you battle them is awesome :p

2nd choice Magma (i like thier outfits)


probably elsewhere
Though I've called them crazy time and time again, if they could pull it off, Team Galactic would have a really awesome new planet, where things are clean and go your way... I just wish they'd stop stealing Pokemon. Then again that kinda defeats the point of "evil" doesn't it?
Where's Cipher, Team Snagem, Go-Rock Squad and Team Dim Sun? :(

In any case, out of those choices, I'd go with Team Galactic without a second thought. They're the most awesome as far as I stand, their goal is crazy and they hide everything from the Grunts... but who cares? I'd have the chance to serve under Mars, and that's already epic win and sweet joy!! Jupiter is hot as well, and Cyrus kicks serious behind. >D

Of course, I'd also like to join Cipher, since it also kicks serious posterior and could control a Region. Plus, Lovrina. Team Dim Sun was also a really campy, yet cool Team I'd join without hesitation. Plus, Lavana. :D


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Where's Cipher, Team Snagem, Go-Rock Squad and Team Dim Sun? :(

To be 100% honest, I've never actually played any of the spin-offs that involve any other evil teams (unless you want to count Team Meanies from Dungeon, in which case I will gladly alter the poll for you), so I really only count these four in my Team canon. =/


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Who ever has the beat Health care
So maybe Team Magma
Probably team rocket the other teams seem too much like cults, especially team galactic.


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I would have to go with team rocket I like them more then any others because I know them better and there more fun.


Team Magma because I like fire types and Groundon is amazing.
I like the boss of team aqua best, though


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Team Magma! Why? Because they have the best goal in my opinion, and the coolest outfits!
Team Aqua just looks like a bunch of sailors.
Team Rocket, kinda cool I guess, but they don't seem to have any "major" goals like the others
Team Galactic, well they get the worst Pokemon given to them to battle with, they have costumes I wouldn't be caught DEAD in.


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I have to say Team Galactic. They are super advanced and are really the only team that know what they're doing. The other 3 always unleash some horrible Legendary Pokemon Wrath without realising.

Otherwise I'd love to meet Giovani :p