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If you had to join one evil team, which one would you pick?

Which team is the one for you?

  • Team Rocket

    Votes: 64 43.5%
  • Team Aqua

    Votes: 27 18.4%
  • Team Magma

    Votes: 25 17.0%
  • Team Galactic

    Votes: 31 21.1%

  • Total voters
Team Rocket, definitely. They're the only ones which don't plan to destroy the world in one way or another.


totally shure, magma!
i don't like the bear sit, but it is good some way...
and i like fire pokemon too.


Bliep :3
I choice Team Rocket. Because I love Kanto/Johto and there outfits.
They are the first Pokémon enemies, but I don't like ther goal. Its nothing speciaals..

Mawile XD

ello thar
Team Aqua. Mainly because I can actually stand the uniforms, and water and ice pokemon are awesome. Although I don't agree with flooding the world, everything else is pretty awesome.


Well-Known Member
Team galactic, but as a scientist, not a grunt. the grunts know nothing and follow blindly, which is something i just can't do. As a scientist researching energy I would feel like i'm doing a great service.... even if i'm unknowingly giving Cyrus the power to destroy everything...


Latios, don't go!!
I"ll go with Team Galactic. They've been the most successful in their goals(in the games) and they have the best goal in my eyes. Who cares about the land and the sea when you can rule the universe.

the elite trainer

Warrior Of Darkness
Team aqua, the galactic grunts have to have horrible haircuts, plus i like pokemon so i wouldn't join team rocket. And i hate the heat :p.


Vintage much?
I just have one question:...

Why would Team Magma have the best health care? o_0

Because They would
I don't know as I presume that they all have poor health care benfits


Bum Eyes
Team Rocket (as they are in the game not that god awful anime depiction), seem to be the most ruthless and head strong, also, you don't have to comit to one type of Pokemon.


I Crush Everything
Gotta go with Team Rocket, if only because I think the other teams are totally insane. Given the choice, I wouldn't enter any criminal organization, but if I'm forced, gotta go with the original.


I'm clueless ♥
Team Galactica.

I'd rather be trying to destroy the universe than join a cult dedicated to water/earth,or being apart of a mafia.


Hail to da king baby
Galactic. Team Rocket is full of incompetents who have no idea what they are doing, they are cruel to Pokemon, and i don't like being stereotypically evil. Team Magma/;Aqua have no real plot and their uniforms are terrible.
In Galactic, i could easily skip the bowl cut as I could, if i really tried, rise to the rank of admit (it isn't like they make it very hard. i mean Charon rose to the rank of Admin and he didn't even have any Pokemon, and let's face it, Mars, Jupiter, and Saturn aren't exactly the cream of the elite now are they?).
I like Galactic because they have a solid goal. They even seem like they could be viewed as doing good (in a similar fashion as facism, communism, and multiple non-official christian cults can be said to be doing good, so...not at all). Not only that, they are also the only team that eventually reforms and actually does what they pretend to do, e.i. help find new sources of energy. After Cyrus is lost in the Distortion World, Saturn actually has a change of heart.

"I'd just like to point out here, for any team galactic supporters, that in DP they had brains floating in green slime in the deeper part of the GHQ bulding. Just lettin ya know... "

I couldn't edit this in using quotes as far as i know, so sorry for that. original post is on first page...
What fun is an organization without brains? BRAINS! (I am the secret zombie!)
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the shadowtrainer
i'm already evil.

but i hate teamwork.


hates you.
Galactic members are working for Cyrus just to have Cyrus himself live in a new world. The grunts have been working for nothing and the bowlcuts...
Magma and Aqua have pretty stupid goals, benefitting only a small group of pokemon if their wish came true.

Rockets are also the only group who didn't want to change the world. And they created mewtwo ;D


i heart manga!!!
i like water so i vote team aqua